Fried Shrimps With Brown Rice

Fried Shrimps With Brown Rice

I don’t eat shrimps very often, but when I find them at my favourite local fishery or at that supermarket I know they are high quality, I do buy them. I am not a big fan of fancy recipes either, so I choose instead delicious, sometimes unusual combinations. Anyway, what matters the most here is to have a healthy dish, and the next recipe of fried shrimps and brown rice and vegetables is, indeed, very healthy.

Fried shrimps – a recipe whose main ingredient, shrimps, are a rich source of proteins, iron, selenium, vitamin D and Omega 3

Both shrimps, and brown rice (in fact, the main foods of this dish) have important advantages for our health. Iron and selenium make our immunity stronger, coenzyme Q10 and astaxanthin have antioxidant effects, vitamin D and Omega 3 lower inflammation and prevent cardiac diseases.

Brown rice is also very healthy, here you ca read its benefits, the comparison between brown rice vs. white rice and another very delicious recipe.

Fried shrimps – what ingredients do you need and how to prepare this delicious food?

I will leave below my ingredients, but you can change them a little. I almost always choose brown rice because it is more appropriate for endometriosis, but you are free to opt for white rice. There are no restrictions for vegetables either, so you can add or take off some of the vegetables.

Besides, keep in mind that the shrimps can be easily made on the grill too.


1 cup (200 – 250 ml) brown rice
3 cups of water (the rule is: 1 part rice – 3 parts water)
1 carrot – half grated, half cut into rounds or cubes, as you wish
1 yellow bell pepper, cut into cubes
½ red bell pepper (optional)
1 small onion finely chopped (optional – I do not normally eat onion – for this recipe I added some strips. Yet, if you do tolerate it, onion is very healthy and, in addition, it gives a very special taste and flavour to any dish, including this fried shrimps recipe).
½ squash
½ bunch of parsley (I didn’t have parsley for this recipe, but you should add it as it also gives the recipe a good flavour.
1 tomato – peeled and finely chopped (optional)
olive oil
15-20 shrimps
1 cup of lemon juice + some lemon juice for the “before” marinade
2-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped and crushed + 1-2 cloves for the marinade
salt, pepper


1.    Put on the heat a pot with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and a part of the above vegetables, cut accordingly: the carrot (grated and cut), the onion and the bell peppers.

2.    Wash the brown rice with a thick sieve and add it in the above pot, together with 3 cups of water. Cover and let it boil, checking from time to time.

3.    After 15-20 minutes, add here the squash and the tomato, salt and pepper. If it is necessary, add more warm water.

4.    Leave until the rice is tender and the water almost gone.

5.    Meanwhile or afterwards, prepare the shrimps. First, prepare in a large bowl a mixture made from olive oil, a little bit of water, salt, 1-2 cloves of garlic chopped and crushed and a little bit of lemon juice. Put the shrimps into this mixture and leave them to marinade. If you want them made on a grill, stop here and simply add them on the grill, preferably with some more vegetables.

6.    Heat in a pan 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and after 1-2 minutes, add the shrimps. Pour over them 1 small cup of lemon juice, salt, pepper, 2-3 garlic cloves chopped and crushed. Leave until the shrimps are golden brown.

7.    When they are ready, serve the fried shrimps on the rice brown with vegetables and sprinkle fresh chopped parsley.

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These fried shrimps with brown rice and vegetables are very easy to cook and have a nice touch on every meal. Therefore, either you choose them for you, or you cook it when friends come over, this fried shrimps recipes is one of the best.

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