Who becomes the Dark One after Emma?

Back in Camelot, we see as Hook becomes a Dark One after Emma's 'helpful' deed of transforming him to save him from dying. The transformation brings up all of his painful memories, especially from his quest to slay Rumplestiltskin for killing the woman he loved -- and for cutting off his hand.

Who becomes the Dark One after hook?

When Emma asks if he still loves her, Hook insists that he "loved" her. Emma steals the cutlass Killian once physically taunted Rumplestiltskin with as the final ingredient to wake him up. Zelena finds a dreamcatcher with Killian's memories in it, and shows Killian, who discovers that he has become a Dark One.

Who becomes the next Dark One?

Zoso eventually kills the Gorgon the Invincible and becomes the Dark One himself. Down the track, he tricks Rumplestiltskin into killing him with the dagger, and therefore Rumplestiltskin becomes the Dark One.

How did Rumple become the Dark One again?

Rumplestiltskin steals a dagger tethered to the Dark One, summoning Zoso. However, when the Dark One provokes him, Rumplestiltskin stabs him to death, which unknowingly transforms him into the Dark One.

Does Emma ever stop being the Dark One?

A sad, crying Emma goes through with his wishes and impales Hook with Excalibur, which kills all of the previous Dark Ones. As Hook dies, his neck wound from Excalibur returns, and Emma is transformed back into her normal self, with Excalibur disintegrating afterwards.

Once Upon A Time 4x21 - Emma Becomes the Dark One

How many Dark Ones are there?

So, yes all ten to 24 Dark Ones shared like 500-200 (Aka Rumple) = roughly 300 years as Dark Ones combined. Zoso was Dark One for anywhere between 20 to 70 years as they mentioned him being Dark One for decades. The Dark One power isn't a progressive thing.

Does Hook take away Emma's magic?

Anyway, Hook is okay but Emma loses her powers. Snow gives birth to a baby boy (I was wrong, boo), but Zelena bursts in, mows down everyone guarding the hospital, and takes him. She sets up a spell circle to change the past, with Regina's heart, Rumple's brain, Charming's courage, and little Charming Jr.

Who is the original Dark One in Once Upon a Time?

Nimue, also known as the Original or First Dark One, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the fifth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by co-star Guy Fauchon in "Dreamcatcher", and by guest star Caroline Ford since "Nimue".

Which Rumple is in season 7?

Season 7. Eventually, Rumplestiltskin manages to escape the Wish Realm and into the Land Without Magic. In Hyperion Heights, he kills Dr. Facilier and confronts the original Rumplestiltskin.

Why did Rumple want Emma's name?

But if you're talking about why he asked for Emma and Regina's names from Snow and Cora before they were born, it was because he needed them to plot for the casting and breaking of his curse to find Bae in the LWM/Storybrooke.

Who is the final Dark One?

After a series of unnamed hosts, Zoso became the Dark One and was later killed off by Rumplestiltskin, who became the most recent Dark One and sparked a series of terrible events in his long reign, including apprenticing the witch Cora Mills and her two daughters Zelena and Regina Mills (Regina later going on to be the ...

Who is the true Dark One?

His true name is Shai'tan, (pronounced: SHAY-ih-TAN), although many people believe that speaking that name will bring misfortune to the speaker, which is why he is referred to as the Dark One.

Who defeated the Dark One?

Rand al'Thor (Joshua Stradowski) was successfully identified as The Dragon Reborn, and he joined Moirane (Rosamund Pike) on a death-defying journey into the Blight. There, they confronted and defeated the Dark One at the Eye of the World — only that it wasn't the Dark One, not really.

Who does Regina end up with?

Regina also begins a relationship with Robin Hood, who is revealed by Tinker Bell to be Regina's true love. Zelena is eventually killed by Rumplestiltskin, but Regina and the others end up believing it was suicide.

Why did Emma turn evil?

The magic of the Dark One: After letting the darkness from the previous Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin consume her, she became the new Dark One, the name of Emma Swan took his place on the Dark One's Dagger and Emma has earned all of his abilities of pure evil.

What does Emma do with Excalibur?

Well, she had big plans, one of which has already been achieved: Emma managed to reforge Excalibur, reuniting the broken sword with the Dark One's dagger. It's a rather dangerous weapon, capable of completely destroying the dark or the light.

Who is the main villain in Once Upon a Time Season 7?

Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of Season 7 of ABC's Once Upon a Time. Mother Gothel is an evil witch who is the leader of the Coven of the Eight and the mother of Alice.

Does Rumple ever turn good?

After the Wish Realm Rumple causes chaos and tries to separate our favorite fairy-tale characters for good, the real Rumple finally finds the courage to be the better man — by sacrificing himself. As Hook slowly dies from his poisoned heart, Rumple decides to take out his own heart and give it to his former enemy.

Is rumple the son of Peter Pan?

Flashbacks revealed that Peter Pan is actually Rumplestiltskin's father. He traded his son for what he thought was eternal youth, taking the name of Rumple's childhood doll as his own.

Who was the Dark One the longest?

2/8 Dark One's Curse

Rumpelstiltskin was the Dark One for the longest amount of time, though the exact number is unknown. The curse of the Dark One makes the person immortal yet all the magic they do darkens their heart.

Who is the most powerful in Once Upon a Time?

1. Strongest: Emma Swan. It may be an obvious choice but Emma Swan is definitely the strongest character in Once Upon a Time.

Who was the most powerful Dark One in Once Upon a Time?

Merlin lived for centuries and is responsible for the creation of dark ones in the first place. On the side of Evil- Rumplestiltskin. As someone else said, he lived for centuries and was able to become the name everyone knew. His name was in everyone's mouth and everybody feared him.

Is Alice Hook and Emma's daughter?

As fans had already guessed, Alice (Rose Reynolds) is Hook's daughter, and her mother is none other than Tangled villain Mother Gothel (Emma Booth). Not that Hook knew that, of course.

Who breaks Emma's curse?

Regina, so excited that Henry finally remembers her, gives Henry a kiss on the head and breaks the curse. Emma can't believe that Regina was the one to break the curse, and there's a hint of jealousy in her expression.

Is Hook the Dark One?

Emma then acts, taking Hook's memory of being a Dark One and knocking him out. She also knocks out anyone else who would've know that Hook was a Dark One and takes their memories. She can't stop the curse, though, and they're all sent back to Storybrooke. So, the whole mystery of what happened in Camelot is solved.