How to Boost the Immune System – 10 Excellent and Efficient Ways

How to Boost the Immune System – 10 Excellent and Efficient Ways

How to boost the immune system is an up-to-date topic, especially nowadays. Some say we cannot raise the immunity, but others go against this theory with specific and strong examples. One thing is for sure: our body can and should be supported by certain ways, particularly at this time.

Therefore, if you also believe this theory, here are some excellent ways to boost your immune system. Most of them are natural, with no side effects. Yet, whenever necessary, ask the opinion of a doctor or pharmacist.

1. Meditation prevents a weak immune system

It’s easy to boost your immunity if you meditate at least 20-30 minutes a day. This was the conclusion of a study made at UCLA in United States of America. The research included patients with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Those patients who meditated daily prevented a dramatic drop of the immune system.

The above study is not the only one that associates meditation with a strong immunity. The monks from Tibet practice meditation to change their body temperature and resist through extreme weather conditions.

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2. Essential oils raise immunity and fight against infections

The medical advice is the most important, but still, essential oils are a great complementary method. Some of these oils boost immunity, and some others fight against infections, colds and viruses. Thus, clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, oregano, seabuckthorn and sage oil have the capacity of improving the immune system. On the other hand, lemon, myrrh, thyme and bergamot essential oils can shorten or diminish the symptoms of a cold.

A consultant in essential oils will give you more details about those oils and their administration. Yet, generally, you should use carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, and several drops of the chosen above oil.

3. The chewing process helps in producing more Th17 cells, the ones that fights against cold and flu

If you were neglecting your eating schedule and ritual, it’s time to reconsider your attitude. Specialists say that when we chew food very well, we produce more Th 17 cells. These act as a “first barrier” in fighting infections or bacteria.

In addition, this way the food is also easy to digest so we diminish the risk of some other health problems.

4. Vitamin C, the “miracle supplement” in boosting the immune system

A diet rich in minerals and vitamins (vitamin C included) is highly recommended, but this does not exclude natural supplements. Stress, pollution, the pandemic, the artificial substance in certain foods – all these weaken our immunity and require special measures.

Among these, vitamin C is the definite star that can boost our immunity. Over the time, there were a lot of scientific studies that tried to establish the correlation between vitamin C and a strong immune system. Here you can read more.

Regarding dosage, studies say 1-3 g of vitamin C a day should be safe for an adult. People that have gastritis, ulcer or some other stomach problems, should consult their doctor. In order to be well tolerated, vitamin C should be taken after meals.

In our “Endometriosis Journal” you will find an article about endometriosis and vitamin C benefits.

Besides boosting the immune system, vitamin C is also great for anemia, anxiety, convalescence and skin.

5. Zinc, selenium and vitamin D3 are some other excellent supplements for immunity

The benefits of vitamin D3 were already known, but the researchers found out new positive effects on the new coronavirus. Thus, people who have a higher level of vitamin D3 (but within limits), if contact Covid-19, experiment a mild form of the disease. These studies are only on an initial stage, there is nothing 100% official, but the results are promising. Moreover, such studies and results are very useful as we can draw out a supplement scheme, but also a daily menu.

Besides vitamin D3, zinc and selenium are also great for boosting the immune system and to recover faster and easier after a cold or flu.

6. Medicinal mushrooms help the entire body, the immune system included

Scientists have studies medicinal mushrooms and discovered all sort of beneficial properties for our health. During this time, try to choose a complex of medicinal mushrooms, as they tend to be stronger and more efficient. Yet, you can also choose a supplement with Reishi or Shiitake, two of the most potent and known medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidm) is a type of medicinal mushroom original from Asia, highly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Reishi is known especially for boosting immunity and fighting certain viruses. It seems this happens because of its effects on white cells, the ones responsible for fighting infections.

Reishi also has anti-cancer properties and can prevent or diminish anxiety and depression. Some other studies revealed Reishi mushrooms could be helpful in heart health.  

Shiitake mushrooms are original from East Asia, being used fresh, in certain foods, but also as a powder and in capsules form. They were also included in certain TCM complementary methods.

Low in calories, but rich in minerals and vitamins, Shiitake are often used to boost immunity, but not only.

Shiitake is also included in medicinal natural treatments from Korea, Japan or Russia for longevity, cancer and lowering inflammation. These mushrooms improve the immune system, but also the bones. Mushrooms are the only plant source of vitamin D. It’s important to mention they contain vitamin D2, not vitamin D3, which is much better for immunity.

7. Socializing, even online, brightens the mood and raises the immune system

The genes which control the part of the immunity that fight against viruses are not very efficient if we feel lonely. At least this is what American scientists have discovered. Besides a lower risk of depression and anxiety, it looks like socializing also brings a strong immune system.

Nowadays, it is hard to gather all your friends and catch up like you used to do, but there are solutions. Therefore, an online “party”, chat or even a phone can have the same positive effects.

8. A tea with licorice can stimulate immunity and lower the risk of Covid-19

Licorice is delicious when added in all sort of tea combination and, according to specialists, can also fight against illnesses. Its main component, glycyrrhizin, supports immunity and blocks ACE-2 receptors. These receptors are used by certain viruses, Covid-19 included, to enter the cells.  

Yet, you have to know licorice has some contraindications. For example, it is not recommended in endometriosis, high blood pressure, pregnancy and breast feeding.

9. Moderate physical training can boost immunity, intensive training can lower it

When trying to find the best “scheme” for a good immunity, the ones who love sport will also rely on this activity. This is a good choice, but not if you exaggerate. No matter how fit you are, Brazilian experts found out that only 2 days of HIIT training compromise our immune system.

Therefore, it is better to opt for low or moderate workout. Another idea would be to practice intensive sport, but with a day break between the trainings.

10. A good “morning ritual” can lower the risk of disease

Most of the disease happen in the morning, say scientists from Cambridge University. They support the idea that viruses multiply 10 times faster in the morning. Therefore, do not “jump” over this time of the day and take care of yourself: physically, but also mentally.

First, try to sleep 7-8 hours a night, to wake up earier and to include in this routine some useful and efficient measures.

The “oil pulling” method is excellent in this case. As you wake up, pour in a small cup 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil. In this you can also add some drops of the essential oils mentioned above at "essential oils section" (clove oil, oregano oil, francincense oil, helichrysum ol etc). “Chew” this oil for 10-15 minutes, then spit in the closet or, even better, in a bag which you will throw later.

Afterwards, brush your teeth very well, use the dental shower, dental floss and clean with mouthwash.

This procedure lowers inflammation of the gums, prevents dental infections, eliminate toxins and raise the defence capabilities of our body.

Another great technique for a good day is hydration. After you do the oil pulling, drink 1-2 big cups of water. You can add in it lemon juice and a little bit of ginger. Both are energizing and anti-inflammatory.

Besides all these, take care of your soul too because this could also influence immunity. Spend the first hours of the morning with people you love, doing things you like and planning in peace all that tasks.

As you can see, we have plenty of easy, efficient ways to boost our immunity. Besides these, it is important to follow the hygiene rules and distancing guidelines in order to prevent illness. We could have a better immune system with the right diet and supplements, good friends by our side and some other common sense methods. The chances of being well are much higher when we realize a good health depends also on our choices.

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