Gluten Free Healthy Breakfast Recipe with Oats

Gluten Free Healthy Breakfast Recipe with Oats

I discovered gluten free oats several years ago. Back then, I wanted to change my diet and I searched on the internet what cereals did or did not contain gluten. This is how I "discovered" oats , started to eat gluten free oats almost every morning and "come up" with this gluten free healthy breakfast recipe with oats.

Rolled Oats – the brand and the "gluten free" sign matter

When I first started to “google” about oats I found contradictory things about its “gluten content”. Then I understood that, at its basics, oats does not contain gluten, but being processed in the same factories where gluten cereals were processed, it might be contaminated.

Some would say this should not be a problem for those who do not have Celiac disease, yet I understood that, at least for me, the brand and that sign “gluten free oats” did matter a lot. Besides, as an endometriosis patient, our diet guidelines indicate that a gluten free diet could help our condition. You can read here more about this topic.

The rolled oats products I bought  and that did not have that mark of "gluten free" were not as tasty as Bauckhof gluten free rolled oats, the brand I often buy and that it is gluten free: They were too sticky and gave me bloating. No other symptoms, but yet, I felt much better after “gluten free oats” products.

I made this “introduction”, to understand that often times you could choose “the gluten free option” even if you do not have Celiac disease. These products, at least in my opinion, are of a higher quality.

Gluten free healthy breakfast with oats – ingredients needed

I think I started to eat gluten free oats right after my second endometriosis surgery, the one from 2016. Soon I realized this healthy breakfast with oats was delicious, easy to do, light and hearty at the same time.
The below ingredients are the ones you need for this great gluten free healthy breakfast recipes with oats. Yet, keep in mind I don’t always add all of them. In fact, I often choose water over coconut milk, or skip coconut butter.


1 ½ cup of gluten free rolled oats
1 cup of filtered water or coconut milk
½ red apple
½ kiwi (optional)
1 teaspoon of honey
1 handful of nuts
1 teaspoon of coconut butter (optional)


1.    Warm a little bit the filtered water or the coconut milk. For this particular recipe I used tap water that I filtered through my Brita Water Pitcher.

2.    In a bowl, mix the rolled oats, with the half of the apple (grated ), the honey, kiwi peeled and cut into small cubes, and chopped nuts. You can also add some coconut butter. Pour the water or coconut milk and mix them a little.

3.    Serve as such or with a topping of fresh fruits and almonds, pistachios and other nuts.

Some tips & tricks about this gluten free healthy breakfast

As many of you know, I am an endometriosis patient and I often write about it on this website, but not only. I will leave you below some other recommendations or explanations regarding endometriosis and this breakfast recipe.

Choose only gluten free rolled oats

As I previously told you, especially for endometriosis patients it would be better to opt for the gluten free rolled oats. I choose the ones from Backhof and I am very satisfied by their products.

Do not skip "the apple" and the “coconut butter” if you want to relieve constipation

In time, I understood that “in the right combination”, this breakfast recipe helps me a lot with constipation, a common symptom for me before surgery, but also several months after my endometriosis stage IV surgery.

If you are right after surgery (especially after bowel resection surgery), this breakfast recipe with oats could help you too, especially if you keep all the ingredients from the list, especially the coconut butter and the grated apple.

Yet, after surgery I advise you to ask your doctor if you have some dietary restrictions, like “no raw food”, “no fruits” etc. I didn’t have some restrictions, but each case is different, so you would better ask about it.

Use filtered water if you don’t have coconut milk

In fact, both are great. Now, when I am not facing constipation anymore I more often use filtered water than coconut milk. Yet, do not use tap water, but filtered water. As you might have read before, there are a lot of xenoestrogens in the environment, polluted air, plastic bottles, make up products, tap water and these substances disturb our hormonal system.

That is why it would be better to invest in a water filter. I have a Brita Water Pitcher, cheap and easy to use.

This healthy breakfast recipe with oats works as a snack too

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Another great thing for this recipe with oats is that it can be prepared as a snack too. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat it in the evening and you shouldn’t add too many fruits as it can give you bloating.
This is my gluten free healthy breakfast recipe with oats, my choice of most of the mornings. Actually, I alternate it with breakfasts with eggs, grated carrot and, when I have it, cashew cheese.

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