Spinach and Vegetables – The Best Way to Eat Spinach

Spinach and Vegetables – The Best Way to Eat Spinach

Besides salads, juices and smoothies, spinach is great cooked in combination with certain vegetables. Here is a gluten dairy sugar free recipe that you can try whenever you want something simple, hearty and healthy.

Spinach is good for certain illnesses like diabetes, asthma and blood pressure

Originating from Persia, spinach is from the same family as beets and quinoa. Eating spinach, in different forms, every day, reduces the oxidative stress or the blood pressure, protects our eyes and helps in different other conditions such as anaemia.

A great source of vitamin A, C, K, Iron and Calcium, 100 g of spinach contains 23 calories, 91% water, 3 g proteins, 3.6 g carbohydrates, 2, 2 g fibre

Of course, these values can change when the spinach is cooked, but its benefits for our health still remain. Vitamin C and A are strong antioxidants that support our immunity and help us in having beautiful skin and hair. Vitamin K supports the blood coagulation and folic acid is essential for pregnant women, but also for a normal function of our cells and tissues. A half-cup of cooked spinach has 130 mcg of folic acid, the ¼ of the daily recommended dose, so keep in mind that for this specific substance, spinach is better cooked, not raw.

Baby spinach and vegetables food – what ingredients do you need?


600 g spinach (in this case, baby spinach)
½ grated carrot
½ carrot, cut into small pieces
1-2 tomatoes
1-2 bunches of spring onion or 1 smaller onion
1-2 cloves of garlic
½ yellow bell pepper
100 ml cold water
1-2 teaspoons olive oil
salt, pepper

The best way to eat spinach – how to cook spinach & vegetables food


Wash the baby spinach very well, 2-3 times, and then leave it in a large bowl and add some salt. This will also kill the potential bacteria.

Grate half the carrot and the other half cut it in small pieces or slice it, as you wish. Leave aside.

Peel the tomatoes. If they are too hard and you cannot peel them raw, sink them into boiling water, leave a few minutes and afterwards they will be easier to peel.

Cut into small pieces the onion, the garlic and the yellow bell pepper.

Take a large saucepan/pot and place it on the heat and add 100 ml cold water and 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil. When the oil has heated up (in several seconds), add all the chopped vegetables (except the tomatoes).

Cover and leave for 10 minute or even less, until the carrot is tender.

Then, wash again the spinach and add it in the saucepan. If needed, chop the spinach, but here, as we used baby spinach, it was not necessary to do that.

Mix all well. Cover it and check it from time to time. If needed, add more boiled water, but keep in mind the spinach leaves its own water after you place it in the pan.

Add salt, pepper and mix it all again.

Leave 10-15 more minutes, and afterwards add the peeled tomatoes, cut very finely. Leave on heat till all, spinach included, is done.

Take the pan off the heat and serve then with polenta made with gluten free cornmeal.

If you want you can also serve the spinach with a boiled egg or poached egg. (see here our recipe for "Poached Eggs").

What else you should know to make this baby spinach and vegetables food even tastier

·        If you want a richer dish, not necessarily focused on spinach, you can also add squash/zucchini, placed in the pan alongside tomatoes.

·        If you do not tolerate onion, garlic or pepper, this gluten dairy sugar free recipe is wonderful without them too.

·        The vegetables are not stir-fry, but you can cook them like that, adding less water in the first place. The “healthier” way is more the “boiled way”, but in this combination both alternatives are good, healthy and tasty.

Calories Chart

1 cup of cooked, sliced carrots - 87 calories
1 cup of cooked spinach - 78 calories
1 cooked tomato - 19 calories
1 cooked green onion - 10 calories
1/2 cup of cooked onion - 45 calories
1 clove cooked garlic - 3 calories
1 bell pepper - 31 calories
2 teaspoons olive oil - 119 calories 

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