Green Peas with Vegetables

Green Peas with Vegetables

Either you use canned/frozen peas, peas from the jar, or fresh peas that can be found on the market usually in May-June, this recipe of green peas with vegetables will be one of the tastiest vegetarian food you have ever tried.

Green peas is an important source of folate, iron, minerals and vitamins  


A dish with 100 g peas offers you 16% of the daily recommended dose of folate, says USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Of course, the advantages of eating peas don’t stop here: green pea is high in vitamin K, calcium, vitamin C, copper and zinc.

Low in calories, but high in proteins, peas should be regularly consumed especially by those who do not eat meat. Folate and iron prevent anaemia, and magnesium and potassium help the muscular system.

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Easy green peas with vegetables – what ingredients do you need?

It would be ideal to have fresh peas, but as you cannot do this all year long, another variant would be frozen peas, canned peas or peas in a jar. In this case, our recommendation would be peas in a jar, but making sure the brand you choose does not contain sugar.


400 g green peas
1 carrot: half cut into cubes, half grated
2 tomatoes – peeled and finely chopped
salt, pepper
olive oil (or another vegetal oil)
½ yellow green pepper (optional)
1 small onion (optional)


1). Wash the carrot: cut one half into small rounds or cubes, and grate the other half.

2). Put it in a pan, with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. If you choose to add bell pepper to, cut it into small cubes and add it here. You could also add now the onion too, finely chopped.

3). Meanwhile, wash the peas and put it in the pan too.

4). Add 1 cup of warm water and let it boil.

5). After 5 minutes, add 2 tomatoes, peeled and chopped.

6). Leave it to boil until all vegetables are boiled and there is still sauce in the pan.

7). Turn off the heat and serve with polenta and pickles.

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It’s easy to have a delicious green peas with vegetables when you have the right (and not so many in this case) ingredients. The advantage of this recipe is that it can be done all year round (of course, on May-June it is tastier with fresh peas) and that anyone, a good chef or not, can prepare it.


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