Lyme Disease Journal – 4 Useful Recommendations

Lyme Disease Journal – 4 Useful Recommendations

After publishing my first article about Lyme disease, I received a message from a man from United Kingdom. He wanted to know what I did in order to be well. I hesitated for a moment, I thought that maybe it is not ok to tell him my protocol, as people say all the time we are different, we are not doctors etc, but then I decided I have to help him. Of course, between the limit of common sense and making some clarification here and then, but I could be of use, as others were for me too.

Therefore, here’s what I would say to a person who confronts Lyme disease, what my top 4 recommendation would be.


1.    Don’t avoid antibiotics

I am certain this is what helped me most. It mattered a lot I have found doctors who knew and believed in this disease existance; they knew what and how to prescribe me. Yes, I took a lot of antibiotics after the diagnosis, many friends whom I was telling my story ended in warning me about “taking so many antibiotics”, but I really believe many people do not understand you actually need those antibiotics for this vile disease.

I took different antibiotics in series of 4 weeks (Cefort, Doxicilina, Ciprinol, Tavanic – in Romanian, you can search the active substance, but anyway, the doctor is the one who needs to make your antibiotic scheme).

After those 4 weeks of antibiotics, there were 4 weeks of break but during it I was still taking some natural supplements such as Parasites Cleans, pills with olive leaves, Curcumin, Cats Claw, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Wobenzym N and Aloe Vera juice.

2.    After antibiotics and recovering to some extent, try to keep this wellbeing state with all sort of “tips and tricks”  

In my first years after the diagnosis I did this with a strict lifestyle schedule: I continued the supplements, I kept a diet, drank teas, clay, Aloe Vera juice, yoga/gymnastics, positive thinking etc.
The idea is that your journey with Lyme disease does not end when you finish the antibiotics. Symptoms do not vanish miraculously, there is always a recurrence risk and through this healthy lifestyle you minimize it.

I know it is hard to live with this idea, but it is possible with some discipline and determination.

3.    A morning ritual example + an excellent green juice recipe

Few years ago, when I followed strictly this ritual (in 2020 there are 11 years since my diagnosis), I started my day with green tea, 60 ml aloe vera juice/gel, 300 ml green juice (below you have the recipe), 10 minutes of stretching and mat exercise (here you have a useful yoga training) and 100 jumps at the trampoline.

It followed a serving of clay, a small bread with barley and then I started my tasks from work.

For the green juice I used spinach, 2 cucumbers, 1 squash, 1 bunch of parsley and some cubes of pineapple.

I ordered many of the fruits and vegetables from a website with bio, organic products.

Besides the above combination, I was also making juice from 2-3 carrots, a small beet and 2 apples.

4.    Take care at your oral hygiene as some specialists think there is a connection between bacteria responsible for gum disease and certain ailments

I read a lot on this topic, I even tried the oil pulling method, but afterwards I reached the conclusion the most important thing is to wash your teeth and mouth correctly.

In the evening, no matter how tired I am, I do not forget to wash my teeth and in the morning I don’t eat or drink anything until my mouth is washed very well.

Over the years I tried to find organic toothpaste, but in the end I chose the “supermarket toothpaste”. I wash my mouth with a lot of water and sometimes I add a little bit of baking soda or salt without iodine. Of course, it would be ideal to go to the dentist 1-2 times a year.

I remember a while ago I read an article where a Dentistry Professor claimed there is a connection between bacteria responsible for gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Ok, this is not Lyme Disease, but it is about bacteria too.  

These would be my “top recommendations” on what you could do in Lyme disease. There are others too, of course. As I will remember them, I will write them for you and I will also try to detail some others important topics, such as diet or natural supplements.


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