Trout Soup - How to Cook the Best Fish Soup Recipe

Trout Soup - How to Cook the Best Fish Soup Recipe

One of my best recipes is fish soup (if not even the best), made with trout bought from a local fish market in my town. It’s easy to make and very, very tasty. I eat a lot of fish as I cut off gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, soy and most of meat from my diet. As “cooking at home” is always healthier than eating in a restaurant or even opting out for a salad made with some fish can, I always try to find new, delicious and interesting recipes with fish.

Trout soup -  what are some of my “tips & tricks” that make this food amazing?

First of all, try to buy all the ingredients from a local market and from a “safe and trustworthy fishery”. This would mean that you know the owners, you know from where they bring the fish, how they keep and “take care” of the trout (in water basins, changing the water etc.), everything is “on display” and that they do not encourage to frozen the fish (especially the one that can be kept in basins, such as trout).  For those of you who live in Timisoara, Romania, I truly believe Solzi is the best fish market in the west of the country, to say the least, so I advise you to buy the fish from there.

What ingredients do you need for this fish soup recipe?

I am not such a big fan of “fancy recipes” with exotic ingredients so I tend to choose simple, traditional, fresh ingredients, as it's also the case of this fish soup made with trout.


1 big trout
½ yellow pepper
½ red pepper
1 small piece (3 cm) of parsnip
1 small piece (3 cm) of parsley root
1 big carrot (half grated, half sliced)
1 tablespoon brown rice
1 teaspoon olive oil
½ squash/zucchini
2-3 small tomatoes
1 link of fresh lovage (chopped or, if you don’t find fresh lovage, put dried lovage leaves – but the first one is better. You can find fresh lovage here. )
1-2 cups (250 ml) of borscht (a traditional fermentation drink) but you can also use the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon
salt, pepper

Trout soup – how to make the recipe


1. At your request, every fishery is going to clean and cut into small portions the trout. When starting to cook, wash the fish very well with cold water, cut into small portions if it is not cut already, place it on a plate, salt it and leave it in the fridge until it’s the time to use it.

2. Put a large pot on the heat, half filled with water (about 2 liters of water). Until the water reaches the boiling point, cut into small pieces the yellow pepper, the red pepper, the parsnip, the parsley root and the carrot (half, and the other half must be grated).

3. When water boils, add all these and the brown rice. Cover and let it boil.

4. Afterwards, take care of the other vegetables: cut into small cubes the squash and set aside. Then, peel the tomatoes, cut into small pieces and melt them a bit in a pot on the heat, with salt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

5. After 15-20 minutes of boiling, you can add in the large pot also the tomatoes and the squash. Let it boil for 10 more minutes, and then add the borscht or lemon juice and salt and a little bit of pepper. Taste the fish soup and decide if you have to add more borscht/lemon juice or salt. Leave it to boil for another 5-7 minutes.

6. In the meantime, take the fish from the fridge, wash it with cold water once again and, after those 5-7 minutes, put it in the large pot, in the soup. Cover it and let it boil for 7-8 more minutes. No more than that!

7. Meanwhile, chop the fresh lovage and, after those 7 minutes, turn off the heat, sprinkle the lovage (fresh or dried, depending on what you have) and cover the soup.

8. Serve the fish soup with polenta, a traditional food, made with only three ingredients. The recipe, here.

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Fish soup recipe - other useful recommendations

► Many of my recipes will be “accompanied” by polenta, as I don’t eat bread or gluten. It is true I am not gluten intolerant; I just want to eliminate it from my diet so I am not always choosing “gluten free cornmeal”. In order to make polenta you need water, cornmeal and salt. Here you can find the recipe.

► I mention I didn’t add garlic and onion as at the moment, for a while, I eliminate them from my diet, but if you tolerate them you can also add ½ onion and 2 clove of garlic.

► Depending on the season, you can also add peas or green beans.

Calorie chart:

1 cooked trout – 117
1 bell pepper cooked – 28
1 medium cooked parsnip – 70
80 g parsley root - 10
1 cooked carrot – 80
1 tablespoon brown rice – 14
1 teaspoon olive oil – 60
1 cooked zucchini – 33
1 cooked tomato – 43
1 link of fresh lovage - 1
1/2 cup lemon juice - 5

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