Which MBTI self doubt the most?

ENTPs definitely struggle with self-doubt, especially since they are such analytical people. Having the ability to intuitively predict many potentially outcomes, is something that makes it challenging for the ENTP to move forward sometimes.

Which personality type has the most self doubt?

A hallmark feature of being an NP type (i.e., INFP, INTP, ENFP, ENTP) is struggling with doubt and indecision. Doubt can pervade and disrupt any aspect of their lives, be it their careers, relationships, worldview, or identity.

Which is the most insecure MBTI?

ESFJ: insecure

Most see ESFJs as social butterflies and the life of the party. While they do love to be around people, they also want to feel accepted. Even though they're typically gregarious and assertive, their lesser-known personal qualities include being perceptive and deeply insecure.

Which MBTI has the least self esteem?

ISFJs ranked as having low self-acceptance according to the CPI™ tool. This may be largely because ISFJs are known for being cautious and careful, which may come across as self-doubting at times. ISFJs are also very practical and down-to-earth, and thus may not have very lofty, idealized images of themselves.

Which MBTI is the most indecisive?

Out of the IN personality types, INFPs and INTPs struggle the most with indecisiveness. These types can see endless possibilities, which makes it difficult for them to gain the closure they need to move forward. INPs may struggle to identify a strong sense of purpose and direction.

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Which MBTI is hardest on themselves?


These types are hardest on themselves if they fail to live up to a promise or commitment they have made. They strive to be as reliable as possible, and they never want to sell themselves or others short.

Which MBTI is the most Judgy?

XSTJs are the most judgemental- dichotomy wise they dislike change, are disagreeable, and judge disorder. ISTJs are more likely to dislike social events but ESTJs are more vocal about their judgements.

Which MBTI forgives easily?

INFPs are often extremely forgiving individuals, simply because they understand that everyone makes mistakes. INFPs will not likely get into a relationship with someone who lies often, but that doesn't mean they will hold a grudge against them.

Which MBTI is secretly very emotional?

ESFP. ESFPs are highly emotional individuals. They feel everything very deeply and the intensity of their emotions is so strong that they can find them completely overwhelming. ESFPs are one of the personality types who are most comfortable with expressing their emotions and sharing their thoughts.

Which MBTI type is most likely to overthink?

INTJs are definitely the overthinking type, they enjoy being able to process as much information as possible. INTJs are logical people, who have extremely active and rich inner minds.

Which MBTI is most flirty?

ESFP. ESFPs are one of the flirtiest personality types. They are bold, spontaneous and fun, which is the ultimate recipe for flirting. ESFPs are naturally charming individuals who know how to work a room and they are confident in their flirting abilities.

Which MBTI is fearless?

ENTP is one of the most adaptable personality types.

This is a big reason why they are considered to be the most fearless personality type.

Which MBTI type is purest?

INFP, INFJ, ISFJ, ENFP and occasionally ISFP or ENFJ are usually stereotyped the “purest smol cinnamon rolls,” if that's what you mean by, “most innocent.”

Which MBTI has highest self esteem?

Assertive Debaters (ENTP-A), Executives (ESTJ-A), and Entrepreneurs (ESTP-A) (all 95%), and Assertive Commanders (ENTJ-A) (98%) are the personality types reporting the highest confidence in their own abilities.

Which MBTI is least open minded?

ISFJs are not generally seen as open-minded people, since they often have strong belief systems. ISFJs are grounded people, and often know exactly what they believe if right. They can have a hard time being convinced of any opposing viewpoints, especially if they can shatter the beliefs of the ISFJ.

Which MBTI is the least judgmental?

ISFPs are probably one of the least openly judgmental people. They try to be nice to everyone and dislike the idea of hurting anyone's feeling. They may hold internal judgments when they witness people being immoral or harming others without caring.

Which MBTI is best alone?

INTP. INTPs thrive on being able to get as much alone time as possible. Being introverts, they not only need their alone time they also thrive in it. INTPs do best when they are given space to figure out the thoughts inside their heads.

Which MBTI is the Chillest?

Most Chill: ISTPs are like zen-masters. Their default state of mind in the face of adversity is calm, intense confidence.

What MBTI type has no empathy?

ENTJ. ENTJs are often not seen as empathetic people, since they favor efficiency and logic over the use of emotions. ENTJs understand that emotions are a part of being human, but they do not prefer to let those feelings rule their choices in life.

Which MBTI types argue the most?

Argumentative personality types (ENTJ, INTJ, INTP, ENTP and ESTJ) ENTJ, INTJ, INTP, ENTP and ESTJ are the most argumentative which comes as no surprise to me, even though I would have expected ESTJ to be closer to the top.

What MBTI gets jealous?

ENFJs care very much how others perceive them and want their loved ones to rely on them. Because of this strong need to make others happy, ENFJs may be prone to jealousy. They often become uncomfortable if their loved one is going to others for things that they can easily provide for them.

What MBTI gets frustrated easily?

The ISFP. These types tend to have varying responses to anger. According to the MBTI® Manual, they are the type most likely to get angry and show it, as well as the type most likely to get angry and not show it. This goes to show that no two people of the same type are exactly alike.

What MBTI is bossy?

The ESTJ – Being too Bossy

Te-dominant individuals easily see errors that need correcting and naturally delegate to get jobs done and tasks completed on time. They are natural leaders and supervisors, and while this is a very good thing, it can give them a reputation for being bossy or controlling.

Which MBTI is most rebel?

The most rebellious personality types include the ENTP, INTP, ESTP, and ISTP, while some of the least rebellious are the ISFJ, ESFJ, ESTJ, and ISTJ. Each personality type is somewhere on the spectrum of rebelliousness versus obedience, and there is no right or wrong way to be.

Which MBTI is the shyest?

INFP: The shiest ones. They like to be with people and they often kinda “break the conventions”, but to me, they are shy as hell.