Who first defeated Luffy?

Smoker. Luffy's first proper defeat in One Piece came at the hands of Smoker, who served as a Marine Captain back during the Logue Town arc. Being a Logia type made of smoke, it was impossible for Luffy to beat Smoker. The battle between the two wrapped up quite quickly and ended in favor of Smoker.

Who has Luffy been defeated by?

Yes, 2 times. One at Marineford (could of not saved his brother Ace), and the other fighting Kuma Bartholomew (Luffy though he was losing his whole crew but when he got transported he realized that his crew must still be alive and the same thing would of happened to them).

In which episode Luffy gets defeated?

"Finally Clashing! Pirate Luffy vs God Enel!!" is the 182nd episode of the One Piece anime.

Who was Luffy's first enemy?

"Iron Mace" Alvida is the former captain of the Alvida Pirates and the first antagonist encountered by Luffy on his journey after going to sea.

Who is the strongest Luffy defeated?

Here are the 10 strongest villains that Luffy has battled over the course of his time.
  • 8/10 Lucci.
  • 7/10 Donquixote Doflamingo.
  • 6/10 Charlotte Cracker.
  • 5/10 Three Admirals.
  • 4/10 Charlotte Katakuri.
  • 3/10 Blackbeard.
  • 2/10 Kaido.
  • 1/10 Big Mom.

11 People Who Have DEFEATED LUFFY!

Who is Luffy's biggest enemy?

Having betrayed Whitebeard and hunted the Straw Hats since Mock Town, Blackbeard is Luffy's greatest remaining threat. Considering the Devil Fruit and powerful crew under his command, the villain won't go down easily regardless of the things Luffy learned and friends he's made.

Who is Luffy hardest fight?

Crocodile is easily one of the most difficult fights that Luffy has ever fought as he lost to him twice. In fact, Luffy would've died both the times had luck not been on his side.

Who is stronger than Luffy?

1) Blackbeard

With the power of both the Dark-Dark and Tremor-Tremor Fruits, Blackbeard is most likely still above Luffy's level.

Who is Luffy's weakest opponent?

1/10 Worst: Luffy vs Foxy

The worst fight belongs to Luffy's battle with the pirate Foxy.

Who is in love with Luffy?

Throughout his journey Luffy has made strong bonds with numerous women. At least two have fallen in love with him, Alvida and Hancock, whilst another two have become enamoured with him, Rebecca and Shirahoshi. Nami, Robin and Vivi all share close and deep bonds with Luffy and have become some of his closest friends.

What is Luffy's longest fight?

And, number one position in the list goes to the fiery battle between the Future Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy and Katakuri. The fight started in the 850th episode of One Piece during the Whole Cake Island Arc. As calculated, this was the longest fight in anime history as it went on for 22 episodes straight.

How many kills Luffy have?

No, he never killed anyone. The reason why he never kills anyone is that he is leaving them another chance to achieve their dreams. This was also stated by Oda in SBS vol.

How long has Luffy lost?

In order to save the Straw Hat Pirate from the warden Magellan's venom, Emporio Ivankov used their Devil Fruit powers to alter the hormones in the boy's body to strengthen his immune system. The process was excruciating, lasted for hours, and ultimately took approximately 10 years off of Luffy's life expectancy.

Who is the 2nd strongest in Luffy's crew?

2) Zoro. Zoro's awakening of Advanced Conqueror's Haki solidified his place above the Straw Hat chef. Zoro has always been the second strongest member of the crew, a worthy title for the ship's vice-captain to hold.

Who is Zoros hardest opponent?

Following is the list of all the strongest opponents Zoro has faced till now, ranked by how strong the opponent was.
  • 8/10 Pica.
  • 7/10 Basil Hawkins.
  • 6/10 Bartholomew Kuma.
  • 5/10 Fujitora.
  • 4/10 Kizaru.
  • 3/10 Kuzan.
  • 2/10 Ryuma.
  • 1/10 Mihawk.

Who is the toughest in One Piece?

10 Strongest Characters in One Piece Ever
  • 1)"Pirate King" Gol D. Roger. ...
  • 2)"Whitebeard" Edward Newgate. Dubbed the "strongest man alive" after Roger's death. ...
  • 3)"Golden Lion" Shiki. ...
  • 4)Monkey D. ...
  • 5)"Red Haired" Shanks. ...
  • 6)"Fleet-Admiral" Sengoku. ...
  • 7)"Garp the Fist" Monkey D. ...
  • 8)"Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh.

Can guy beat Luffy?

While Eight Gates Guy is powerful enough to decimate Luffy, he can only maintain this power for a brief time before it turns his body into ash. With his superior speed and Observation Haki, Luffy can stall Guy out long enough until he hits his limit.

Who can defeat Gol d Roger?

Linlin possesses the power of the Soru Soru no Mi, which lets her manipulate souls, and has all three Haki types as well. Being a Yonko, she's among the strongest pirates to ever live and is certainly more than capable of taking on Gol D. Roger in a fight.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Shanks?

Shanks is MASSIVELY stronger than Luffy. Shanks is so much of a badass that he can casually block a full power attack from Akainu. We've seen Shanks block a full power Conquerers haki infused strike from Whitebeard.

How many times Luffy lost?

Throughout this wonderful adventure, Monkey D. Luffy fought several enemies. Yes, he triumphed many times, but at other times, he suffered humiliating defeats. Here are 5 Times Luffy emerged victoriously, and 5 times he suffered a bitter defeat.

What is Luffy's biggest injury?

5/10 He Was Almost Killed By Crocodile

Crocodile left Luffy with a critical injury and tossed him into quicksand to ensure his demise. At the time, this was the worst defeat Luffy had suffered and if it was not for Nico Robin, he never would've escaped the quicksand.

What makes Luffy weak?

However, much like many of his crewmates and allies, Luffy was once weak. His Devil Fruit made him even weaker as it was incredibly difficult for him to control his powers as a kid.

Who betrayed Luffy?

Why did Sanji "betray" Luffy in the One Piece series? Here is a simple explanation. Everything Sanji did in Whole Cake Island was to protect his friends. Luffy already knew that he would never willingly leave his pirate crew.

Did Luffy use 10 years of his life?

He had 10 years drained to help heal when he was poisoned in impel down.

Is Luffy immortal in gear 5?

While the effects of this technique have been mitigated in post-time-skip One Piece thanks to training, the prior uses have already caused irreversible damage to his body. Luffy dies from gear 5th strain on his heart and law gives up his life so they can win. This causes Luffy to go into gears without dying.
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