Who are the 3 babies in Encanto?

Pepa and Félix are parents to three children, Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. Antonio is especially close to his cousin Mirabel, and learns from a young age that his gift is talking to animals. As for his older brother and sister, Dolores has the gift of super hearing while Camilo can shapeshift.

Who are abuela's 3 children Encanto?

She and her husband have three children: Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, each of whom play important roles in Encanto. Julieta is next in line to lead the Madrigal family after Alma, and her caring and attentive disposition makes her perfect for the role.

Who were the babies in the beginning of Encanto?

An armed conflict forces Pedro and Alma Madrigal, a young married couple, to flee their home village in Colombia with their infant triplets Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno.

Who are the children from Encanto?

Bruno (John Leguizamo). Pepa is married to the charming Felix (Mauro Castillo) and they have three children, Dolores (Adassa), Camilo (Rhenzy Feliz), and little Antonio (Ravi Cabot-Conyers). Julieta is married to the lovable Agustin (Wilmer Valderrama).

Who is the youngest triplet in Encanto?

Bruno Madrigal is the deuteragonist of Disney's feature film Encanto. He is the only son and youngest child of Alma and Pedro, the youngest triplet brother of Julieta and Pepa, the brother-in-law of Félix and Agustín, and the uncle of Dolores, Camilo, Antonio, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel.

Disney Encanto Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela Dolls Transform into Babies at Madrigal House

Will there be an Encanto 2?

Encanto 2: A New Generation is an American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and is the sequel to the 2021 film Encanto. It was released on August 25, 2024 in the United States and is the 63rd animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon.

Why does Mirabel's door disappear?

Many fans have concluded that her gift is to keep the family, and the Casita, together and thriving. Perhaps when the door disappeared at her ceremony, it's because some power from the house flowed inside of her, to be used to animate Casita again after it crumbled.

Which Encanto kid is the oldest?

Dolores. Dolores, the eldest and only daughter of Pepa and Félix, is also 21 years old, just a couple of months younger than Isabella. Dolores, who has superhuman hearing, is quieter and more reserved, and her and Isabella's age gap pushes her to live in the shadow of her perfect cousin.

What is Abuela's gift in Encanto?

Abuela is the matriarch of the Madrigal family and has her own special power. Like Mirabel, Abuela wasn't granted a gift by the Encanto, but instead is the holder of power for the entire family. As the keeper of the candle, Abuela oversees the magic of the Encanto and its community.

What gift is Mirabel's dad?

Personality. Having married into the family, Agustín has no magical gift of his own, and understands what it is like not to feel as though he belongs in the family. He tries his best to comfort his youngest daughter, Mirabel, due to her being the only Madrigal child (who was born in the family) without a magical gift.

What order were the Encanto triplets born?

The birth order is Julieta, Pepa, then Bruno.

How did Dolores not hear Bruno?

For Dolores, his sounds are a regular part of everyday life. From Dolores's line about "rats talking in the walls," it's clear she's probably convinced herself over the years that she's not hearing Bruno – she simply hears rats. Additionally, it does appear that Dolores previously spoke up in Encanto.

Are the kids in Encanto triplets?

Alma and her husband met, fell in love, and had triplets — Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. Sadly, Pedro passed away, leaving her alone with three kids and the magical Casita.

Is Luisa or Isabella older Encanto?

Character information

Isabela Madrigal is a major character in Disney's 2021 animated feature film Encanto. She is the eldest daughter of Agustin and Julieta Madrigal, and the older sister of Luisa and Mirabel.

Is Mirabel a triplet?

Julieta Madrigal is the mother of Mirabel, Isabella, and Luisa and wife to Agustín. And she's a triplet. Her magical power is that she can heal people instantly with the food she cooks. Over the course of Encanto, we see her heal Mirabel's hand, a black eye, bee stings, and more.

Is Abuela alma the villain?

Alma isn't a villain in Encanto at the end of the day. Though Alma opposes Mirabel at points in the film, she's always thinking of others above herself. She's faced unspeakable tragedy, and she wants to save others from facing those same hardships.

What will happen in Encanto 2?

The Family Madrigal will likely return in Encanto 2, but it appears the magical characters may have to deal with a twist involving their powers. The members of the Family Madrigal will likely return in Encanto 2, but the magical characters could have to deal with a twist.

Who is the villain in Encanto?

Though Encanto doesn't have a traditional villain, one theory states Dolores could be the film's secret antagonist. According to the fan theory (via Reddit), Dolores wants her family to lose their powers. After all, the gift of super hearing isn't necessarily as helpful as increased strength or instant plant life.

Is Dolores a villain Encanto?

Dolores is the closest character to a villain in Disney's Encanto as she uses her magical gift to negatively affect people like Isabela. While Encanto doesn't have a traditional Disney villain, Dolores Madrigal seems the closest to fulfill that role, especially with how she tries to ruin things for her cousin, Isabela.

Are Mirabel and Camilo close?

Mirabel Madrigal

While Camilo and Mirabel don't interact as much in the film or show a rapport parallel to their sisters Dolores and Isabela, the two seem to be on good terms given that they shared the nursery together for their first five years before Camilo received his own gift and moved out.

Is Bruno 7 feet tall Encanto?

Director Jared Bush said in a tweet, "Here's an answer to a question I've been asked A LOT -- 'how tall is Mirabel?!' Official answer: 5'2" -- all other characters' heights are relative to hers, so that's all I got... except Bruno who has, you know, a 7-foot frame and rats along his back."

Who is the youngest sibling Encanto?

(And we won't talk about the song that should have been nominated.) The story is set in Colombia and takes place in the magical Casita of the Family Madrigal. The story is told through the eyes of Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the youngest child in her family.

Why did Bruno's room fall apart?

The underlying tension and fracture in family relationships also cause the entire magical house to crumble, but the strengthening of the Madrigals' relationships results in the resurrection of the Casita.

What is abuelas gift?

Essentially, Abuela and Mirabel have the same gift: to bring everyone together with love and support. This is illustrated by scenes like their heart-to-heart by the river, the song "All of You" which Mirabel and Abuela lead together, and even small details like Mirabel and Casita's very close bond.

Is Mirabel the next abuela?

Mirabel Madrigal is Abuela Alma's eventual replacement in Disney's Encanto, and one meaningful theory from the film finally explains why. In Disney's Encanto, Mirabel is Abuela Alma's replacement in the magical Casita, and one symbolic theory explains why.