Review: "Unlove Sugar: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Detox & Eliminate Sugar In Only 10 Days To Lose Weight And Burn Fat"

Review: "Unlove Sugar: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Detox & Eliminate Sugar In Only 10 Days To Lose Weight And Burn Fat"

A while ago, I was offered the Kindle Edition of a very interesting book named "Unlove Sugar: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Detox & Eliminate Sugar In Only 10 Days To Lose Weight And Burn Fat" by Rex Bonds. I was thrilled to receive it and then to read it due to the top reviews on Amazon and on my interest on the subject. You can find the book here.

Sugar – the number 1 food that doesn’t need reasons to cut it off

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with endometriosis 10 years ago, went through 2 surgeries and have been engaged in a lot of research about this topic, especially regarding diet and supplements. Cutting off certain foods or integrating other ones into my diet was “the second best thing” I did for my health, after excision surgeries.


Whenever I talked, wrote or researched about gluten, dairy or soy, sugar was the number 1 food I included on this “give up list” and didn’t need (too many) reasons to mention. Insulin resistance, increasing inflammation, unbalancing hormones are ones of the top causes for which a person should give up sugar.

It is not hard to understand why sugar is bad for you. It is hard to quit it

Having this in mind, this book was like a little saviour. Although I do have a clean diet, after several months of “going clean”, I tend to forget everything I went through and I try to cheat. Today with a little cake, tomorrow with a pizza, next week with another cake..this until my endometriosis symptoms return, I have some flare-ups, I get afraid and return again to my diet.

The book starts by explaining how sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, how it affects our body and mind and what are the most common names for sugar

For me, quitting sugar was easy because I had symptoms after eating foods with sugar in it. Yet, other people will surely need reasons; scientific facts and the first chapters of the book offer you this: facts. If, until now you didn’t believe sugar can act like a drug, well, the provided info is undoubtedly certain.

And then it starts: the extensive, practical plan to quit sugar

To be honest, I had some things in mind. They come from such long experience, from mistakes, but in this book they are more organized and clear, with tips and tricks that, when followed, might be really useful.

Of cours, I encourage you to buy the book and discover them all, but below I will detail more about 2 of them, 2 that “impressed” me more. Remember there are other ways in which you can do that, so search the book and see for yourself.

Chapter “Clean Out Your House” talks about a healthy life, not only about sugar

Sugar is hiding in a lot of other foods. Besides, whenever you want to give up sugar but keep on going with a healthy diet, the risks of cheating are really high.

In this chapter you will find out what are the other bad foods for your health and how giving up on them can help you giving up sugar too.

Chapter “Replacing the Junk” gives you alternatives

Many of those who want to give up gluten or some other food group ask “Ok, then, but what will I eat?” In this chapter you will find useful answers. You will know what to eat in order to be healthy and, besides, what to eat for an easier “sugar free life” transition.

I would like to say that I found here a lot of info and tips & tricks I didn’t know that really helped in my clean diet.

For example, I didn’t know that it is better to soak nuts and seeds overnight, strain and rinse before eating because this way you remove or decrease the enzymatic inhibitors.

The Sugar Detox 10 Days Plan – Healthy Recipes and a Plan that can change your plan

The next chapters are about that 10 days plan. And the thing that I really liked on this book was the fact it really gives you  RECIPES.  

Not just random recipes, but an entirely diet plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Isn’t this amazing?

Here and there you will also find the health benefits of some foods, such as chia seeds, so this part is also informative.

I really, really, liked that part and I tried some of the recipes, they are great.

I will leave it here a short recipe, just to get your interest.

Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

Ingredients: 2 cups canned coconut milk, 1/2 cup chia seeds, 1 cups chopped mango
Add all ingredients into a sealed container and shake (I would add that a blender could also be fine). Keep it in the refrigerator overnight (or at least 8 ours), garnish afterwards with cinnamon (optional) and serve immediately.

This is a breakfast example, the recipes for lunch and dinner are more complex, but it wouldn’t be fair to write them down here. Here you can read more about the book and also buy it.

Sugar is one of the most addictive things of our lives. When I ate it regularly I had a terrible problem with breathing. Doctors told me I had asthma, but the medicine they prescribe for asthma did not work on that particular issue. When I start to have a healthy diet, including cutting out sugar, that breathing problem disappeared.

It’s time to take your health in your own hands and to realize not only doctors are responsible for your health. It’s up on you if you continue the same way, experience the same trouble and higher your health risks or you stop, become more aware of your choice and start making decisions. Reading this book might be one of the best decision you could make on the way to a healthy way of living and to a healthier you.


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