Sweet Potatoes and White Potatoes Fries

Sweet Potatoes and White Potatoes Fries

From time to time, we might feel the need to eat delicious, yet not so healthy dishes. Fries are easily in this category so here’s a recipe of fries a little bit different. We used for it sweet potatoes and white potatoes, but also some other ingredients which you will discover below.

Sweet potatoes and white potatoes fries – a recipe that has some other alternatives  

Even if the ingredients might seem simple, the “method” of preparing this recipe is special. In fact, the method makes the difference. As the last step of the recipe implies frying, these fries are not very healthy so try cooking them only from time to time.

Yet, remember you could cook this recipe otherwise to: baking the potatoes in the oven or on the grill. They are also very tasty cooked like this too.

Sweet and white potatoes fries – what ingredients do you need and what’s the method?


1 sweet potato
2-3 white potatoes
olive oil


1.    Wash the potatoes and peel.

2.    Put them to boil, in a pot with water to cover them.

3.    After they start boiling leave 20 more minutes, until they are done, but not very tender.

4.    Take them out, leave them in a bowl to cool a little, and then cut into cubes.

5.    In a pan, heat about 50 ml olive oil (or another vegetal oil).

6.    In another plate, add honey. Before putting the potatoes into the pan, to fry, add them in this plate with honey and mix a little.

7.     Add the potatoes cubes into the pan, to fry, or on the grill or in a tray lined with baking paper and put it in the oven.

8.    Fry until they are golden brown.

9.    Serve simple or with different sauces.

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