The number 1 natural supplement that helped me with my period pain

The number 1 natural supplement that helped me with my period pain

I have been having period pain since my very first menstruation, at 11 years old. I have told you a little bit about this part of my endometriosis journey here, in an article I outlined some period cramp relief  and recommendations for lowering this pain. Long story short, in my case, pain during menstruation was something normal. It is true I grew up in a society where parents and doctors believed this is normal, but I never thought this might indicate a serious disease like endometriosis.


After a while, I started not thinking about it because bigger problems started: ovarian cysts, endometriosic nodules, two surgeries 2 years apart and my endometriosis located especially on my bowel.

After my excision surgery from 2016, my doctor told me from a 10 points pain scale I cannot reach to 1 point, but he advises me to use any complementary forms of managing endometriosis and pain, methods like essential oils and diet. On the above mentioned article I detailed about it, but the main idea is that, in fact, my period pain never diminished. Even if my second surgery was excellent performed, even if I haven’t had a relapse for so many years, even if I felt better and better with diet and supplements, the truth is my period pain did not diminished, I didn't experienced a period cramp relief.

After an endometriosis excision surgery you can experiment even more painful and heavier periods

This is a frequent question I read on Facebook groups. Fortunately I knew the answer prior to my surgery so I wasn’t surprise when I experienced even more painful and heavier periods for 5-6 months after my surgery. This level of pain diminished a little after I gave up all dairy, even goat cheese, but I still took 1 painkiller every 8-10 and then 12 hours. But that was all. This is all I could do with my period pain.

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The supplement that made a “miracle” – my very first period with 0 pains

I have been taking a supplement for a while, for another health problem. It’s called Coriolus and it is in fact an extract from a medicinal mushroom. On the bottle it says to take it 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening on an empty stomach.

At the beginning of this year I started taking it but not 6 pills a day and not every morning. Yet, I immediately felt a change on my period. I could extend my “no pill time” from 8 to 12 hours which was a good progress for me.

Now, for almost 2 months I have been taking it religiously 6 pills a a day and boom, my last period was the very first one without pains, without painkillers.

➡️ Coriolus – how do I take it?

I am not organized enough to take it 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening, therefore I have another plan. I take 3 at 6-7 o’clock in the morning, I wait for an hour, then I take another 3 and after 45 minuted I have breakfast.

➡️ Coriolus – what it contains more exactly?

As I stated above, Coriolus is a type of mushroom. It's latin, scientific name is Coriolus Versicolor and in English you will find it more often under the name of Turkey Tail.

It contains a lot of substances that are often used as medicine such as polysaccharide peptide (PSP) and polysaccharide krestin.

➡️ Coriolus versicolor (Turkey Tail) – what are its benefits?

This type of mushroom extract was involved in a lot of studies for cancer, HPV, immunotherapy, viral infections, hepatitis, neurological diseases etc.

As other supplements too, even if many of these studies had promising results, there is not enough reliable information to make all these official.

For me, the biggest benefit from taking a supplement with Turkey tail was period cramp relief.

➡️ Turkey Tail mushroom extracts – what could be its side effects?

According to, when taken my mouth, on the prescribed dosage, turkey tail mushroom is safe. The problems might arise when you take it as a complementary aid for chemotherapy - which I am against without consulting a doctor first.

If you do want to try it it for this too, I advise you to print all the studies you can find on Turkey tail mushroom and cancer, to hand them to your doctor and only if he agrees to start taking it.

In my case, I didn’t experience any kind of reaction of it, but I stay within the recommended dosage and I drink plenty of water, I suppose it helps.

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➡️ Coriolus versicolor – what could be so useful for the endometriosis period pain?

I started look even more because none of the benefits stated in the studies I have read said anything about period pain or endometriosis. I don’t have a clear answer but it seems Coriolus versicolor also actions on the bowel level, on those bacteria and I do remember Dr. Lara Briden connected the bowel health with endometriosis and period pain. My gut says from there it comes this benefit for endometriosis.

➡️ Coriolus verisicolor – from where you can buy it?

It is commercialized on internet, on website for supplements. I live in Romania and I buy it either from Vegis, or from Farmacia Tei.

First one is a little bit more expensive but it has more capsules and vitamin C added. I couldn’t say which is better. Try each of it and then decide.

Of course, before taking it, print the label and several things about it, go to your family doctor and ask for his opinion.


To conclude, I am really happy that I finally found a supplement to help me with my period pain. I would also want to add the fact that I believe it is more efficient when your diet is also clean and drink a lot of water.

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