What do you get for 100000 races in Nitro type?

The Blitz McLaro SLR is a car that can be obtained by completing the I Love Shoes 2 achievement, which requires racing 100,000 times.

What car do you get for 10000 races in Nitro type?

The F4U Corsair is a car that can be obtained by completing the Corsair achievement, which requires racing 10,000 times.

What car do you get in Nitro type for 200000 races?

The Blitz GT 20.0 is a car that can be obtained by completing the I Love Shoes 20.0 achievement, which requires racing 200,000 times.

Who has the most total races in Nitro type?

Top 5 Racers
  • [PONY]Turtle_Drawn with 526 races.
  • [STPR]FeveredBasilisk with 417 races.
  • [SBD]Damon5 with 402 races.
  • [NTS]✞NightWolf✞ with 348 races.
  • [CAR]grante with 314 races.

What does OG mean in Nitro type?

"Original Gangster" True OG NTer. Respect! You're a true OG - a Nitro Typer for over 2 years.


What is the rarest Nitro type title?

Hang Fifteen is the rarest event car in Nitro Type. The car was earned by only 75 people. Despite this, the car was never classified as Legendary.

What is the Thwampus in Nitro type?

What Is The Wampus? Due to a glitch in the Matrix, one of our Nitro Type Bots attempted to reprogram himself, instead producing a new strange twisted bot called The Wampus. This furry creature is quite shy, but feeds on competition.

Can you sell cars in Nitro type?

Tap Home -> Mechanic (Tools icon) -> Trade car -> Select Car -> Trade In. You will get cash and a bonus item depending on the car you sell.

How rare is the wampus in Nitro type?

The Wampus is a bot that randomly shows up in Nitro Type races. It is the rarest bot. If a racer successfully beats The Wampus in a race, they will receive an extra $50,000.

How do you get Wildflower 750?

The Wildflower 750 is a car that can be obtained by completing The Wildest of Flowers achievement, which requires racing 750,000 times.

What is the fastest car in Nitro Type 2022?

Here you can see the Nitro Type logo on their lead car—the Mazda6 SP, which has broken the world record several times for the fastest rotary-powered vehicle at 223 MPH.

Who has the wild 500 Nitro type?

Trivia. This car was designed for Wildflower, who was the first player to complete 500,000 races. It was awarded to her on March 20, 2020. Wildflower, Morries, and one of Kristen Smith's alts are currently the only people who own this car.

What is the oldest Nitro type team?

Trivia. The oldest non-disbanded team on Nitro Type currently, apart from [NT], is [SWF].

Why is nitro type banned?

Offensive display name

Nitro Type has filters on all user-inputted content; however, in some cases it is easily bypassable. Although it is not often that a player's account will be banned for an offensive display name (the account is usually simply warned), bans for this reason have occurred.

Does Nitrotype use bots?

Nitro Type bots are basically robotic opponents, programmed to race at about your speed. Because they are computerized, you'll find that their accuracy reads N/A, that they never use nitros, and that they all have the title “Nitro Type Bot”.

Is the Batmobile in Nitro type?

It is one of the two cars on Nitro Type that are based on vehicles from famous movies along with the Flux Capacitor. It is based on the 1989 Batmobile.

Is there a Bugatti in Nitro type?

A variant of this car, the Nitreux Vyrus LR, was released in the Shop. It received a price change from $1,000,000 to $875,000 prior to its Shop release. It is based on a Bugatti Veyron.

Is the bus rare in Nitro type?

On May 25, 2022, the rarity was changed from Rare to Uncommon. It was featured in a pop up when you entered a race without a Back 2 School Event car.

How do you spawn wampus?

It is easy to spawn in the Wampus. You just have to have a race with 4 slots already filled and one slot that is about to be filled by a bot. Then you need to get in a diferent race, and there is a 1/10 chance the Wampus will spawn.

What does XP mean in Nitro type?

Experience, also called EXP or XP, is earned from playing races, playing games, and completing Daily Challenges. Each normal season level requires earning 20K XP to level up and infinity tiers require earning 40K. It is used to level up. XP resets once the season ends.

Who owns Nitro type?

Nitro Type was built by Teaching.com, the maker of Nitro Math, Typing.com and these other great typing games.

Who is the fastest nitro typer?

The highest WPM anyone has ever obtained without cheating is joshuu with a high speed of 249 WPM.
Previous high speed records include:
  • joshuu with 248 WPM [1], and before that, 247 WPM. [2]
  • Rrraptor with a high speed of 242 WPM.
  • chakk with 240 WPM. ...
  • Sean Wrona with 212 WPM.

How do you get the lucky number 7 title in Nitro type?

All it takes is to complete 1,000 Races with a Summer Car to get your hands on the Lucky Number 7, or to use 1,500 Nitros with a summer car to earn yourself the exclusive "I-Scream" title. So far only 209 racers have scored the Lucky Number 7 and only 328 racers have scooped up the I-Scream title.

How much is the DeLorean in Nitro type?

Its name is a reference to the Flux Capacitor, which is a core component that makes time travel possible inside of the iconic DeLorean from Back to the Future. It received a price change from $8,000,000 to $4,500,000 prior to its Shop release.
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