Veggie Salad

Veggie Salad

There is nothing healthier and tastier than a salad with fresh ingredients! Besides, let’s face it: it is way simpler and quicker to make a salad than an entire main dish. This veggie salad is not only delicious, but also versatile.


Depending on your eating habits, you can enjoy it simple, but itself, with some gluten free crackers, for example, but you can also “pair” it with some more complex dishes.

This veggies salad is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, soy free and vegetarian

Besides being delicious and colourful, this salad is also suitable for the ones who try to keep a healthy diet: no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no soy. Besides, this salad is also suitable for vegetarians.

Veggie Salad – what ingredients do you need?

1 carrot – grated (you can also cut some slice)
½ beetroot – grated
¼ red cabbage – chopped
Green salad/lettuce
Onion – chopped
1 tomato
Some dates



Wash the veggies and all the other ingredients.
Grate the carrot and the beetroot.
Chop the red cabbage.
Cut into cubes or slices, as you wish, the peeled tomato.
Cut the green salad.
Chop 1 small onion.
Mix all these into a bowl or just put them on layers, next to each other, just like in the picture.
Sprinkle some lemon juice and olive oil and add some dates, the “secret ingredient” which will give this dish a special touch.

How I like to eat this veggie salad?

As I try to have a healthy diet, I eat this veggie salad whenever I want a healthy snack. Therefore, it is great by itself too.

Besides, as it also has dates, it gives me that “sweet tooth” I need not to crave for unhealthy sweets.

Yet, sometimes, I like to pair this salad with rice with vegetables, peas food or with some vegan meatballs.

If you are not vegetarian, you can also have this dish with a lot of other delicious food: tuna, meat, fried egg etc.


Do you like this veggie salad? Would you add something else in it?

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