What does an Aquarius woman like in bed?

Aquarians tend to enjoy switching between being dominant and submissive. An Aquarius woman doesn't let societal standards run her life or sexuality. Be open to experimenting with the different roles you play in the bedroom, and don't be surprised if she's interested in being a little dominant.

How do you please an Aquarius woman?

4 Ways to woo an Aquarius woman
  1. Allow her freedom. The worst mistake you can make when attempting to attract an Aquarius lady is to look too aggressive and demanding, as this will threaten her cherished freedom. ...
  2. Talk wisely. ...
  3. They prefer variation in their company. ...
  4. Keep surprising her.

How do Aquarius get turned on?

Aquarius is attracted to partners who contribute their own thoughts to the conversation and have a grip on current events. “The biggest turn-off is somebody who has nothing to say about something,” offers Lee. “What frustrates Aquarians more than anything is people who aren't really passionate about what they think.”

What an Aquarius woman wants in a man?

An Aquarius woman craves support in her romantic relationships. As ultra-independent people in their public life, Aquarians want a lover that can help them and be a true partner to them in private.

What are Aquarius like in bed?

Aquarians are generally adept lovers and are extremely open-minded, despite their cool and unconcerned demeanour in bed. They bury their passion and do their best to keep their excitement in check, fearing that it will make them appear vulnerable. In their eyes, being sexual equates to losing control.


How do you make an Aquarius crazy in bed?

How to Turn On an Aquarius Man
  1. 1 Talk about what turns him on.
  2. 2 Wear turquoise lingerie.
  3. 3 Spend time on foreplay.
  4. 4 Whisper something naughty in his ear.
  5. 5 Explore his erogenous zones.
  6. 6 Offer to try a new position.
  7. 7 Bring sex toys into the bedroom.
  8. 8 Have fun with role-playing.

How do you talk dirty to an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius- Doesn't Matter As Long As It's In Another Language

They're always observing the experience as if from somewhere outside of it, so the best way to get them to fully engage in dirty talk is to offer them something they don't understand.

What are Aquarius physically attracted to?

"It's a hint to show confidence and strength in bed." Aquarius signs love being with bold partners, take charge, and know what they're doing. So thrill them by running a finger up and down their calves or grab their ankles during sex. A sensual calf massage can also put them in the right mood.

What catches an Aquarius attention?

A person who thinks, acts, dresses, etc. outside the box and isn't shy about their eccentricities is a big turn-on for an Aquarius man. So, find your one-of-a-kind quality and flaunt it in front of your Aquarius crush. Aquarius men are attracted to women who are self-assured and successful in their own right.

What makes Aquarius woman happy?

If you want to keep an Aquarius woman happy, the Aquarius woman needs a powerhouse partner. Someone who can hold their own and likes to bag about their accomplishments equally is what can make a long-term relationship with an Aquarian possible. Unconventional thinking and having an open mind will keep her interested.

What turns off an Aquarius?

If anything, your Aquarius lover may be turned off by more traditional approaches to sex—they're simply not bizarre enough for this free-thinking air sign. Like fellow air sign Gemini, they love variety and hate to be bored.

What is Aquarius biggest turn on?

If you want to seduce an Aquarius, their biggest turn-ons are fur coats, beds with canopies, outer space, and Scary Spice. But what are certain astrological signs' turn-ons for sex, you know, after you've seduced the sign, when you're actually with them in bed?

What drives an Aquarius woman?

An Aquarius woman loves to explore the world. She might be an overthinker, but her strong desire to enhance her knowledge and experience new things motivates her to be spontaneous. The thirst for thrill drives an Aquarius woman to seek adventures.

What is an Aquarius woman's love language?

Aquarius love language: Activism (Acts of Service)

And the key to your heart is not just making a big donation or showing up to a huge protest, it's doing little things every single day that make a difference. Your love language is activism and you're ready to join your lover in changing the world.

What an Aquarius woman wants in a relationship?

Aquarius women love their freedom. She doesn't want to be tied to home or family, especially early on in the dating, so don't mention your desire your kids and a blissful domestic life, just quite yet. Concentrate on improvising and staying loose for the time being. Take the relationship slower in the beginning.

What do Aquarius find annoying?

Aquarius are critical thinkers with brilliant minds which can make them get frustrated and angered when others do not share or conceive their sense of logic. According to Furiate, "This can make an Aquarius lack patience with others who are perceived to be less intelligent."

How do you make an Aquarius feel special?

Here's how to make an Aquarius man love you and miss you like crazy.
  1. Take him on an adventure. Aquarius men are easily bored. ...
  2. Surprise him. ...
  3. Have a lot of sex with him. ...
  4. Be a daredevil in the bedroom. ...
  5. Remember: he's incredibly sensitive! ...
  6. Be 100% real and upfront. ...
  7. Be weird, fun, and make him laugh.

What does an Aquarius want to hear?

Aquarius individuals want to be acknowledged for their unique thoughts and opinions, so if one of them has caught your eye, be sure to always applaud them for their authenticity; they live for the applause.

Do Aquarians like kissing?

Kissing an Aquarius is an experience like no other. This water-bearing sign is a warm, sensual kisser who isn't afraid of getting a little weird and wild with their partners. The only match in the zodiac who can appreciate eccentric Aquarius is Sagittarius.

What are Aquarius best at in bed?

02/6Experimental. This is one of the most amazing traits of Aquarians. They are ready to try new things and experiment with sex. The curiousity bug in them keeps their sex life exciting.

Is Aquarius freaky in bed?


Thanks to their broad minds and spontaneous attitude, Aquarians are the first ones to get down and dirty in bed and turn into total freaks. They are all about breaking conventions and will let you experience that breath of fresh air when all you'd be able to do is moan and gasp.

What is a female Aquarius weakness?

It's true that Aquarians are quirky and free-thinking, but they're also one of the fixed zodiac signs — which means they can be super stubborn, dogmatic, and self-righteous about their views. They get a kick out of being rebellious, so they don't like to back down or admit they're wrong.

What do Aquarius care about?

Aquarians long for relationships that value not only a mental connection, but also honesty and independence. As the Aquarius sign can be a bit of a loner, they will give their partner the same sense of independence, always treating them as their equal and respecting their boundaries.

Which Zodiacs are loud in bed?

Here are 5 zodiac signs that are the loudest lovers in bed.
  • Aries. Being known as the rulers of the highest sex drive, Aries are the boldest and kinkiest when it comes to making love, all of which escalate their intensity of loudness in the bedroom. ...
  • Scorpio. ...
  • Leo. ...
  • Cancer. ...
  • Sagittarius.