Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms of us for Thehealthyjournal.com

Thehealthyjournal.com wants to offer its users information, articles, interviews and other new and useful information from Cooking & Health field. All these and all other type of content made or promoted by Thehealthyjournal.com do not represent official consultancy and medical treatment.
Therefore, Thehealthyjournal.com cannot be held responsible for any damage, not matter its type.

Terms of use

User access at www.thehealthyjournal.com and reading this material represent your acceptance of respecting the terms of use of this material.
Otherwise, you can leave this site but your further access again will be considered your accept regarding the terms and conditions of hereby material, from 28th July 2020.
Protection of intellectual property

All the  materials and design on Thehealthyjournal.com or the ones that are connected to this site and those that were shared with users through email, like eBooks or other materials that are the property of Thehealthyjournal.com and are copyrighted by law.

It is forbidden to use, reproduction and allowing other people to use or reproduct the Thehealthyjournal.com content, without a written permission from our part.

Using Thehealthyjournal.com content

Thehealthyjournal.com content cannot be reproduced, changed or exploited (commercial or non-commercial purpose). You can copy and print Thehealthyjournal.com materials only if you are doing this for your personal use, without commercial intention.

The next actions are forbidden, except having a written permission from Thehealthyjournal.com.

A.    Reproducing and keeping Thehealhyjournal.com content and sending it to a third part.
B.    Publishing, changing, transmitting, participating, allowing and facilitating the transfer, the selling or distributing of Thehealthyjournal.com content.
C.    Deleting the logos and other signs which are Thehealthyjournal.com copyrighted.

Any other use of Thehealthyjournal.com content, for other purposes other than the ones described above under those terms, is strictly prohibited. If you want to use Thehealthyjournal.com content for other things, write us at [email protected]

The copyright of the photos used on Thehealthyjournal.com

In our articles, we use images:
-    images/photos taken and edited by our team members.
-    images/photos received by Thehealthyjournal.com collaborators or our Facebook/Instagram community.
-    images/photos taken from other websites that provide free photos. In some cases, we can specify the source and put a link to the source.

If you find one of our photographs on Thehealthyjournal.com  and you want us to take it out, write to us at [email protected].

The suspension of access at Thehealthyjournal.com

Thehealthyjournal.com can suspend, restrict  or stop the access to its content or to a part of it without a further notice or explanation.

Changes made at Thehealthyjournal.com

Thehealthyjournal.com reserves its right to modify, suspend, add or delete a part of all its content, including the price of the eBooks available on the website.

Nondisclosure agreement

The information about yourself that you provided towards Thehealthyjournal.com will be used according to the Nondisclosure agreement of Thehealthyjournal.com.  


We are making constant efforts in order to Thehealthyjournal.com materials to be of a higher quality, but Thehealthyjournal.com cannot guarantee regarding its content or offered/recommended services from the website.

Therefore, Thehealthyjournal.com is not responsible for any direct or indirent damage as a result of using the information or services on Thehealthyjournal.com.

Major Force

Thehealthyjournal.com, its affiliates or, in general, the information providers towards our website cannot be made responsible for any delay or error in Thehealthyjournal.com content.

Changing the above Terms and Conditions

Thehealthyjournal.com can modify the present Terms and Conditins without a further notice. If and when this thing will happen, users will be notified through an email and, if it will be the case, on a home page announcement.

The later access to Thehealthyjournal.com will represent the users consent regarding the new published terms and conditions.

Comments and notifications

The observations, observations, notifications and other requirements towards Thehealthyjournal.com must be made in written, online, at the contact email address.

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