Healthy Breakfast with Apple, Vegetables and Walnuts

Healthy Breakfast with Apple, Vegetables and Walnuts

This is one of my favourite breakfasts, a combination that energizes me in the morning and it is also nutritious and delicious. Many of you might be reticent, but if you are going to try it, you will see this breakfast idea with apple, vegetables and walnuts is indeed a good choice if you are vegan or just want to try a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.


Breakfast with apple, vegetables and walnuts – what ingredients do you need

½ red apple
1 carrot
1 cucumber
1-2 walnuts
½ red pepper


Wash the vegetables and the apple.

Then, grate half the apple and the carrot.

Add the cucumber (I peeled it) cut into slices and some strips of red pepper.

“Season” with walnuts.

This is all you have to do for a healthy breakfast with vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Change a little bit the combination from time to time

This is what I had in the house this morning, but don’t necessary stick to the exact ingredients.

I would say the apple and the carrot should be the two mandatory ingredients, but you can also add olives, hard-boiled egg (if you are not vegan), dates, rice, olive oil, coconut oil etc.


Here you can find a lot more healthy breakfast ideas. They are gluten, dairy, sugar and soy free as I try to stick to this healthy diet because of endometriosis, a disease I am confronting for more than 12 years. Here you have an endometriosis journal, with articles you could find helpful.

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