Did Deadpool survive Marvel Zombies?

At some point he was infected, and attacked the Silver Surfer. He most likely fled the attack but also escaped the Power Cosmic zombies from getting himself incinerated and killed.

What happens to Deadpool in Marvel Zombies?

The "head scientist" is able to lead Deadpool to the A.I.M. facility where the experiments were taking place. Deadpool finds the formula and ingests it in hopes that somehow his healing factor will save the day. He then allows himself to be eaten alive by a horde of zombies.

Does Deadpool survive Marvel Zombies?

While DP was learning this a huge zombie horde attacked! He quickly thought up a brilliantly insane plan; ingest all the chemical healing agents and allow the zombies to eat him alive! This ended up not only saving Deadpool's life, but turned all the other Zombies into Deadpools!

Where was Deadpool during Marvel Zombies?

At some unknown point, Deadpool was exiled into the Deadlands where the zombies discovered that due to his regenerative abilities, his brain could be used as an infinite feedstock. He was held captive by Mystique until Commander Elsa Bloodstone killed him to stop the zombies' food supply after they kidnapped Shuttup.

Who survived the Marvel Zombies?

The still-alive heroes we follow throughout the series will include the Black Widow film's Yelena Belova and Red Guardian, as well as Shang-Chi, Katy Chen and Death Dealer (all from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), along with Disney Plus favourites Jimmy Woo, Ms Marvel and Kate Bishop.

Zombie Deadpool: The Full Gory Story - What If Multiverse Explored

Who defeats the Marvel Zombies?

So, in Doom's body, Richards defeated the zombies and sent them back through the portal. Having failed, Doom returned to his own body and jumped through himself in an attempt to clean up Earth-2149 just as they began feasting on Galactus!

Did Hulk survive What if zombies?

Hulk finally took over and engaged the undead Scarlet Witch in battle in what was presented as a noble sacrifice. However, the outcome of the battle wasn't revealed, and with Hulk appearing to be invulnerable to zombies, it is likely he managed to survive despite being left behind.

Who infected Hulk in Marvel Zombies?

It is unknown who is responsible for Banner's zombification, but it is rumored that Reed Richards and the other zombified Fantastic Four members could have infected Dr. Banner, as they went on a rampage against the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Who caused Marvel Zombies?

On Earth-11081, Ebenezer Scrooge caused the spread of a zombie plague called the Hungry Death. On Earth-12591, Loki caused the outbreak of a zombie virus on Earth, and it was later used by the nazists to win World War II.

How did Hulk get infected in Marvel Zombies?

It is unclear how Bruce was infected, however it could have happened when Mister Fantastic infected the Fantastic Four and they went on a rampage on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, causing other survivors to be infected by the zombie plague as well.

Can venom be a zombie?

Edward Brock, also known as Venom, is a supporting antagonist in the 2006 miniseries Marvel Zombies. Eddie along with almost every other hero and villain became a flesh eating zombie after Sentry of Earth-91126 came on their dimension.

Did Wolverine survive Marvel Zombies?

While his allies were either killed or zombified, Wolverine was spared and instead used as a food source due to his healing factor.

Who didn't turn into a zombie in Marvel?

Peter Parker, Scott Lang, & T'Challa Survived

While there is a large group of heroes that start as our zombie hunter group, Peter Parker is the only one that made it out on the other end.

How did Marvel Zombies resurrection end?

At the end, Earth-Z's Uatu reveals himself to be alive and sends the Sentry, the last Earth-Z Marvel Zombie, back through time and space to his arrival on Earth-2149 (the original Marvel Zombies universe).

What happens if you cut off Deadpool's head?

If his head is chopped off and not reattached, the head will grow the body back. The body will die. Once the severed part of Deadpool's whole form begins to heal, the limbs/parts cut off can't be attached to him again, additionally they will begin to rot separate from him.

What happened to Daredevil in Marvel Zombies?

It is presumed yet not confirmed, that Murdock was killed by the zombies who cooked him, but this is unknown.

Did Spider-Man survive Marvel Zombies?

Spider-Man was able to protect them from their corrupted family - although he was permanently burned by the zombie Human Torch and it appears that he may have lost Mary-Jane Watson in the process.

Who is the hero in Marvel Zombies?

An early idea Kirkman had for the series involved Luke Cage surviving the zombie plague as the sole human protagonist, given the character's unbreakable skin and that Millar's scripts didn't explicitly identify some characters separately.

How old is Marvel Zombies?

The Marvel Zombies comics were first published in 2005, written by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and included five limited time issues.

Can Groot become a zombie?

Groot was zombified by the Respawned, intelligent zombies infested by a new breed of Brood parasite. He and the Respawned later ambushed and zombified members of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers. Then they attacked Earth and wiped out nearly all of humankind.

Can Luke Cage become a zombie?

Nope. He has unbreakable skin. His eye is covered in skin.

Can Captain America survive a zombie apocalypse?

9/10 Wouldn't Survive: Captain America Would Get Overwhelmed

Cap would put himself in a situation where he would risk his life for an innocent or one of his friends and that would pretty much be the end for him. Zombie hordes swarm those they attack and it would only be a matter of time before they got him.

How did Wanda become a zombie?

In 2018, Wanda Maximoff became infected with the Quantum Virus and transformed into a zombie. Vision, unable to cure her and opposed to killing her, decided to keep her contained in a holding cell in Camp Lehigh, New Jersey. He then led survivors to there so she could be fed.

Do the Marvel Zombies get cured?

However, as noted by Spider-Man, those with any kind of accelerated healing appear to be able to fend off the zombification longer after being bit than others, though it does eventually overcome them.

Why are Marvel Zombies so strong?

Zombie Hulk was one of the heroes who killed Galactus and ate his flesh, so he was also granted the Power Cosmic. Because of that power increase, the Zombie Hulk is much stronger than the original Hulk.