Lyme Disease – My Morning Exercise Routine For More Energy and Less Pain

Lyme Disease – My Morning Exercise Routine For More Energy and Less Pain

It was hard for me to start this “Lyme disease journal” as I don’t know how often I will be able to write. Yet, I said to myself that it is worth having here many of the things I experienced and did in those 11 years since I received the diagnosis.

After long research, doctors and medical investigations, in 2009 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I mention I do not recall of having a tick bite, but in the fall of 2009 the symptoms of Lyme disease started: dizziness, balance problems, cold fasciculation, headaches etc.


Afterwards, years of treatments and searches followed, but besides these, very important were also the complementary measures I introduced in my life in order to be very well. I started having a healthy (as possible) lifestyle, practice some sport (as much as I could at that moment), to take supplements and to reduce as much as possible the stress level.

No symptoms of Lyme disease, 11 years after the diagnosis – a long, hard road that still continues

Today, I am well, sometimes even very well, but my health state depends a lot on the stress level (very important in this disease) and on everything I do to be healthy.
I know I am not a doctor, so I will not detail in my “Lyme disease journal” articles things like medication or antibiotics, but I can tell you more about what workout I did or do, what therapies helped me, what foods or supplements might be useful in managing Lyme disease.

Experts say Yoga, mindfulness meditation and Qigong mind-body training might reduce pains and fatigue, in patients diagnosed with Lyme disease

This is what I have found now, when I searched more about Lyme disease and exercise, including mind-body workouts. Experts from Columbia University Irving Medical Centre recommend Yoga, meditation and Qigong to reduce the pain and fatigue associated with Lyme Disease. More about it you can find here.

My morning “exercise” routine – a simple Yoga workout, where breathing techniques are very important

I want to say I am no expert in Yoga, I don’t do intensive sport, meditation or Yoga, at least not on a regular basis. Yet, in my “early hard years” with Lyme disease, this exercise helped me in feeling way better. I still practice it from time to time.

Here you have the YouTube link with this Yoga training and after it some clarifications about this type of workout.

Several years ago, when my body was still active, I used this training 4 days a week, depending on how I felt. There were also days where I didn’t have enough energy for it. Yet, I still practiced it most of the time as I liked a lot how I controlled my breathing and the fact I was sweating quite fast.  

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If your condition is not severe, the exercise is not exhausting. At the end of it I felt really well and my whole body was relaxed. After it, I was always having a shower to wash and energize myself.

I don’t know if “its secret” is the breathing, the sweating or the relaxation, but I can say for sure it is a great way to start the day.


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