Sugar Free Plum Jam

Sugar Free Plum Jam

I try to avoid as much as possible sugar and, of course, one of the problems is how do I sweeten my desserts. One of the solutions is the sugar free jam. Below you will have my sugar free plum jam recipe which in many cases can be enjoyed as a dessert, or with a banana bread, rice with coconut milk or pancakes.


Sugar Free Plum Jam – what ingredients do you need

1 kg of ripe, sweet plums


Take 1 kg of very ripe and sweet plums, wash them very well, take out the pits and take them through the mincer.

Put the mixture in a pot/cauldron/cast iron pan and put it to boil.

Leave it to boil very much, till the mixture turns darker. In the meantime, mix it from time to time with a wooden spoon for it not to be sticky.

Afterwards, put the cauldron in the oven. Leave it in the oven till the plum mixture becomes of a darker colour (dark, dark brownish).  We do this step for the jam to resist in time without sugar (that acts like a preservative).

Take it out and while it is still warm, put the jam mixture in the jars. Afterwards, put the jars (without caps) on a tray, in the oven, again, just for the jam to have a darker crust. Here you don’t have to leave the jars too much in the oven.

When you see that crust, turn off the oven, leave the jars in the oven to cool and then, the next day, take them out and put them the caps.


Sugar Free Plum Jam can ne enjoyed on its own or with different dessert

I most often eat sugar free plum jam with rice with coconut milk, banana bread or pancakes.

Here's my recipe of sugar free plum jam which, as you can see, it is not very hard do prepare. Try it too and tell me how it was.

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