Did Darth Vader know Padmé was pregnant?

Anakin Skywalker never knew Padmé was pregnant with twins, and he believed his child had died with his wife. He had no idea Padmé had given birth before she died, still less that the Jedi had spirited the children away and hidden them.

Did Vader know Padmé give birth?

Vader later learned that Luke was his son and that Amidala had indeed given birth, and he attempted to seduce Luke to the dark side of the Force.

Why was Padmé pregnant at her funeral?

After her death in childbirth on Polis Massa, Amidala's body was returned to Naboo for the proper funeral rites. In order to hide the fact that Amidala's twins survived, her body was prepared to still appear pregnant.

Who did everyone think Padmé was pregnant with?

Since Clovis also died on Scipio on this same trip, Padmé could lean into the rumors that Clovis was the father, allowing people to believe it and, therefore, deflect attention from her and Anakin. Except, no one talked openly about it out of respect for Padmé who was, undoubtedly, upset over Clovis' passing.

How did Padmé keep her pregnancy a secret?

The mortician who worked on Padme's body made her appear as if she died pregnant, on Yoda's (passed down) request. This was to ensure that Vader and Sidious could never find out about Luke and Leia.


Who is the little girl at Padme's funeral?

The Little Girl

Long story short, she is Padmé's niece, Pooja Naberrie, and was portrayed by Hayley Mooy. If nothing else, you just learned a fun piece of Star Wars trivia.

Did Darth Vader attend Padme's funeral?

He has! Darth Vader's love and his grief was stronger than the pull of the Dark side. He visited Padme Amidala's mausoleum on her home planet of Naboo.

How come Leia remembers Padmé?

The reason Leia likely remembers Padmé is that she could sense her mother's emotions at the time of the senator's passing. Luke didn't possess the same ability as his sister and inherited their father's Force potential. This links with Luke's desire to follow Anakin's Jedi path.

Was Anakin happy about Padmé being pregnant?

The music cues and Anakin's facial expressions make it pretty damn clear that Anakin wasn't happy that he had a baby on the way. After a brief moment of thinking, he does a pretty clear 180 on this. He says this is a happy moment, and that it's the happiest moment of his life.

Did Palpatine impregnated Anakin's mother?

In the canon comic Darth Vader No. 25, it is revealed that Palpatine somehow used the Force to manipulate midichlorions to impregnate Shmi Skywalker.

What happened to Luke and Leia after Padme died?

Padmé died shortly after giving birth to Luke and Leia, swearing with her last words that there was still good in Anakin Skywalker. The twins were split up, with Luke going to Tatooine with Obi-Wan while Bail took Leia to Alderaan. Later, the children born on humble Polis Massa would change the fate of the galaxy.

Who was buried next to Anakin's mother?

She was recovered from the Tusken Raider camp by her son, Padawan Anakin Skywalker, who returned her body to the Lars farm after slaughtering the Tuskens within the camp. Shmi was buried at the farm with a gravestone marking her grave. After her husband Cliegg Lars passed, he was buried next to her.

WHO adopted Padmé Amidala's daughter?

At the end of the war, Bail Organa adopted Padmé's daughter Leia and raised her as an Alderaanian princess.

Why does Vader not recognize Leia?

He only senses Luke when he actually using the Force, Leia is not actively aware or using the Force and therefore he does not sense her. He is also not looking for a daughter either until Luke spills the psychic beans on her later on.

What if Padme survived childbirth?

If Padme had survived, she would have joined the Rebellion, and together with her son Luke, her daughter Leia, and Obi-Wan, would have fought the Empire, and they all would have brought Vader back to the light and redeemed him.

What was Padme holding at her funeral?

She looked so beautiful. I also love that she was buried holding the necklace Anakin gave her because it showed that, even in death, she still loved him and had faith that there was good in him.

Why did Padmé wait to tell Anakin she was pregnant?

However, she chose not to tell Anakin, presumably because he was about to go into a battle. Anakin was prone to letting his emotions affect him, and knowing that Padme was pregnant would've thrown him completely off the task. And Padme probably didn't think that her husband would be fighting battles for months to come.

How long was Padmé's pregnancy?

Revenge of the Sith takes place, and, since there's all the intergalactic travel and such, it's nearly a month before Padmé gives birth. The twins are born at around 33 to 34 weeks.

Does Padmé still love Anakin?

When Padmé and Anakin were captured on Geonosis, believing they were going to die, she confessed her romantic feelings to him; after this, they could not deny their romantic feelings for each other, so they secretly got married on Naboo.

Did Vader ever know that Leia was his daughter?

Darth Vader didn't learn he had a daughter until Return of the Jedi, when he stood before Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor's power probed Luke's mind, attempting to goad him to fall to the dark side, and he discovered Leia's existence.

Why did Leia ignore Chewbacca?

According to one theory (via Reddit), the pair had a specific reason for avoiding each other: Chewbacca was observing a Wookiee mourning ritual. Based on Wookiee customs, Chewbacca could not seek comfort from others yet, but he could still work to save others.

Did Yoda know about Anakin and Padme?

He did know. Yoda and Mace, know that Anakin and Padmé are closer than just “friendly acquaintances”. The extent of this relationship is likely unknown to them (like the fact that he and Padmé are full-on married) but they do know that something is there. Bottom line: they know he cares for her very much.

What were Padme Amidala's last words?

The subtitles and script show some of Padme's final words to Obi Wan as “There is still good in him.” Every time I watch this I swear she says “Obi Wan... there's quite a name.” I have always thought of it as her recognizing him for everything he has done over the trilogy.

Who buried Obi-Wan's lightsaber?

It's therefore telling that Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 1 revealed the Jedi Master buried his lightsaber in the desert sands when he exiled himself on Tatooine. The Jedi had fallen, with Obi-Wan no longer serving as a Jedi for the following two decades.

Does Luke ever find out about Padmé?

Some time later however, Artoo was forced to show Luke Anakin's slaughter of the younglings in the Jedi temple, horrifying him and forcing him to sit in solitude for quite some time. Luke then witnessed his father force choking Padme on Mustafar, before finally witnessing the birth of himself and Leia…