Pros and Cons of Buying Local – Romanian Groups Where You Can Buy Local

Pros and Cons of Buying Local – Romanian Groups Where You Can Buy Local

More and more people choose to buy their food from local sources – local farmers or local producers and businesses. The market is now online and most of the buyers say the food is fresher, healthier and tastier when it comes from these sources.

Facebook Groups replace, at least partially, the classical markets

Today, Facebook groups can be a great replacement for classical markets, especially during the pandemic. Time and setting proved that local producers can be very proactive and inventive when trying to sell their stuff. For many of them, the action of “moving” to online meant an increase of the income. Besides, they also discovered a new, successful platform which they could “exploit” in the future too.

The pros of buying local

Whenever you choose to buy your stuff from a local producer, you sustain the local economy, the job positions of local employees and their salary. Besides, most of the food are organically grown and could be healthier than what you find in supermarkets. On the groups, you could find more details about each producer, his offers, the other buyers’ opinion about their merchandise or even about his attitude.

In addition, the “online” offer is much more varied and you can talk directly to the producer if you want a certain food, in a certain way. Last, but not least, let’s do not forget about the “time factor”: you just go online, find out all your answers very quickly and the foods are delivered at home or very close to your home.

The cons of buying local

The main disadvantage would be that you cannot be certain all the listed producers are registered in a legal form. No matter the photos, reviews or the description of the products, you cannot be 100% sure of the quality or freshness of their stuff. Yet, you are not entirely sure neither with the supermarket merchandise, but there the responsible ones can be held accountable, if necessary.

Another cons would be the price – many say in those groups the price tends to be a little bit higher than average, but the buyers often prefer quality.

Romanian Facebook groups where you can buy local

Here you can find the list and the links of the Facebook groups where you can find local, organic and traditional Romanian food. They are, of course, in Romanian, but if the towns are “at the border” maybe the local producers deliver a little bit further. If you are in Romania and want to try this method, just ask the help of a friend, as the list and the posts from those groups are only in Romanian. In this case, another great method would be just to join the group you like and write a post in English. The local producers will answer to you in English and you will be able to enjoy great Romanian food.

In the future we will come up with this kind of information for other countries too.

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