What is level 94 in the Backrooms?

Level 94 appears to be a large town, a floating castle and grass hills, but everything, has a grainy effect, as if this place was crafted. The main town is safe, with no Entities during the day. This Town has a big water fountain in the center, flowing with Almond Water.

What is the highest level in backrooms?

Level 9223372036854775807 is the signed 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms. Anybody that has reached this level has not been able to go any further for as long as this level has been discovered, and any levels claimed to be beyond this are currently unconfirmed.

Is there a level 100 in the Backrooms?

The beach and ocean of Level 100. Level 100 is the 101st Level of the Backrooms. Level 100 is a thin line of a beach, surrounded by an ocean on either side of the path.

What is level 92 of the Backrooms?

Description: Level 92 appears to be an infinite hall and stairway, both of which glow crimson red. This level is almost completely devoid of entities. Wanderers that explore this level with more than one person seemingly become alone in the level, but all wanderer groups that come out say they were at the same level.

How do I get to Level 3999?

Score 20 strikes a row in Level 4999's bowling alley. Entering a Mall in Level 11 has a 20% to bring you here. Going through the pink door at the end of Level 5500 has a 0.1% chance to bring you here. Playing an arcade game labeled "The True Ending" in Level 793 and getting a score of 3999 will send you here.

Backrooms Level 94 (The Animated Kingdom) Explained

Do Backrooms have WiFi?

WiFi. The backrooms has it's very own WiFi network, which will look like a blank space in your device's list of networks.

Is the Backrooms infinite?

It's done. Level 9223372036854775807, also known as "An Endless Ending," or "The True Final Level," is the (signed) 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms.

What is level 444 of the Backrooms?

Description: Level 444 is an unstable level that suffers from a significant Structural-Shift every 47-57 minutes. Each time Level 444 gets restructured (Now referred to as a Post-shift Event), the path will be completely different, and the main structure seems to be built randomly.

What is level 97 of the Backrooms?

Description: The explored portion of Level 97 consists of a small island surrounded by a saltwater ocean. This island is covered mostly with overgrown grass, as well as some moss-covered rocks. Scattered throughout the island are a number of weathered gravestones.

What is level 999 of the Backrooms?

Level 999 is a lesser known safe haven for wanderers in the Backrooms. It appears to be a big island with a snowy city on it. Each building has a number on it, with some buildings having the same number. The numbers get bigger the farther away it is from the center of the island, the largest number recorded being 999.

Is there a level 1000 in backrooms?

Level 1000 takes place in a giant campground. The level has a day/night cycle lasting 8 hours each rotation. The campground is approximately 10 miles in each direction from the center with new wanderers to the level spawning in the northwest corner of the level.

What is Level 3000 of the Backrooms?

Level 3000 consists of a small room with a computer standing in the middle. Obtaining pictures of this level appears to be impossible due to wanderers losing all items when traveling to this level. No wanderers can co-exist in the same room.

What is level 365 in the Backrooms?

Level 365 resembles an abandoned bowling alley. This level has multiple shelves of bowling shoes or bowling balls. Occasionally, the bowling balls and shoes on the shelves will be broken or missing entirely. If one uses a bowling ball and gets a strike, they will be sent to Level 365.2, where they will meet the Beaner.

What is level 151 of the Backrooms?

Level 151 is a large, human-sized dollhouse resembling a mansion from the late Tudor period of British history. The mansion appears well-maintained, although how the estate is kept clean is unknown.

What is level 666 of the Backrooms?

Level 666 is the 667th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 6/16/2016 when a single Wanderer took a picture of a strange sign in the Backrooms and shortly went missing, presumably dead. Level 666 can be aptly described at what its entry sign universally calls it, hell.

What is level 17 of the Backrooms called?

Level 17, also known as "The Carrier", is the 18th level of the backrooms. Level 17 appears to be the inside of a naval aircraft carrier with a blue floor, white concrete walls with pipes lining the walls.

What does Level 69 of the Backrooms look like?

This level is an infinite highway with tall, weathered, concrete walls at its sides. It appears to have been long abandoned; the highway is completely devoid of vehicles or any sign of civilization except for the fact that it is a highway.

What is level 600 in the Backrooms?

Description: Level 600 is a non-area. it's non-enterable, and is a space made of absolutely nothing in between Level 599 and Level 601. It's impossible to enter or leave, and its existence has only be found through experiments.

What is level 160 in the Backrooms?

Entity 160 is the designation given to a wide variety of Entities believed to be native to every habitable Level in the Backrooms.

What is level 777 of the Backrooms?

Level 777 consists of a street, which is lined all around with casinos. The street itself is rather short, only being 14 kilometers. Buildings line the sides and mark the ends of the street. There are no alleyways, and any attempts to climb over the buildings to access the other side have all failed.

What is level 150 of the Backrooms?

Level 150, commonly referred to as the Memory Foundry, is a green field of grass with some trees scattered around. The entire Level is illuminated by a faint blue light that gives the impression of being in a constant state of sunset, in the sky you can also see a red orb which resembles a moon.

What is level 333 of the Backrooms?

Level 333 is a plain of grass spanning 5 miles in width and 5 miles in height, in the exact center of the level there is a small castle of presumed British origin. However, the castle is not what it seems, the castle is non-Euclidian, and spans 1 Mile (1.6 Kilometers) in length and width.

Is SCP 3008 a backrooms level?

Level 3008, otherwise known as "Indoor Outdoors" is an extremely dangerous location inside the Backrooms. One must avoid this place; do not end up like us. Little is known regarding Level 3008; one must not attempt coming here to assist the database, though; it will be one's demise.

Who created backrooms?

The Backrooms originated from a thread posted on the /x/ board of 4chan on 12 May 2019, where an anonymous user asked for others to "post disquieting images that just feel 'off'." There, the first photo depicting the Backrooms was uploaded, presenting a slightly tilted image of a yellow-colored hallway.

Is there a monster in backrooms?

Deathmoths. Deathmoths are giant moths that inhabit the Backrooms. While the male Deathmoths are mostly harmless and possibly even tamable, the female moths are several times larger, can spit acid, and are entirely hostile.
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