Spicy Green Beans

Spicy Green Beans

The cayenne pepper gives a special flavour to any food and now we have a special alternative for it: spicy green beans, with cayenne pepper (chilli) at a jar.
Following our recipe’s directions, the green beans pods will also take over the taste and spiciness of the cayenne pepper. They will be consumed afterwards in different delicious combinations.

Spicy green beans – what ingredients do you need?

You don’t need a lot of foods for this, but they are carefully chosen to help you have a special, unusual type of condiment.


250 g thin green beans
2 cayenne peppers (chili)
1 teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of honey
2-3 tablespoon vinegar (preferably high quality, bio apple cider vinegar)
some celery leaves
1 dill stem


1.    Choose the green beans pods: cut off the ends from both sides and then wash the green beans. Take a jar of approximately 500 ml si start to introduce the green beans.

2.    Lay down the jar, on one side and start introducing the green beans, lengthwise, on layers. This is the best way to introduce it in the jar and in this way you use the whole space of the jar.  

3.    Through the green beans pods, also put the cayenne peppers. If necessary, you can cut the peppers on half (this way, the food will be even more spicy).

4.    Afterwards, lift the jar, add 1 teaspoon of salt, ½ teaspoon of honey, 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and complete with water.

5.    Close the jar with a cap and shake the jar very well in order to melt and blend the honey, salt and all other ingredients. Then, open up the jar again and, on top, put the celery leaves and the dill stem. Press very well and close the jar very well.

6.    Till evening or within a few more hours, shake several times (without opening it) and keep it on a plastic tray for 2-3 days as it could leak a little.

7.    Deposit in storeroom. After 7 days,  the pods are going to be a little bit lighter in colour, a sign that they started to “catch” the spicy flavour of the cayenne pepper. From that point, you can use the spicy green beans instead of chili, for soups, stews, steaks, barbecues etc.

Spicy green beans are best associated with hearty, consistent meals and with great wines

 A delicious food and a condiment like spicy green beans must be accompanied by a good wine too. For this kind of hearty, consistent dishes, the best “wine pairs” are  Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Riesling or Gamay. In the summer, chill a little your wine as this type of wines is usually served at no more than 18 Celsius degrees.

Chili or cayenne pepper goes well with a lot of dishes as it gives them a special taste, but this spicy green beans will be even much more appreciated. The spicy green beans will also have the admiration of your guests as they will not expect to eat green beans in such way.

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