Gluten and Endometriosis – 5 Studies and My Experience

Gluten and Endometriosis – 5 Studies and My Experience

Over the past few years, scientists have initiated diverse studies to try to prove a clear connection between diet and endometriosis. Some showed this, others don’t, while others had even contradictory results.

Besides the studies, there are also scientific materials and articles that emphasize the beneficial or harmful properties of some food groups. In addition to these, patients have another strong indicator: their own body.

Diet in endometriosis – promising results on studies, but also on practice

I, a journalist and also an endometriosis patient, have tried over the last few years a lot of hormonal treatments. None had the expected result, and the side effects were awful. At a certain point, I didn’t tolerate birth control pills anymore, which are the first line treatment in endometriosis. Then I really discovered the importance of diet, but also of natural supplements.

Besides my own experience, the below information is based on studies. Studies which, as any other allopath treatment studies, have an error rate. Yet, they do exist and we can’t deny their existence.

It’s important to mention we recommend each patient to work with a specialist. He will personalize your menu, will help you with diet and explanations regarding diet and food groups and will monitor you regarding diet, supplements etc.  

Dr. Cristina Ion – Diabetologist and Nutrition Practitioner, who also works with endometriosis patients, is the specialist we recommend  

Recently, we have started a beautiful collaboration with dr. Cristina Ion, Diabetologis and Nutrition Practitioner, a doctor with experience in the complementary treatment of endometriosis. If you would like to work with her, write to us at

No matter your decision, here are some important studies and my experience regarding gluten in endometriosis.

Study 1 – Gluten-free diet – a new strategy for management of painful endometriosis related symptoms?

Gluten increases the inflammation in the body and can exacerbate the symptoms endometriosis related, especially pain. A study made by the Italian doctors in 2012 revealed the fact that endometriosis symptoms (pain, mostly) reduced after 12 months of gluten free diet.

Here you have more about the study.

Study 2 - Role of Gluten-Free Diet in the Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain of Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis

Italian doctors initiated another study regarding gluten and endometriosis, this time in 2015. The aim of the study was to evaluate the connection between gluten free diet and pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. the conclusion was that gluten can increase proinflammatory citokines production, which exacerbate the pathological background of the disease.

Here you can read more about this study.

Study 3 - Is endometriosis associated with irritable bowel syndrome?

I mention this study here for its results, but also for the other studies I will write about afterwards as it is a connection between them. Going back to this study, the conclusion was clear: the prevalence of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) in women with endometriosis was higher than in women without endometriosis. This result opens new perspectives in a novel treatment of endometriosis.

More about this study, here.

Study 4 - Celiac disease and endometriosis: an insidious and worrisome association hard to diagnose: a case report

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This study from 2014 had in its center the role of Celiac disease in infertility, but also a possible link between Celiac disease and endometriosis. Even the connection between the two was not strongly demonstrated, the Italian specialists recommend gynaecologists to pay attention to a possible association between the two and to investigate weird, gastro intestinal issues which are hard to classified and diagnosed.  

As it is already known that in Celiac disease the gluten is forbidden. More, here.

Study 5 – The point of view of Gluten Free Society – “Gluten and endometriosis – is there a connection?”

Gluten Free Society speaks about some of the above studies and, in addition, also mentions about some other important aspects. For example, gluten can cause the malabsorption of vitamins and minerals which regulate the blood sugar, thyroid function, the balance estrogen-progesteron etc.

In addition, gluten can cause inflammation which damage the organs responsible with hormone production. Gluten can cause leaky gut which, then, can lead to dysfunctions of immune system.

Read here more.

On The Healthy Journal you have plenty of recipes gluten free. You can find them at this page.

My experience with gluten

Gluten is clearly an inflammatory factor. If I eat gluten products after a long time of “clean diet”, gluten does not give me problems, at least not immediately. Yet, if I continue in the same way, I start to feel worse and to have endometriosis related symptoms. I mention I do not have Celiac disease, but my endometriosis was sometimes related to digestive symptoms. I eat gluten free, but those “possible gluten traces” from some of the products do not affect me.

Writing this article, I realised many of the studies date so long ago, maybe even 7 years ago. Yet, in 2020 there are still patients and doctors who do not know about a possible recommended diet in endometriosis and the negative impact of gluten on this disease. I hope things are going to change and, no matter each patient’s decision, women with endometriosis have the right to know these studies in order to take the right decision for them and their health.

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