Letter to a Woman with Endometriosis

Letter to a Woman with Endometriosis

Today, on 8th March, International Woman Day, I would like to talk to you, dear friend, woman diagnosed with endometriosis. I wouldn’t say patient as this sounds too distant, but naming you friend it is closer to reality.


We both handled a lot during the years, struggled with different pains and sorrows only few understood. We sometimes questioned our future, our abilities, our feminity. All these, are normal. It may not be for some, but for us, they are surely normal. We live in an era where “normality” is constantly changing so yes, I am telling you not to have doubts when rethinking all you’ve been living and trying during the years. It was your normality that led you here.

Today, on our “day”,  in a way on our “birthday”, let’s be born again. Let’s change something, no matter how little, in ourselves or in other.

We know what marginalized, judged, underestimated means. We’ve been there when maybe we couldn’t keep for ourselves the sorrows.

We know what trying to have or to keep a relationship means when everything around you falls apart and all you hear from society and news media is “how strong a woman should be, how she constantly has to work for a relationship to work”.

We’ve done that. We wore our best dress and our most beautiful lipstick and tried to be there for a person we wanted. We left aside our pains, our doubts and stood there. If it worked or not… this was not on us anymore!

We know how was like wanting a child, and how aggressive the hormonal treatments for getting pregnant were. How they turned our world upside down, emotionally and physically, constantly asking if these were going to give us a child or just an endometriosis relapse?

We know pain, and sorrow, and tears, but now, on our rebirth day, I want to tell you, these are in fact our “superpowers” and we should use them accordingly.

Who would change this world mentality if not a woman who have been blamed of not having a relationship, of not keeping a relationship, of not having a child, of not having that perfect, "society structured life" anyone wanted?

A woman’s value does not stand in being a mother or not. A woman’s value does not stand in being a wife or not. A woman’s value does not stand in being happy and smiling all the time.

Life is about sorrow and happiness, ups and downs, classical but also nonconformist stories.

From this day on, go there, into the world, proudly wearing your surgeries, your pains, your illness, your so-called failures. Speak outload about the real values of a woman – kindness, honesty, determination, vulnerability – values of not only a woman, but of a human being.

Preach these into the word, teach this your son, your daughter and use endometriosis as a tool of making a better world!


Happy birthday, woman!

Marina Rasnoveanu

The Healthy Journal Editor-In-Chief & Proud Endometriosis Patient

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