What is the plural of Linda?

Noun. linda f (plural lindas)

What is the plural of Amal?

عمل • ('amal) (plural اعمال‎ (a'mâl) or عمل‌ها‎ ('amal-hâ)) action. deed. operation.

Is Lindo a adjective?

lindo {adjective masculine}

neat {adj.}

Can you say Lindo to a guy?

If you mean handsome you better use guapo than lindo, Lindo may be accepted but it is not the usual term to apply to boys/men, nor usual anyhow in Spanish for persons, looks corny like (cursi, cursilón).

Can you use Lindo for a guy?

Take Note: Lindo is a Spanish adjective that you can use to call a man handsome without being too bold.

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What is the plural of Brittany?

plural Brittanys also Brittanies or Brittany spaniels.

What is the plural of pineapple?

Singular. pineapple. Plural. pineapples. The plural form of pineapple; more than one (kind of) pineapple.

What is the plural of azalea?

Noun. azalea (plural azaleas)

What is the plural of blueberry?

Noun. blueberry (countable and uncountable, plural blueberries)

What is the plural of marigold?

Marigold (plural Marigolds)

What is the plural of avocado?

They informed dictionary publishers of the change — and that the plural was spelled "avocados," not "avocadoes" — and named their own group the California Avocado Association. The approach worked. Today, California accounts for nearly 90 percent of all avocados grown in the United States.

What is the plural of eggplant?

The noun eggplant can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be eggplant. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be eggplants e.g. in reference to various types of eggplants or a collection of eggplants.

What is the plural of pistachio?

pistachio (plural pistachios or pistachioes) A deciduous tree (Pistacia vera) grown in parts of Asia for its drupaceous fruit. The nutlike fruit of this tree. (color) A pale green colour, like that of a pistachio seed. synonym ▲ Synonym: pistachio green.

What is the plural of peaches?

The plural form of peach; more than one (kind of) peach. Peaches are my favorite fruit.

How do you pluralize Mary?

The plural form of mary is marys.

What is the plural of Dolores?

Noun. dolor m (plural dolores)

What is the plural of hummus?

hummus (usually uncountable, plural hummuses) A Levantine Arab dip made of chickpea paste with various additions, such as olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon juice, and tahini, often eaten with pitta bread, or as a meze.

What is the plural of zucchini?

Noun. zucchini (plural zucchinis or zucchini)

What is the plural of tilapia?

tilapia (plural tilapias or tilapia)

What is the plural of Flamingo?

flamingoes or flamingos. The plural form of flamingo; more than one (kind of) flamingo.

Is there a plural of Kiwi?

Usage notes

The plural is usually kiwis; sometimes, kiwi is found as an (invariant) plural form.

What is the plural of pepperoni?

pepperoni. Plural. pepperonis. The plural form of pepperoni; more than one (kind of) pepperoni.

What is the plural of fuchsia?

The plural form of fuchsia is fuchsias.

What is the plural of Tiffany?

noun. tif·​fa·​ny ˈti-fə-nē plural tiffanies.