Which BTS member has acne?

The youngest member of the group Jungkook, however, struggled with acne and acne scars, especially on his right side. There were times when Jungkook's acne would be visible due to his makeup melting away during his performances.

Which BTS member has a scar on his face?

Jungkook has a scar on his face, which he got in a fight with his older brother.

How does BTS get their clear skin?

The "Filter" singer shared that two of the most important things when it comes to skincare is never going to bed with makeup on and always washing your face at night. He also said that one should keep themselves hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Do BTS members have any scars?

Even K-pop idols have scars that tell stories. That includes members of BTS, like two members of the Maknae line, Jungkook and Jimin, who have small, almost unnoticeable scars on their faces.

What does Jungkook apply on his face?

As per the interview, Jungkook follows the routine of washing his face with toner and cream at night and morning. However, Jungkook shared in an interview that he has started using apple cider vinegar in his Skincare routine as he has heard that it helps get rid of scars.

Real Face BTS Without Photoshop (acne, texture, spots,...)

How Jungkook remove his pimples?

But how did he overcome his battle with acne? There's one product that helped the singer get his skin cleared. In fact, Jungkook uses apple cider vinegar as part of his skincare regime. ACV, which is known for its acne and pimple clearing properties, helps to get rid of debris and exfoliates the skin.

Who has the best skin in BTS?

Hoseok has a great skin and his face is sculptured nicely so its no surprise he would look good without makeup even with those hideous glasses . Namjoon doesn't usually put on full makeup so its not much of big difference than his usual look. Taehyung is known for his good looks so no need for explanation.

Did BTS ever get plastic surgery?

“But there's work that was probably performed…”

Summary: most members of BTS have had plastic surgery operations. But they are not 'addicted' or demonstrating 'problematic overuse' of elective plastic surgery. “That's going too far, Paul [the author of this piece].

Who in BTS has a skin condition?

Find Out About the Skin Condition BTS Member V Has. BTS's V told fans via social media that he has a skin condition called "cholinergic urticaria" that makes him "itchy, itchy," and it's triggered by things that make the performer's body temperature rise.

Did BTS do surgery?

As stated by Big Hit Entertainment and the management team of the BTS, the surgery involved the treatment of deviated septum. It was done because it was standing as an obstacle in his breathing. Thus, the only case of medical procedure is that of RM among all of the BTS members.

What is V skin type?

Skin Types

People with skin type V have an olive or dark skin tone and include light-skinned African-Americans, Indians, and those of Middle Eastern descent. They tan easily and very rarely burn.

Do BTS get pimples?

I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well,” RM told Allure. Jungkook added, “I get pimples sometimes, and it's very stressful.” Whether they're posting makeup-free selfies on the 'Gram or walking the red carpet with a full face, the members of BTS look hot AF.

Who has the best smile in BTS?

Fondly deemed as the 'boxy smile' by their beloved fans, Taehyung sure does know how to brighten up your blues with his notoriously good looks and charming smile. The star may be the World's hottest man on several occasions, but for ARMY, he is their Tae Bear who boasts the cutest boxy smile.

Who in BTS did surgery?

BTS: Jin underwent surgery after he hurt his finger, Big Hit Music informed fans. Here's what has happened. BTS' Jin underwent surgery. The statement read, "Hello.

Which BTS member has dark past?

WHO' IN BTS MEMBER HAS THE DARKEST PAST? i believed that every bts member had a darkest past but in my opinion, i think yoongi, taehyung and namjoon have the darkest past. yoongi came from a very poor family, his father's job wasn't enough to pay the bills so he and his brother had to take a part-time job.

Which BTS has long face?

J-Hope has a long face and it's 27cm long. V's habits include biting his nails, touching anything that's cute and saying 'Eomma!" (Mom?) and "It hurts." a lot. J-Hope is like the mother of BTS. BTS's fans are called A.R.M.Y.

What disease do BTS V have?

BigHit Music, the management agency of BTS, announced Tuesday that V was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Is V allergic to coffee?

15. V doesn't like coffee because of the bitter taste. But he likes drinking hot chocolate.

Why does V wear loose clothes?

Talking about fashion standards, V has set in his own fashion standards and that includes wearing oversized tshirts purposely thereby making it a fashion trend.

Do any BTS members smoke?

The images show one of the band members of BTS, V, smoking.

The images show one of the band members smoking. Kim Taehyung, who goes by V, was captured smoking outside the Grammys 2022 venue. Wearing his purple shirt and a pair of brown pants, V can be seen smoking with an attendant.

What surgery did BTS V have?

His very high nose bridge that starts almost from between the eyebrows and to the tip of the nose is difficult to achieve with plastic surgery. He also praised the total harmony and proportion of his features which complement one another and result in a perfect face.

Who has plastic surgery in Blackpink?

Jennie has been the subject of numerous plastic surgery rumors', particularly when comparing her pre-debut appearance to her current appearance. Her eyes and lips are usually the focus of attention. Her eyes weren't as catlike in her predebut, and her lips appear to be much larger now.

Who looks cutest in BTS?

Speaking of Jungkook, he is unarguably the cutest member of the K-pop band. He is also the youngest member of the band and all the members adore him. As said by Jimin, Jungkook is a great singer and we totally agree! Because of his talent, charming looks and a great attitude, Jungkook is loved a lot by the ARMY.

Who is beautiful in BTS without makeup?

Jin. Jin, our "worldwide handsome," can have no makeup on and still look flawless! Jin's naturally smooth skin is to die for.

Who in BTS has oily skin?

-Oily skin type means you get acne everywhere on your face and not just in one area, and that your face gets oily by the end of the day, even your cheeks. J-hope is said to have this skin type.
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