Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Diet Journal – 1 Day Meal Plan

Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Diet Journal – 1 Day Meal Plan

I celebrated orthodox Easter on 24th of April and I have to admit I kind of forgot about my diet. I felt well, mostly, but too many “cozonac” (a traditional Romanian cake) and lamb meat had some side effects.


Therefore, now I am back on track and I want to present you below 1 day meal plan, with three main dishes + 1 snack idea, foods that are, of course, gluten, diary, soy and (refined) sugar free.

For breakfast - Egg avocado salad

I went at home for Easter so I had organic eggs (meaning the hens were not fed with soy - very important for me) so for breakfast I had a delicious salad.
For it, you need (cherry) tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, 1 boiled egg (or just one half of it), parsley, a little bit of dill and lettuce. Sprinkle over it 1/4 teaspoon of sesame seeds, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.


For lunch - Salad with grilled chicken, lettuce and pumpkin seeds

Besides organic eggs, I also had organic chicken meat from the countryside. As you might know, meat is not forbidden in the endometriosis diet (a disease I am confronting with and about which I write here a journal) so for lunch I chose a light, but nutritious salad with all king of green veggies and grilled chicken.

For it, just mix lettuce, red lettuce (and some other type of salads you might have), 100 g of grilled chicken (just with salt and pepper - mine was chicken breast), lemon juice and lemon wedges, olive oil and, optional, some (not so many) pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

If you have, add also some grated cashew cheese (not much, just for an extra flavour).

As a snack - Mango tomato salad

Later on, I opted for a salad with mango pieces, tomato slices, a little bit of chopped onion, lemon juice and parsley.

For dinner - Broccoli with shrimps

You all know I am a huge fan of shrimps. This time I enjoyed them with a mix of broccoli and carrots.

I put water to boil and when the water reached the boiling point I added the carrots cut into two and broccoli.

You need to cook broccoli only for 7 minutes for it not to be too cooked and to lose its beautiful green colour.

As for the shrimps, I first left them in a mix of olive oil, minced garlic and lemon juice and then I boiled them and fried them just a little bit.

If you want, you could only boil them (anyway the shrimps from the supermarket are precooked).

Many of the dishes from today’s article have salad in it: green salad, lettuce, parsley.  


For them, I would advise you to wash them very well and then, till you actual prepare the dishes, leave them in a bowl with salt. When you are ready to add them in your dishes, drain the water, wash the greens very well and use them as you wish.

Here was my gluten, dairy, sugar, soy free plan menu. Hope you liked it and will try the foods yourself.

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