What did Alicia Sierra do in the toilet?

What does Alicia Sierra do in the toilet? Alicia Sierra stashes a pair of scissors up her sleeve.

What did Alicia Sierra do?

Alicia was a police inspector working with the Spanish Government and the CNI to locate and arrest The Professor and the rest of his gang. She was successful in finding one of the members, Rio, and almost had Tokyo before she was saved by the Professor.

What does Alicia Sierra do to The Professor?

In Part 5, Alicia captures the Professor and tortures him. She ends up capturing Marseille and Benjamín Martínez as well. However, when Alicia goes into labour and has complications, she has no choice but to untie them, so that they can help deliver her baby. She names her baby Victoria.

What did Alicia Sierra do at the end?

In the end, Alicia rode off into a brand new life with her newborn and money in the bank — precisely what the former police inspector deserved. Money Heist's final episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

What did Alicia give to Rafael?

This stand-off is called off when Alicia gives Rafael a note from The Professor, which convinces him that it is best to hand over the gold and work with the gang of thieves, rather than against them. When Tatiana questions his decision, Rafael tells her it is a "family matter" and leaves things at that.

Professor shoot Alicia sierra, Money Heist

What did the note for Rafael say?

The contents of the note are never fully revealed, but it is known that it informs Rafael that some of the gold would be going to him. Essentially, the note was a deal that would mean a portion of the gold would go to Berlin's (Pedro Alonso) son.

What was professor's message to Rafael?

It was never revealed exactly what was written on the note, we do know that it was to let Rafael know that a portion of the gold would be going to him.

Is Alicia and Tatiana the same?

Professor would have surely clocked on that the woman who was married to his brother and would have had inside knowledge on the heist is now the lead police investigator. Also, the fact that Alicia and Tatiana are played by different actresses does hint that they are seperate people.

Does Alicia Sierra betray The Professor?

Money Heist season 5 volume 2 ending explained

After they appeared to form an unlikely alliance in volume 1, Alicia Sierra betrays the Professor and attempts to escape the storm drain.

Is Sierra Berlin's ex wife?

The striking similarity between Berlin's (Pedro Alonso) ex-wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and police investigator Alice Sierra (Najwa Nimri) in Netflix's crime caper series Money Heist has led fans to theorize that they're actually the same person.

What did Alicia inject into The Professor?

She hallucinated about seeing Arturo's ghost and got anxiety attacks. So much so, that she had to take a morphine injection.

Is Alicia Sierra Berlin's wife?

While this sparked theories about both the characters' fates in Money Heist Season 5, the most popular theory is that Alicia Sierra could likely be Tatiana. The Money Heist Season 4 featured Berlin tying the knot to his lover in a beautiful white wedding as the group of thieves planned the heist at Bank of Spain.

Are Alicia and Tatiana sisters?

No! However, nothing of such sorts is revealed in the Money Heist yet. It maybe one of the absurd theories for season 5 but I don't see that coming.. Alicia's backstory about sick and dead husband is already revealed.

What did Alicia do in the CR Money Heist?

But since Sergio didn't want anyone to know where it was, he had given Alicia the duty to find the “robbers” who stole the gold. Alicia used her smartness to uncover the truth and the gold treasure.

Who is the villain in Money Heist?

The Professor (Sergio Marquina) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Álvaro Morte. He is the mastermind of the heist who assembled the group, as well as Berlin's brother.

How was Rio tortured in Money Heist?

The ruthless Inspector has infuriated Money Heist fans as she was revealed to have tortured Rio (played by Miguel Herran) by burying him alive, starving him and keeping him in a tiny cell as she interrogated him about The Professor (Alvaro Morte).

Will Alicia join the heist?

Alicia Sierra joins The Professor's heist gang in Money Heist season 5, volume 2. However, Tamayo is a stress head as usual and doesn't accept Alicia's terms.

Who is the father of Alicia's baby in Money Heist?

Germán was Alicia's husband, and father of her child. At the time of the Bank of Spain Heist, Germán had passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Why did Rio break up with Tokyo?

Rio was captured by Interpol after Tokyo ran away from their island; she had grown bored in paradise and was desperate for the thrills, crime and life on the edge. It's because of Tokyo's addiction to being a criminal that Rio realized they couldn't be together - no matter how much he might still love.

Did Tatiana cheat on Berlin?

Berlin suffered a major heartbreak in the past. During a flashback in volume 2, we learn that Tatiana divorced him. At the height of his emotions, Berlin followed Tatiana to see who she was having an affair with. In a shocking moment, it's revealed that Tatiana was having an affair with Berlin's son Rafael.

Was Tatiana a hostage Money Heist?

She had posed as a hostage during the Bank of Spain heist and revealed herself to be a robber when she shot Arturo (Enrique Arce) in the leg.

How did Professor escape from Alicia?

Sierra didn't realize this, of course, and as she played “Let's Make a Deal,” the Professor used his wits and his teeth to escape from the trunk just before the police arrived. He then used a ruse to get in Tamayo's building.

Why Rafael let go gold what was written in note?

Professor writes down a note for the Rafael mentioning that they wanna do it for their grandfather and his father berlin and he will also give them his share of the gold as Rafael had no option because Alicia has already got to know about the gold as well as they have no plan to leave Spain with the Gold.

What was The Professor's illness?

Berlin and the Professor are half-brothers and have a close relationship. In a flashback of Berlin and the Professor in Italy, Berlin reveals that he has Helmer's Myopathy, a condition that his mother had as well.

Was Rafael stealing the gold part of the plan?

It's never explicitly revealed what the note said but the Professor likely reminded his nephew that it was Berlin who planned the heist this way and that he wanted to complete it to honour his memory. As such, Rafael agrees not to interfere with the plan in exchange for a share of the gold.