How to Give Up Sugar – 8 Tips & Tricks That Really Work

How to Give Up Sugar – 8 Tips & Tricks That Really Work

New Year, new resolutions, new diet style? If you want to give up sugar (or any other group food) here are my top 10 recommendations that are really helpful and efficient. I gave up sugar because of my endometriosis, a condition I have been dealing with for more than 10 years but I still have some period of times when I “cheat” and then come back to my clean diet.


In this back and forth “dance” I have learnt a lot of things about “giving up sugar”, the traps and small tricks you can apply to make this transition easier.

Therefore, here is my top tried advice: easy, useful and most of all efficient.

Keep it up for 2 weeks!

Do you know those people who say “Oh, but I only eat sugar/gluten/dairy on small amounts once a week?”. Well, this will only prolong the agony because your body will still be accustomed with that taste and will “require it” from time to time (and not only in small amounts). Besides, if you give up sugar for medical condition, then your major goal would be to lower inflammation. By still eating sugar once in a while (even once a week) you won’t be able to do that and you will still maintain that (not so good) health status.

The trick is to stay strong for 2 weeks. If you are able to resist this period of time you will see your body will no longer “ask you” sugar or sweet treats. Besides, you won’t have the appetite for sweets and if you are going to taste, let’s say, fruits, you will feel them even sweeter than before.

Don’t starve yourself!

Now that you gave up sugar, you think you don’t have enough (sweet) things to eat and delay the time of the meal so, at some point, you are so hungry you would eat literally everything?

Well, this is the moment with greater chances to cheat and give up your healthy eating plan.

Make sure you have organized meals, that you have (healthy) food in your fridge and do not starve yourself just because “you are dieting”. Actually, you are not, you are just into a healthier eating style.

Make an abrupt switch!

I don’t believe in “baby steps” in terms of giving up sugar, gluten or dairy. You either make an abrupt switch or you will give up sooner or later. I know many do not agree with me but I write this article from a personal view point so I can tell you what really functioned in my case.

Just make this decision, be determined and start abruptly. Read also the other “recommendations” in order to stay right on track.

Go to a “healthy” shopping session!

Remember that advice of not starving yourself? Ok, besides this, you can “treat yourself” with a healthy shopping session: to a local market where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, to a naturist products shop where you can find all kind of gluten, sugar free bars etc.

This is going to check other advice on the list that refers to not having an empty fridge so make your “route” and go to a different kind of shopping!

Fruits, vegetables, dates and honey!

These are going to “sooth” your desire of a sweet tooth.  Make sure you have plenty of fruits and vegetables in the house and, for the moments the cravings are high; eat some 2-3 dates or a teaspoon of honey.

Some would say this is still sugar, yes, but it is not processed sugar and this will make the difference.

Besides, do not cross de lines with dates or honey too, just keep them there, to “use” them just in case.

Read books, search sugar free website and join “sugar free” Facebook groups

Communities are important so it would be nice to have a lot of useful material at hand. If you are passionate about reading, especially reading this stuff, buy books and read the reasons why you should stick to a sugar free diet, healthy but also delicious gluten free recipes etc. Websites, like this one, and Facebook groups are more practical: you enter, see the recipes, choose your favourites, cook them and enjoy your diet.

Remember from time to time WHY you decided to give up sugar

Here, I will give you my example and you will then “shape it” on your situation. I eat sugar from time to time, but because I had a good excision surgery 5 years ago, because I had a clean diet so long, my body does not react immediately. So, if the symptoms do not remember me why I have this type of diet and want to go back to a healthy diet, I start to remember the moments before surgery, how hard it was for me at the surgery, how hard my recovery was, how much money I spent then and how much I would spend if I would need another surgery (God forbid). I know, it may sound drastically, but it helps me to not see food as an escape because, at the end of the day a cake is as sweet as a date.

After you feel you gained “independence”, you can “cheat 2-3 times a year, for Christmas, Easter, and your birthday

Just not to feel frustrated that “you will never eat again a cake in your life”, remember that, after you will reach that level of power, independence and health, you can cheat 2-3 times a year but, of course, in moderation and always keeping in mind you will have to go back soon to your “sugar free diet”.


These are the tricks that really help me in achieving my goal of giving up sugar. Read them, take whatever you think it would suit you and start making the first step in achieving a better, healthier life.

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