What is Level 8 called in the Backrooms?

Level 8 has its own special Entity known as The Arachnids of Level 8, these Entities are large spiders that are extremely venomous. We advise avoiding these Entities at all costs.

What is level 444 of the Backrooms?

Description: Level 444 is an unstable level that suffers from a significant Structural-Shift every 47-57 minutes. Each time Level 444 gets restructured (Now referred to as a Post-shift Event), the path will be completely different, and the main structure seems to be built randomly.

What is level 999 of the Backrooms?

Level 999 is a lesser known safe haven for wanderers in the Backrooms. It appears to be a big island with a snowy city on it. Each building has a number on it, with some buildings having the same number. The numbers get bigger the farther away it is from the center of the island, the largest number recorded being 999.

What is level 790 in the Backrooms?

Level 790 is a town covered in snow that replenishes daily in the form of a snowstorm. While the houses themselves present an older style of British stone brick architecture, they have all fitted with modern features and appliances. Examples being doubled glazed windows, central heating, water and electricity.

What is level 69 in the Backrooms?

Level 69 is the 70th Level of the Backrooms: A deserted, infinite highway shrouded in thick fog and pitch darkness. Anyone that finds their way into this level must stay in the car they began in or perish.

The Backrooms - Level 8 - Entity Infestation in the Cave System

How do I get to Level 3999?

Score 20 strikes a row in Level 4999's bowling alley. Entering a Mall in Level 11 has a 20% to bring you here. Going through the pink door at the end of Level 5500 has a 0.1% chance to bring you here. Playing an arcade game labeled "The True Ending" in Level 793 and getting a score of 3999 will send you here.

What is Level 3000 of the Backrooms?

Level 3000 consists of a small room with a computer standing in the middle. Obtaining pictures of this level appears to be impossible due to wanderers losing all items when traveling to this level. No wanderers can co-exist in the same room.

What is the 100th level of the Backrooms?

Level 100 is comprised of a straight path of sand with an infinitely expanding ocean. The sand looks smooth, with the path itself going on for an unknown amount of time. From the singular explorer that travelled here however, the sand trail doesn't seem to have an end or start point.

Is there a level 1000 in backrooms?

Level 1000 takes place in a giant campground. The level has a day/night cycle lasting 8 hours each rotation. The campground is approximately 10 miles in each direction from the center with new wanderers to the level spawning in the northwest corner of the level.

What is level 500 in the Backrooms?

Level 500 is the 501st Level of the Backrooms, provisionally identified as the interior of the Ticonderoga-class warship NAGLFARI. It was discovered on 24/7/2012. Communications experts Haymes and Mitchell attempting to utilize the Level's radar displays.

What is level 777 of the Backrooms?

Level 777 consists of a street, which is lined all around with casinos. The street itself is rather short, only being 14 kilometers. Buildings line the sides and mark the ends of the street. There are no alleyways, and any attempts to climb over the buildings to access the other side have all failed.

What is level 333 of the Backrooms?

Level 333 is a plain of grass spanning 5 miles in width and 5 miles in height, in the exact center of the level there is a small castle of presumed British origin. However, the castle is not what it seems, the castle is non-Euclidian, and spans 1 Mile (1.6 Kilometers) in length and width.

What is level 888 in the Backrooms?

Level 888 is the 889th level of the Backrooms. It is a massive, frigid terrain consisting of a barren forest surrounded by hillsides.

What is level 150 of the Backrooms?

Level 150, commonly referred to as the Memory Foundry, is a green field of grass with some trees scattered around. The entire Level is illuminated by a faint blue light that gives the impression of being in a constant state of sunset, in the sky you can also see a red orb which resembles a moon.

What is level 600 in the Backrooms?

Description: Level 600 is a non-area. it's non-enterable, and is a space made of absolutely nothing in between Level 599 and Level 601. It's impossible to enter or leave, and its existence has only be found through experiments.

What is level 96 of the Backrooms?

Level 96 is a long and dirty underground hallway. There are locked wooden doors on the right side of the hallway every 15 feet, and sometimes there may be wires or steps you come across. This level branches off into a seemingly infinite set of paths.

What is level 151 of the Backrooms?

Level 151 is a large, human-sized dollhouse resembling a mansion from the late Tudor period of British history. The mansion appears well-maintained, although how the estate is kept clean is unknown.

What is level 97 in the Backrooms?

Description: The explored portion of Level 97 consists of a small island surrounded by a saltwater ocean. This island is covered mostly with overgrown grass, as well as some moss-covered rocks.

What is level 900 in the Backrooms?

Description: Level 900 appears as an abnormally large, yet finite, mattress store. The width of this Level is similar to that of a regular Frontrooms mattress store, however, the length of this Level is approximately 800 kilometers (~500 miles) from front to back.

What is Level 2000 of the Backrooms?

Level 2,000, continually known as "Ursa Major," due to the nature of the level, is an expansive taiga, with a blueish sky. The stars in the sky move around in a euclidean manner, moving the same speed as in The Frontrooms, suggesting the level is a planet that's primarily a taiga itself.

What is level 119 in the Backrooms?

Level 119, much like Level 58, seems to be an abandoned waterpark. It contains infinite slides, which some have special effects when riding. Although none of the slides are rusty on the outside, for some reason they are on the inside. The cause for this is unknown.

Are the Backrooms infinite?

It's done. Level 9223372036854775807, also known as "An Endless Ending," or "The True Final Level," is the (signed) 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms.

What is level 5000 in the Backrooms?

Level 5000 is the 5001st level of the Backrooms, and the start of Cluster VI.

What is level 666 of the Backrooms?

Level 666 is the 667th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 6/16/2016 when a single Wanderer took a picture of a strange sign in the Backrooms and shortly went missing, presumably dead. Level 666 can be aptly described at what its entry sign universally calls it, hell.