Salmon and Spinach Recipe

Salmon and Spinach Recipe

Today I wanted to cook something else, but as soon as I got to my nearby supermarket and saw they had spinach, I immediately changed my plans. I don’t know how the weather in your part of the world is but here is very cold, so I rarely get to the local market or to my favourite fishery.

The good news is that the supermarket across the street is very well-stocked, especially in the morning and today I found two of my favourite foods: salmon and spinach.

Salmon and spinach recipe – the final result depends on the quality of the products

As in so many other dishes and fields, I advise you to be careful when you eat fish and green veggies. I buy spinach from the supermarket only if it is in a bag, not in a box and I can see it very well and check not to have wilted leaves. You cannot do that when te spinach is in a box.

With salmon is a little bit easier as I only check the expiry date. I don’t buy it if there are not at least 4-5 days in between.

As I try to cook every other day, I also bought some fresh vegetables. I used them for today dish, but I will also pair them with what I will eat tomorrow.

Salmon and spinach – what ingredients do you need?

For the grilled vegetables, don’t limit yourselves to my list of ingredients, as you can add cauliflower or broccoli.

As for the salmon and spinach recipe, follow the instructions. For the moment, I don’t eat onion, but I added in the recipe list as it gives a great taste. If you tolerate onion, you should add it. If not, the final result will be great without onion too.


1 kg spinach
1 big carrot
½ carrot to grate
1 onion
1 yellow bell pepper
1-2 bio tomatoes or 100 ml tomato juice/paste (for today, I used 1 big bio tomato)
1 piece of salmon
salt, pepper
For the grilled vegetables:
1 carrot
1 red/yellow bell pepper
1 tomato
1 small potato (optional)
salt, pepper, oil


1.    Wash the salmon, salt, pepper it and add it on the grill.

2.    Wash 1 tomato, 1 potato, 1 bell pepper and 1 carrot. Cut the tomato and the bell pepper in two and the carrot and the potato in rounds. Put them to boil a little. These vegetables will go on the grill too, after they are a little bit tender.

3.    After they are a little bit tender, take them out, salt, pepper, add them through a little bit of olive oil and place them on the grill, next to the salmon.

4.    Then, start to wash and cut the vegetables for the spinach. Grate ½ carrot and cut into small cubes the other carrot. Cut the bell pepper into cubes and finely chop the onion. Keep in mind that, if you want the spinach more savoury, you can add more of these vegetables.

5.    Add all these in a big pot with a little bit of oil (1 tablespoon) and ½ cup of cold water (100 ml). Cover and, in the meantime, take care of the spinach.

6.    Take the spinach out of that bag and put it in the kitchen sink. Turn on the cold water and wash it very well in 2-3 waters.

7.    Take a bowl and put there 2-3 hands of spinach. Wash it again very well and then cut that spinach on a wood chipper. As you cut the spinach, put it in the pot where it boils the vegetables, mix a little with a wooden spoon and then repeat this step until there is no more spinach in the sink.

8.    Let them all boil, covered, about 20 minutes.

9.    After 20 minutes, add salt and pepper to taste and the tomato (washed, peeled and finely chopped) or the tomato paste (100 ml). Leave for 10 more minutes.

10.    When they are ready, the salmon and spinach, serve them with a gluten free polenta, a great bread replacement (the recipe here). This salmon and spinach recipe is great with pickles too.

As I also prepared some grilled vegetables, sometimes I mix the two dishes. First, at lunch, I eat salmon with spinach and for dinner or the next day I can eat salmon with grilled vegetables.

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This salmon and spinach recipe is great whenever you want something tasty but not so complex or difficult to cook. All these are ready in no more than 45 minutes and you can enjoy them in different combinations.

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