What is an INFJ love language?

According to Priebe's survey, 35.67% of INFJs list “Quality Time” as their preferred love language. This is followed by Words of Affirmation (25.54%), Physical Touch (21.83%), Acts of Service (14.04%), and Gifts (2.92%).

How do you tell if an INFJ loves you?

What It's Like When an INFJ Finds Love
  1. We'll be fiercely loyal and protective of our relationship. ...
  2. We'll be your biggest fan. ...
  3. We'll open up to you — but at our own pace. ...
  4. We'll think about you. ...
  5. Our actions say more than our words. ...
  6. Even though we love you, we still need space. ...
  7. We will never forget you.

What do INFJs love the most?

21 Hobbies That INFJs Love
  • Appreciating Nature. INFJs often love to spend time in nature, especially alone time. ...
  • Art. Making and appreciating art is another favorite hobby for INFJs. ...
  • Conversation. INFJs often enjoy deep, intellectual conversation. ...
  • Cooking and Baking. ...
  • Crafting. ...
  • Cultural Events. ...
  • Dance. ...
  • Daydreaming.

What is INFJ attracted to?

As sensitive personalities, INFJs feel attracted to people who show kindness towards others. Extraverted Feeling is their auxiliary function, which means INFJs try to connect in a gentle way, and appreciate those who can do the same. Most INFJs also strive to make a positive impact on the world.

How do INFJ seduce?

INFJs are funny and often more charming than even they realize, and so when they are relaxed they can flirt by making jokes and using their wit to appeal to someone. When the INFJ has started to develop real feelings for someone, or even just a strong crush, this is when their flirting style changes a bit.

INFJ Love Languages

Do INFJs like physical touch?

Physical Touch is something many INFJs are cautious about. You'll rarely find INFJs engaging in casual touch with just anyone. Touch (even something as simple as a hug or a pat on the shoulder) is usually something we only enjoy from people we trust and are very close to.

Who is INFJ soulmate?

According to Keirsey, the ideal match for the INFJ is the ENTP. Of course, it's possible for an INFJ to be happy with any personality type as long as they feel understood, cared for, and valued.

What annoys INFJs the most?

Things the INFJ Hates
  • Manipulation and deceit. No one likes to be manipulated or misled, but INFJs especially loathe it. ...
  • People who take and rarely give. ...
  • Arguing just to argue. ...
  • Constant chaos. ...
  • Not getting enough alone time. ...
  • Having to compromise their values. ...
  • Having to do lots of “sensing” work. ...
  • Criticism.

Will an INFJ make the first move?

INFJs can definitely have a hard time making the first move with someone they don't know well. They often enjoy observing and getting to know someone before they feel inspired to make that advance.

What turns off an INFJ?

INFJ- Arrogance

Arrogance and insensitivity are the biggest turn offs for an INFJ. When someone treats others poorly and acts as though they are better than them, the INFJ will become disinterested and even disgusted by that person.

How quickly do INFJ fall in love?

INFJs definitely fall in love hard when they do, but this does not happen quickly. They often take time before really opening up to someone, and so falling in love can be a slow process for the INFJ.

Do INFJs like hugs?

INFJs value quality conversation highly. As you get to know the INFJ better, don't be shy to flatter them! Let them know exactly what you love about them and how much you appreciate having them in your life. They are also likely to appreciate hugs, touches and other physical displays of affection.

What triggers INFJ?

Crowds, noise, frequent interruptions - INFJs need their personal space and may experience great anxiety if they have too much contact with people in one day. Faced with such provocations, there's a risk that you will spread yourself so thin responding to other people's problems that you neglect your own needs.

Why do INFJs stay single?

They crave deep mental and emotional connections with others; proximity or just a few shared interests won't cut it. This is especially true when it comes to love and dating. As a result, INFJs can really struggle to find Mr. or Mrs.

What makes INFJs uncomfortable?

Reading too much into a situation

INFJs can appear very awkward when their intuition kicks in and they start reading into a situation. For instance, if someone is being sweeter to the boss than usual, you may infer that they are doing it to get ahead at work.

What are INFJs jealous of?

Because of our passionate need for meaningful connection, we INFJs can get jealous easily when we see other people connecting and having fun. We might compare ourselves to them, or worse yet, when someone close to us has friends of their own, we might pull away, feeling unwanted and pathetic.

What are INFJ most scared of?

INFJs Fear Being Misunderstood

INFJs can't stand to be misunderstood. And let me tell you, we spend quite a lot of our lives feeling this way. I have often felt that I live on my own planet. I have tried to describe this to a few people, but haven't had much success.

What is an INFJs biggest fear?

Many INFJs, when speaking of their fears, cited fear of abandonment alongside a fear of opening up to others and allowing themselves to be loved unreservedly.

Do INFJs have crushes?

They tend to be gracious and friendly to people, and if they are confident, they may even have a gift for flirting and making eye contact. However, time and time again, INFJs have told me that they get uncomfortably awkward around their crushes.

Are INFJ usually single?

You won't settle for anyone other than your dream person

This is one of the main reasons why INFJs are still single. As an INFJ, you are always striving to find someone who can connect with you mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually to a very intimate degree (Granneman, 2019).

Who is INFJs bestfriend?

As friends, an INFJ and INTJ are also very compatible. Because they are both introverts, they can spend their time together doing activities that require less energy. INFJs are sensitive dreamers, who sometimes need someone to bring them back to reality, which an INTJ isn't afraid to do.

What zodiac signs are INFJ?


INFJ: Both the Cancer sign and the INFJ type are deeply intuitive when it comes to reading people and situations. For this reason, people under this personality category are generally cautious and stay true to their own values.

Can INFJs appear cold?

Some INFJs will be cold, sarcastic and very blunt or speak to someone only on a very superficial level. But when you've pushed them too far, taking advantage of their giving nature once too often or badgering them into doing things they don't want to do, they will resort to the INFJ door slam.

How do you know an INFJ cares?

When an INFJ really cares about you, you'll notice that they'll always be there for you when you need them, regardless of the inconvenience to them. You will see a fierce loyalty and deep love. And you may not even have to explicitly tell them that you need them.

What drains an INFJ?

INFJs are energized by working creatively towards a future vision or goal. In turn, they are drained by being in noisy, disorganized environments where they face frequent interruptions to their thoughts and musings. It's especially bad if they are in an environment where there is frequent conflict.