How to Cook Quince – A Delicious Quince Food Recipe

How to Cook Quince – A Delicious Quince Food Recipe

The next recipe always reminds me of childhood. My father used to cook it on autumns, using a slightly different recipe, but yet, the taste is the same. I called the recipe “quince food” as we used to eat it as the main dish, but due to its sour sweet taste it can also be a great dessert idea.

Quinces have anti - inflammatory properties, reduce nausea, diminish the high blood pressure or gastrointestinal issues and are great in weight loss diets

Quinces are rich in minerals, vitamins and other substances good for our health. Due to their low calorie content, they can be introduced in any weight loss diet, but of course it is also important how you cook it and with what other ingredients you associate it with. Quince fruit contains also vitamin C which contributes to a better immune system, lowering the risk of illnesses, but also allergies.

When you cook quince fruit (preferably at the oven), quinces are great for gastro intestinal problems. Besides, being rich in potassium, quinces are recommended to those with a high blood pressure.

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How to cook quince – what ingredients do you need for this delicious quince food?

For this quince food you don’t need too many ingredients. Yet, I have to tell you I reinterpreted the main recipe a little, because I don’t eat gluten or sugar so I replaced some of the ingredients with a healthier ones.


2 big quinces
40-50 ml oil + 1 tablespoon oil
50 ml tomato juice
1 small cup 30 g of almond flour
cold water
sweetener: honey, stevia extract, maple syrup etc.


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1.    Wash the quinces and cut them into medium thin slices.

2.    You can cook the quinces slices in two ways.

3.    The first way is to line a baking try with baking sheet, grease with olive oil, place the quince slices (you can sprinkle them with olive oil too) and cook in the oven both sides until golden brown.

4.    The second way, how I cooked them the other day, is to fry them in a pan.

5.    For this, heat oil in a pan (like 30-40 ml) and then add the quince fruit slices. Cook both sides until they are golden brown and take out on a plate.

6.    In the meantime you can prepare the sauce in another larger pot: put in there 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 small cup of almond flour mixed with some water, 1-2 tablespoons of honey or other sweetener, 50 ml cold water and 50 ml of homemade tomato juice. Then strain because you only need the juice, without the seeds). If you want, you can add here a drop of olive oil too.

In the "original recipe", the sugar was caramelized which gave the recipe that sweet taste, but also a reddish colour. Now, we use that tomato juice precisely to give the food that colour.

7.    Mix it very well and leave for 3-4 minutes to blend all the ingredients.

8.    As the quince fruit slices are ready, take them out of that pan and put them in this other pot with the sauce.

9.    Mix again and leave to incorporate the flavours. Taste and see what you need to add: if it is too sour, add more sweetener, if it is too thick, add a little bit more water, if it is too liquid, add more almond flour.

10.    Turn off the heat after 4-5 minutes and serve on its own, as a dessert, or as a dish, with a slice of gluten free bread.

This is my quince fruit food you can also enjoy as a dessert. Even if the “original recipe” has sugar and flour in it, as you can see there are always solutions to turn a “classical, not so healthy recipe” into a healthier one. I can assure you this quince food tastes exactly like the one from my childhood. Try this quince food and see for yourself.

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