Vegetarian Boeuf Salad

Vegetarian Boeuf Salad

I don’t eat boeuf salad very often, but when I do choose it, I have some “rules” adapted for my health. For instance, I use olive oil, only organic, free-range eggs and, when I add meat too (though, this rarely happens), I opt also for meat from an organic, safe source.

I know olive oil can give this food a bitter taste (to be honest, I do not feel it, but that's what my family and friends say), so you could choose whatever vegetal oil you wish.

Boeuf salad – a food with Belgian, French and Russian origins

If we take into consideration the inventor of the recipe, then boeuf salad would be Belgian, because it was created by the Belgian chef Lucien Olivier. Yet, “boeuf salad” had first a French name – it was called “salade de gibier” – and it was served for the first time in a restaurant from Moscow.

The original recipe was lost, but it is said that it contained sophisticated ingredients, peas, game meat and even lobsters.

What ingredients do you need to prepare this vegetarian boeuf salad?

Of course, we don’t have the initial recipe anymore and, besides, over time, different chefs reinterpreted it in so many ways. Yet, the Romanian boeuf salad recipe is very tasty, with fresh and healthy vegetables, meat and mayonnaise.

My variant of boeuf salad, this time, does not contain meat, although you could easily add it in the recipe.


4 carrots
4 potatoes + 1/2 potato for the mayonnaise
1 onion
1 jar/can of peas
4 pickled cucumbers
3 eggs
1teaspoon of mustard (there are brands that offer gluten free mustard too)
100 ml oil (olive oil or a different type of vegetal oil)
the juice from 1 lemon
salt, pepper


1.    Put to boil, in cold water, the carrots, potatoes and the onion – in one piece, just peel them. The water has to cover the vegetables.

2.    Cover and let all boil for about 20 minutes.

3.    Take off the vegetables in a bowl and let them cool.

4.    Prepare the mayonnaise this way; take the hard boiled yolks from 2 hard-boiled eggs (keep the egg whites) – the yolks have to be cold – and mix them with 1 raw yolk, ½ potato – boiled and cooled, 1 teaspoon of mustard and 1 pinch of salt. Mix very well, and afterwards start to put, interspersed, a drop of oil, mix a little, then add a drop of lemon juice, mix, then add again olive, then lemon and so on until you finish the juice from 1 lemon and about 100 ml oil. In all this time, the mayo will double its volume.

5.    When all boiled vegetables are cold, cut into small cubes, excepting the onion that is left aside (we boil onion with all the vegetables only for taste and flavour) and add the cut vegetables in a large bowl. Add over them the egg whites from those 2 hard-boiled eggs (the egg white cut into small cubes), and the pickled cucumbers (peeled and very well drained). Over all these, add the peas (washed prior very well and, if necessary, boil it for 10 minutes).

6.    Mix with a spoon very well, taste and add salt, if it necessary (the cucumbers also have salt) and 1-2 pinches of pepper. Then, start to add the mayonnaise.

7.    The best would be to half the mayo composition: incorporate the first one into the mixture above and leave the other half to decorate the boeuf salad.

8.    Therefore, gradually add a tablespoon of mayo in the vegetables mixture, mix a little with a tablespoon, and then add again mayo until the first half of mayonnaise is finished. Then, nicely level the salad with a knife and add above the rest of the mayo.

9.    Decorate the boeuf salad with egg white stripes, fresh parsley or pickled bell peppers slices.

This boeuf salad is consistent and very tasty so it’s worth prepare it from time to time. Depending on your preferences, you could also add some other vegetables or meat. The result will always be amazing.

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