Gluten Free Mini Lasagna with Tuna Fish

Gluten Free Mini Lasagna with Tuna Fish

I saw the other day a great recipe on Instagram. Of course it included a lot of the foods I avoid, but then I realized I still can prepare it using some other great food alternatives. The result: these delicious “mini lasagna with tuna fish”.


They are delicious, very easy to do and, of course, they are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. Below you have the recipe and all the useful tips & tricks I think it’s important you to know.

Mini lasagna with tuna fish – ingredients

To be honest, I didn’t know how to name this dish, that’s why I called it “mini lasagna”. No matter the name, the result was fantastic.

Now, if you would prefer a vegan alternative, you could easily replace the tuna fish with some other alternatives such as egg-plant, rice, pasta or mushrooms. Be creative and combine foods you like.


1 small jar of tuna fish (I always buy tuna from a jar, not a can)
4-5 Greek pitted olives (chopped)
1-2 long zucchini
tomato sauce (I made the sauce by myself with 3-4 tomatoes, salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil, cooked till the consistency is a little bit thicker)
cashew and almond parmesan (I found this product in a a DM store)
salt, pepper


Wash the zuchinni and cut it long into thin slices.

In a bowl add the tuna (drain the oil from the jar), the olives - without the pit and then chopped, the tomato sauce and the parmesan and mixed it well.

Put two zucchini strips into crosswise, in the middle add a teaspoon of the mixture and then fold the strips tightly.

Grease the tray with some tomato juice (or ketchup), add the mini lasagna, then add on each a teaspoon or tomato juice and grate over them cashew and almond parmesan. You can add more tomato juice into the pan.

Bake in the oven till they are done, for about 30 minutes.

After I took them out of the oven I also sprinkled some extra parmesan over them.

This is the recipe of these delicious lasagna.


You can enjoy them with gluten free crackers or polenta, a gluten free replacement (here’s the recipe), but if you choose polenta, eat it cold with these lasagna.

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