NAC for Covid-19 Prevention – What Studies Say

NAC for Covid-19 Prevention – What Studies Say

This year, researchers have tried to come up with a list of supplements that might prevent or be useful for Covid-19. Quercetine, mouth wash and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) are only some of the substances that were studied and showed positive results.

The potential beneficial supplements do not replace medical treatment

All these recommendations do not replace testing, medical consult and the treatment that only doctors can give you. Yet, till doctors will come up with a viable vaccine and an efficient vaccination plan, we could choose alternative methods too.  


NAC is a supplement that was previously included in studies on colds and lung health

It is not the first time NAC shows its positive effects. NAC for lungs health, NAC for colds or NAC for cough was the topic of many studies that indeed concluded N-acetyl-cysteine is appropriate for treating this kind of problems.

Besides, it is important to mention that FDA (the U.S Food and Drug Administration) approved NAC as an efficient drug to treat liver side effects from overdose of anti-inflammatory medication. NAC is also officially efficient for cystic fibrosis patients and for the ones with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

NAC also had positive results in studies regarding endometriosis

As on The Healthy Journal you can read an “Endometriosis Journal” too, here’s an article about NAC and endometriosis. This substance showed benefits in treating endometriosis, more precisely in decreasing endometriomas.

NAC for Covid-19: studies started in Spring 2020 and had conflicting and then promising results

Since the beginning of this international pandemic, scientists started several studies to try to come up with a “prevention plan.

The first one about NAC for Covid-19 was made in April, 2020, but the doctors from Oxford University did not find enough evidence to put NAC on a so called “prevention list” for Covid-19. Yet, they indeed agreed NAC is effective for influenza and such problems.

On July 2020, Future Medicine published an analysis about NAC

After this Oxford study, Future Medicine published a very interesting study on the same topic. The scientists analyzed the facts and NAC properties and stated health care workers should regularly take NAC as a prophylactic measure.

August 2020 came with another promising study made by The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

“Rationale for the use of NAC in both prevention and adjuvant therapy of Covid-19” was published in a FASEB journal this summer.

In this study it is stated that among Covid-19 complications we have pneumonia, cardiovascular issues, multiple organ failure, and respiratory problems. Most of these are due to a “cytokine storm, an attack on the immune system, oxidative stress and systemic inflammatory response”.

According to previous studies and literature, reduced GSH (reduced glutathione) might underlie these Covid-19 complications and fatalities.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine is a precursor of reduced GSH. NAC is often prescribed as a therapeutic drug for all sorts of disorders that involve GSH depletion and also oxidative stress.
Besides this, NAC has anti-mucous, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects; reduce the risk of influenza and its problems. Based on all these, doctors said “NAC was likely to lessen the risk of catching Covid-19”.

The study mentioned above also details the way NAC might reduce the risk of lung damage and the risk of death in Covid-19 patients.

The conclusion is that “NAC is more likely to be effective as compared with drugs having a single target”. They also stated that NAC should be useful both for prevention, and for treatment of Covid-19.

Death rate drops might be correlated with NAC administration

In this video, professor Roger Seheult, MD, discusses the Covid-19 Death Rate Drops and NAC Data. Analysing six other studies having in center NAC substance, Dr. Seheult concludes that, indeed, NAC is very effective for Covid-19 treatment.

Another promising study was published on November 2020

This research conducted by an international team of doctors is called “N-Acetylcysteine to Combat COVID-19: An Evidence Review”. It’s results are promising and also very straigt forward.
The scientists said NAC could have the potential to improve the therapies for Covid-19. In addition, some other NAC advantages are that it is inexpensive, has been approved by FDA fr many years and has low toxicity.

Based on their tests and findings, scientists concluded that NAC may supress Covid-19 replication. The substance was administrated orally, inhaled and intravenously and had the same effect. Yet, it is important for the treatment to be used in due time.

All the above studies emphasized the importance of continuing the research

These results are, of course, based only on research with limited possibilities. Scientists say it is important to continue studying this substance, and not only, to identify all the preventive or treating options.  

Conclusion: NAC is a very useful substance for Covid-19, but studies are at the beginning and we shouldn’t rely only on it

NAC proved some effectiveness in preventing and treating SARS-COV2. Studies are not enough for anything official. You could take NAC after consulting your attending physician but in terms of Covid-19 you shouldn’t rely only on it. Follow all the protocols and requirements needed and ask for doctor’s advice when necessary.


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