Novak Djokovic's book - "Serve to Win" - ambition, training and a gluten free diet

Novak Djokovic's book - "Serve to Win" - ambition, training and a gluten free diet

I read Novak Djokovic’s book, “Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence” three years ago. My uncle was the first to tell us about it, he told us how Djokovic, at first, couldn’t manage to complete a long tennis match because of tiredness and breathing problems. It turned out that, in fact, “gluten” was to blame for that.

Back then, I myself started a healthy diet, so I decided I should buy the book and read it. I admit, it came in a period of time when I was occasionally cheating and had many friends that doubted the importance of cutting out gluten if not diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Novak Djokovic: “Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence” contains parts of life, healthy living and a clear analysis of gluten

After I read Novak Djokovic: “Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence”, a friend asked me where do I fit in the book: healthy diet, inspirational, creative writing etc. I don’t think I am wrong if I say this book has a little bit of everything.

All those who are thinking about changing something in their diet should read this book. I don’t know if, afterwards, they will cut off gluten completely, but I am sure they will understand better things like what is gluten, how does it work and why we should limit it, to say at least.

This book also contains some examples of menus, dishes we can also implement in our daily diet

Besides the fact the book is written by an important sport personality, by an organized and successful person, it also brings up some clear, undeniable ideas and facts about cutting out gluten.

We all know Novak Djokovic is an athlete with an organized and balanced life. It is obvious from his attitude, his life on the tennis court, but also outside of it therefore you can’t help asking yourself what convince him to give up gluten and then to openly talk and write about it.

Giving up gluten was the key that helped Djokovic reaching “number 1” ranked single tennis player and staying there

The book starts with passages from his life in Serbia, describing the facts from Novac’s childhood and teenage years when his country was at war. I like this part very much as it confirmed me one more time everyone who passes through hard times have then the ability to see and understand life differently.

Maybe this also helped him to take into account that doctor from Croatia who told him that gluten is to blame for many of his health problems.  Gluten is so controversial nowadays. There are doctors who ban it, others who say it is important for our health and it should not be cut out if we don’t have Celiac disease. Studies are insufficient or the results cannot give a clear, official answer, but Novak was practical and looked firstly at his own symptoms and facts: he was a great, talented, determined, trained tennis player who played amazing 2-3 sets and then crashed and couldn’t win the match.

The symptoms described by Novak Djokovic (breathing problems, tiredness, dizziness) were considered to be, at first, caused by asthma

Few years ago, Djokovic was diagnosed with asthma (as in my case too). Doctors always mentioned asthma whenever Djokovic tried to find out why was he experiencing all those troubling symptoms that prevented him in being the best. Yet, the asthma treatment had no effect.

The way in which Novak describes in the book how he was breathing in the past is the exact problem I used to have till 2-3 years ago, not all the time, but quite often. I mention that now, after I changed my diet, this breathing problem reduced a lot.

Regarding asthma, I only had this symptom, this breathing problem that doctors thought it was anxiety and, after the spirometer test went wrong, they diagnosed me with asthma. As in Djokovic’s case, the prescribed treatment didn’t have much effect and my condition got better only after I cut out completely sugar, gluten and dairy from my diet – in that order. Whenever I eat meat for a longer period of time (now I only eat meat 1-2 times a month), those breathing problems return.

Going back to Djokovic’s book, “Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence”, this book is not only about gluten, but about many more diet areas that give the book more insight. Besides some recipes and examples of healthy menus, the book also describes a set of exercises Djokovic does, a workout that we can also implement

“The cons” of this book are linked to Novak Djokovic’s financial and organizing possibilities, resources that not all people have

Novak is not restrained by some financial limitations and this is very important whenever you want to start a healthy diet. Besides, he has a lot of help from his family and stuff, he is advised by the best nutritionists, and his wife is in charge with the menus and finding the right, healthy food.

Yet, apart from this, I still believe this is a “must read book”. It presents in a clear and undeniable way that, at least in Novak Djokovic case, cutting out gluten was the key to success.

If you are already on this “gluten free” road, if you are not quite sure yet or if you just want to read an important statement of a great athlete, this book is surely for you too.

I can’t say if it will convince you to make diet changes because giving up gluten depends on so many things, but you will surely lose nothing by reading it. You will see a different point of view and you will learn so many interesting things about the life of a great champion.

If you want, you can purchase the book from here.

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