Meet The Team: Marina Rasnoveanu

Meet The Team: Marina Rasnoveanu

As The Healthy Journal means the team behind the articles, find out more about our editor in chief, Marina Rasnoveanu, the one who writes the Endometriosis Journal, Healthy Recipes and a lot of other health materials.


“The Healthy Journal” is my dearest project, is the way of expressing myself, bringing a ray of hope and knowledge into the lives of our readers.

I graduated Letters and Sciences University, I have been an editor for almost 12 years, and for more than 10 years I am “officially” confronting with endometriosis. That’s why I decided to write here an Endometriosis Journal: all the information and materials come from my long experience, daily research, numerous studies I have read, interviews with specialists and all what I have done and tried in order to feel better. At the end of this article you have a “bibliography” with my most important articles in this area.

I have been through two endometriosis surgeries, and the last one, from 2016, was performed for endometriosis stage IV by Endo Institute team of doctors in Timisoara, Romania.

Long story short, after I have been through this experience that did not end, but, I hope, left behind the hardest part, I chose to launch The Healthy Journal also for endometriosis patients. Here you will always find practical, useful articles, but also empowering stories. If you are for the first time here, I have already published a lot of great materials in this field of interest. Read them in the Endometriosis Journal section.

Besides this Endometriosis Journal, I also write and post my healthy recipes and, even though most of them do not have professional photos, they have, in my opinion, some other greater qualities: they are tasty, easy and very healthy (gluten, dairy, sugar, soy free recipes).

Along Endometriosis Journal and Healthy Recipes, I also write health general articles.

Of course, closest to my soul is the Endometriosis Journal. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe without a proper diet, natural supplements and regular medical check-ups, I wouldn’t be so well right now despite my well performed excision surgery from 2016. As a matter of fact, this could be one of the winning schemes for endometriosis, at least from what I have read and experienced so far: excision surgery, diet, supplements and, of course, mind body techniques in order to be well mentally speaking.

I mention I do not tolerate any hormonal treatment, I don’t believe they are a salvation, but I do not want to talk too much about it, I’ll leave the topic to the specialists.

I am not pretending I have a perfect life, 100% pain free, but the most important thing is the last 4 years without a relapse brought me the best quality of life I have ever had.

I don’t believe entirely in “New Age” philosophies that talk about positivity, lessons to learn, mindset etc. They do have an element of truth but the way they are preached and applied nowadays could be very dangerous for us all but also for us as a society as it places the guilt on the patient, somehow accuses him, points at him and induces this theory that you are a weak person if you cannot control your health with the mind.

I am not trying to change opinions, if these things help you, go on (preferably without comparing yourself with others), but I just wanted to tell you my opinion as I do know there are a lot of others who feel the same. I would like to tell them they are not the only ones.

Besides my full time job and this part time job at The Healthy Journal, I also write. I published a short stories book, “Check in: Timisoara” – it is in Romanian and also English, you can find it here, and I also have a lot of other stand by projects. Till then, the most important one is, of course, The Healthy Journal.

I hope you will find my materials useful, please share them with anyone who can benefit from them (do not forget, please, about copyright, mention the source all the time as this helps us keep writing). You can also send us suggestions, including recommended topics on [email protected]

Marina Rasnoveanu

Important articles (most of them are in Romanian, but I though you can use Google Translate till I will have to time to do the translation):

 “Dr. Voicu Simedrea: “E timpul ca Romania sa nu mai neglijeze endometrioza, o boala cronica foarte grava!”

Interviu cu Dr. Paul Pirtea – despre cauzele infertilitatii, traseul de urmat si dificultati in FIV

Psihoterapeut Diana Dinu: “Incurajez pacientele cu endometrioza sa-si urmeze drumul, medical vorbind, sa de descopere  pe sine si sa-si activeze resursele interioare pentru a face fata procesului de recuperare!”

Endometrioza - 10 tratamente naturale eficiente

10 mituri in endometrioza, demontate pas cu pas

All the articles in Endometriosis Journal. 


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