Is there a baby SCP?

SCP-734, also known as The Baby, is a Keter-class human infant currently contained by the SCP Foundation with the power to flake and completely destroy any human body over time. Despite his dangerous power the Foundation plans to use SCP-734 as their special bio-weapon when he grows up.

What SCP are humans?

SCP-3199, known by the name Humans, Refuted, are a hostile species in the SCP Foundation mythos. They are a species of creatures possessing both chicken and primate characteristics, attack anyone who comes across them and are capable of reproducing at an alarming state only by themselves.

How old is SCP 734?

Description: SCP-734 appears to be a male human infant between seven and eight months of age.

What does SCP 743 do?

SCP 743 is a spray-applied treatment that is specifically engineered to penetrate into the capillaries and pores of reinforced concrete structures to condition the concrete and to improve pH to help protect embedded reinforcing steel.

What's SCP real?

The SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization documented by the collaborative writing wiki project of the same name, with the abbreviation standing for "Special Containment Procedures".

SCP-734 - The Baby (SCP Animation)

Who was the first SCP?

SCP-173 was the first SCP ever written, originally posted on n'4chas /x/ (Paranormal) board in 2007.

Is God a SCP?

SCP-343 is a Safe Class SCP known as "God". He is believed to be a raceless omnipotent being that has taken the form/appearance of the Abrahamic God.

What does SCP 387 do?

When constructed by the human hand, SCP-387 will animate to life, Lego men will begin to move like normal living-beings, and will also start preforming various activities, such as driving Lego cars.

What SCP is the cow bell?

SCP-513, referred to as "A Cowbell", is an SCP object encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.

What SCP is Garfield?

SCP-3166 is a humanoid entity that takes on the form of the character Garfield, although appears as more of a crudely made costume. The entity is 2.1 meters tall. Although the entity looks as though it's someone in a crudely made costume, this is actually the SCP's true appearance.

Which SCP is Dracula?

SCP-2191 is a temple complex located within the dense Hoia Forest of Romania. Inside houses the dangerous vampirics beings controlled via larvae by a large supernatural being called The Moth...

Is there a SCP shark?

Description. SCP-1057 is an animate empty space, five (5) meters long, in the shape of an adult tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier). It does not appear to have any mass; however, it displaces water by an unknown mechanism.

Which SCPs are friendly?

Friendly SCP
  • SCP-4567-J.
  • SCP-9427.
  • SCP-5077.

Can SCPs speak?

To speak, SCPs use the voice chat button(Q by default). All SCP-049-2 instances share the same icon. Can speak to humans with wall mounted speakers.

Who started SCP?

James Aaron Siegel is an American scientist who founded the SCP Foundation in the 1800s. Siegel would eventually retire from this position and became O5-1. He fathered Dr. Charles Gears, who would eventually join the Foundation to become one of its most renowned members.

Where was SCP 178 found?

SCP-178 can be found in its containment chamber. When worn, the player has a slight, stereoscopic discoloration in their view.

What does SCP 2999 do?

The SCP-2999-A can totally replace the device's operating system, and it will totally replace the hardware's previous system in 24 hours, making it impossible to get inside ever again. SCP-2999-A also make's other hardware's connected to the operating system, totally unable to use.

What SCP is Zeus?

SCP-4606 was described as a Class IX reality-altering polymorphic humanoid entity. As the Olympian god of terror 4606 possessed the powers of immortality, teleportation and fear-based powers.

What SCP looks like a bird?

SCP-4975 is a gray bird-like creature with a sharp beak, a humanoid body, spider-like slim arms, a curved stomach, thin, long legs, and a tail.

What SCP is a cat girl?

The group is mostly comprised of modified and trained cat-girls designated SCP-2085-A who are accompanied by a man known as the Space Wizard, designated SCP-2085-B, who is determined to bring joy to people and eradicate the evil corporates which crush people's dreams.

What SCP is Jesus?

SCP-029-J, also known as Jesus Christ, is a joke character in the SCP Foundation Wiki. He is Jesus Christ who in his quest to get closer to humanity and clear his image began working as an Uber driver.

What SCP is the scarlet king?

In SCP-5317, it is revealed that the Scarlet King is a pawn of the anafabula known as SCP-2747.