Who is Will's brother?

Episodes. Jonathan Byers
Jonathan Byers
The Byers family consists of four members; Joyce, her two sons Jonathan and Will, plus Joyce's ex-husband, Lonnie Byers. The family had lived in Hawkins, Indiana since at least 1973 and Joyce was employed at Melvald's General Store.
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, portrayed by Charlie Heaton, is a main character in Stranger Things. He is the oldest son of Joyce Byers, the older brother of Will Byers, the eventual boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler, and the best friend of Argyle.

Does Will Byers have a brother?

Season 1. Will, the younger brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers and Lonnie Byers, is a shy, kind, and often timid boy. In the group's Dungeons and Dragons party, Will is the cleric, but later occasionally plays the role of Dungeon Master; he is referred to as "Will the Wise".

What is Wills older brother name?

Jonathan Byers (portrayed by Charlie Heaton) is the older brother of Will and the oldest son of Joyce.

Is Will Byers Eleven's brother?

He is the youngest son of Joyce Byers, the younger brother to Jonathan Byers, the stepbrother of Eleven, and the best friend of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Max Mayfield.

Who is the crush of Will Byers?

In season four, a new aspect of Will emerged more fully; the teenager from Hawkins appeared to have a crush on his friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), and now Noah is confirming that Will is indeed gay and in love with Mike.

The Byers brothers have a heart-to-heart | Stranger Things 2

Who is Will Byers in love with?

Noah Schnapp has now confirmed that Will is gay and in love with Mike. Noah Schnapp as Will Byers and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things season 4. Noah confirmed that Will is in love with his best friend Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard, but doesn't want to hurt Eleven's feelings by confessing it.

Who was 001 in Stranger Things?

Who Plays 001 on 'Stranger Things'? Dr. Martin Brenner, played by actor Matthew Modine, conducted experiments on a number of children at Hawkins Lab.

Is Will Byers Lgbtq?

However, in an interview with Variety, Noah Schnapp confirmed that Will is gay and in love with his best friend: "Now it's 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike." He also confirmed that the directors of the show hinted at his feelings for Mike ever since season 1.

Is Will Byers in love with Eleven?

Now actor Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, revealed to Variety that his character is indeed gay, and secretly has feelings for his best friend, Mike, who's in a relationship with Eleven.

Are Jonathan and Will full brothers?

Jonathan is the son of Joyce Byers, and the brother of Will Byers, who goes missing in Hawkins, Indiana. Jonathan succeeds in finding his brother with the help of his mother, Nancy Wheeler, Will's friends, Jim Hopper, Eleven.

Who is y/n In Stranger Things?

Y/n is Steve's little sister.

Are Eleven and Will step siblings?

El and Will -Step siblings | Fandom. Obviously, H & J did not marry - but El and Will are still step siblings. Noah and Millie clearly had not thought about that possiblity, and were clearly excited about it.

How did 001 get his powers?

Henry Creel/Number 1's Powers Explained

Dr. Brenner's children were granted powers by treating their mothers with psychedelic drugs during pregnancy. Henry Creel appears to be different, however; there's no evidence his mother ever experimented with LSD. Rather, his powers seem to be natural, developing around puberty.

Why Will's brother took pictures?

As he watched classmates having fun on a random school night, Jonathan couldn't help but document the environment he wasn't a part of. It was symbolic that Stranger Things' Jonathan was taking photographs from the shadows as if he was truly on the outside looking in.

Why did the Demogorgon take Will?

He hid in the shed but the Demogorgon caught him and took him to the Upside Down. Now, some fans believe Will hurt himself enough to bleed even if slightly when he crashed his bike, and that's why the Demogorgon went after him.

Why is Will Byers hair like that?

Schnapp said the Duffers' explanation for keeping the haircut is that it's "of the times," given that "Stranger Things" takes place in the '80s. "That's what they say, but then I talked to my parents and they lived in the '80s," Schnapp said. "They said they weren't 16 with that haircut, so I don't know."

Did 001 create the upside down?

Eleven may not have created the Upside Down, but she did direct its fire. Stranger Things 4 left fans with some enormous revelations. The monstrous Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) is eventually revealed to be One, a person with the same potential for untold supernatural abilities as Eleven.

Does Will Byers have a crush on El?

“If you've been watching the show, you should know that Will is not interested in El,” Harbour said. “He's interested in someone else in the group.” Later, Harbour added, “Will wants to be in the basement with Mike playing D&D for the rest of his life.”

Why was Will crying in the car?

“When you're different, sometimes you feel like a mistake,” he says. The tears afterwards suggest he was pouring his heart out, coming closer than ever before to reveal he's gay and has feelings for his friend. Fans have long suspected Will is gay.

Who is the girl flirting with Will Byers?

Shawnee Pourier in Stranger Things

She shows interest in Will and tries to flirt with him for a brief moment during Eleven's presentation in front of the class.

Who does Will Byers have a crush on s4?

A week before the release of season 4, David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard appeared to confirm that Will has a crush on Mike. Now, Finn has discussed Will's affections for his best friend in a new interview, and it sounds like Volume 2 might dive deeper into Will's feelings.

Is Will in love with Mike or El?

Speaking about Will, actor Schnapp confirmed to Variety: "Now it's 100 percent clear that he is gay and he does love Mike.