Lyme Disease Journal – How to Support Your Body During Antibiotics Treatment

Lyme Disease Journal – How to Support Your Body During Antibiotics Treatment

I have told you before I won’t give too many details about antibiotics. You will surely talk to your doctor and take the best decision in terms of substances or duration. Yet, several days ago, my colleague who is sharing my articles on Facebook groups, told me there are a lot of people who do not believe in antibiotics treatment for Lyme disease.

Of course, there is everyone's decision, no judgeing, but I want to tell you from the very beginning that taking antibiotics was the thing that I think it saved me.

Yes, I admit I did and do a lot of other “complementary, natural” things for me and my health, but yet, the antibiotics were the most important.  


This is precisely why today I want to tell you more about that period of time and what I believe you should do during your antibiotics treatment in order to support your body.

I took antibiotics for Lyme disease almost two years: one month antibiotic, 4-6 weeks break, repeat

I mention this here because all this time I didn’t have bad liver blood tests not even one single time! We all know antibiotics are harmful taken long term, yet, between two evils, we have to choose the lesser one when there is no other alternative. This is how I motivated myself all these years, when I experienced all kind of feelings I will tell you about in some other article.

Yet, in Lyme disease, as in any other disease, you have to be pragmatic: yes, be scared, stressed, cry, yell, but do all these only after you make yourself a plan. The first step: antibiotics.

Because our body has to be supported and helped during this antibiotics treatment, here is what I think it is important for you to do in order to be “sane and healthy”. I mention these are all recommendations came from my experience, you could resonate or not with them, but we are here to share useful things and learn one from another.

1.    Probiotics products – a “must have” during the antibiotics treatment for Lyme disease

Probiotics products are a very controversial topic: some doctors believe in them, some don’t. Yet, I do know I couldn’t have resisted without my probiotics during that antibiotics time.

Besides Lyme, the antibiotic also kills the gut flora. My gut hurt, I stayed only in the bathroom so this treatment is not an easy one and I decided to go for probiotics.

From what I have tried, I felt really well with Colostrum Prime Life from Secom. I also took something from Jarrow, but I don’t remember the name.

2.    Natural probiotics are also very important

I also included in my diet all sort of “pickles” which are natural probiotics: sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers more often. Keep in mind that these were only “homemade”, with salt and water, not vinegar.  

3.    Teas and natural supplements for the liver

With all this pollution and xenoestrogens we are living in, the liver has to be supported all the time, let alone when you are taking antibiotics. Therefore, I drank a lot of teas for the liver (my “best friend” was dandelion root), but I also took natural supplements with curcumin and silymarin. These two plants can be estrogenic, so, if you have some other diseases, such as endometriosis, pay attention to them. My colleague, Marina, is writing a weekly endometriosis journal, you can find the articles here.

This is what I did for my liver back then and in two years of antibiotics I didn’t have bad liver blood tests not even once.

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4.    Try to reduce the stress level

Easy to say, hard to do, I know, but whenever I was stressed I started to feel worse with Lyme too. You will ask me what the connection between stress and antibiotics is. Well, antibiotics are not fruity candies so they come with all sort of side effects that, if they are not extreme, you should handle in order to get away of Lyme disease.

The stress level increased after every weird, new and disturbing symptom. Therefore, I meditated, did sport (not intensive, but still, it helped – here you can find out more about one of my workouts) and I was trying not to “listen” to my thoughts very much.

5.    Listen, instead, your body signals!

Yes, antibiotics are a major thing in Lyme disease. Yet, there comes a time when you have to let go of them. At your own free will or not – but still, listen to your doctor and more important listen what your body signals to you!

I had almost 2 years of antibiotics when I started to experience some weird, severe rapid heartbeats. I couldn’t handle them and I decided not to take antibiotics anymore. If you are asking me, I think it was too much for me and my body. Yet, I could interrupt my treatment without remorse as I have already taken it for two years.

These are my top recommendations for the Lyme disease patients who take antibiotics. If you are at the beginning of this road, I know it might be hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but believe me it is there. With small steps, implementing all sort of things and taking the prescribed treatment, you will surely have a normal life again.


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