What SCP number is the Backrooms?

The Backrooms - SCP Sandbox III.

Is SCP 3008 part of the Backrooms?

【1】Description. Level 3008, otherwise known as "Indoor Outdoors" is an extremely dangerous location inside the Backrooms.

Who SCP 173?

SCP-173 is a recurring antagonist in the SCP Mythos. It is a statue which can move at a very high speed and can snap the neck of any life form. It is one of the most well-known SCPs of all time and the first one ever written.

What SCP is the old man?

SCP-106, also known as Corporal Lawrence and The Old Man, is a recurring antagonist in the SCP Foundation series. He is a Keter-class humanoid SCP object contained by the SCP Foundation.

Is the Backrooms an actual game?

The Backrooms Game Free Edition is a Adventure game developed by Pie On A Plate Productions that can be played on PC (Steam), Windows, and Linux. In September 2022 The Backrooms Game Free Edition was ranked 4285 on popular streaming platform Twitch based on 2 thousand hours watched.

Could SCP-682 be Contained in the Backrooms?

Do true backrooms have Jumpscares?

nah. It just prefers to stand in the hallway, hoping you'll accidentally look at it. the closest thing to "jump scares" are sudden changes in the atmosphere , like the lights going out or a strange sound.

Who created backrooms?

The Backrooms originated from a thread posted on the /x/ board of 4chan on 12 May 2019, where an anonymous user asked for others to "post disquieting images that just feel 'off'." There, the first photo depicting the Backrooms was uploaded, presenting a slightly tilted image of a yellow-colored hallway.

Which SCP is weakest?

The weakest SCP is 106. His only major advantages are his unique HP properties, his ability to phase through walls, and to his ability to teleport. 173 is weak by itself, however its relatively high HP and speed means its great in close quarters (173 is garbage on the surface) and for quickly going to new areas.

Which SCP is Goku?

Wukong is also known as Son Goku, the Monkey King, and the Great Sage Equal to Heaven. Approximate English rendering of the Mandarin 高个子. General term used by SCP-3602 to describe humans.

Who is the youngest SCP?

Description: SCP-053 appears to be a small 3-year-old girl. She is capable of basic speech and appears to be slightly above average in mental development. She has a generally pleasant personality and rarely seems upset, becoming agitated only in the presence of groups of people.

Does SCP 096 blink?

096 regens and attacks 173 and 096 blinks.

Where is SCP 19?

Function: Site-19's primary objective is researching and containing Safe, Euclid, Keter, and esoteric class anomalies, as well as serving as a operational and logistical hub. Location: U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

How do I get to Level 3999?

Score 20 strikes a row in Level 4999's bowling alley. Entering a Mall in Level 11 has a 20% to bring you here. Going through the pink door at the end of Level 5500 has a 0.1% chance to bring you here. Playing an arcade game labeled "The True Ending" in Level 793 and getting a score of 3999 will send you here.

What is level 69 in the Backrooms?

Level 69 is the 70th Level of the Backrooms: A deserted, infinite highway shrouded in thick fog and pitch darkness. Anyone that finds their way into this level must stay in the car they began in or perish.

Is infinite IKEA a backrooms level?

Level ∞ is a very dangerous and unpredictable enigmatic level within the Backrooms. It is believed to be connected to Level 9223372036854775807, Level 2147483647, Level 65536 and Level π in a close way. The level displays strange qualities which other areas of the Backrooms do not seem to show.

What SCP is Zeus?

SCP-4606 was described as a Class IX reality-altering polymorphic humanoid entity. As the Olympian god of terror 4606 possessed the powers of immortality, teleportation and fear-based powers.

Can SCPs speak?

To speak, SCPs use the voice chat button(Q by default). All SCP-049-2 instances share the same icon. Can speak to humans with wall mounted speakers.

What SCP is a Axolotl?

Description: SCP-1371 appears to be a juvenile, leucistic axolotl. SCP-1371 appears to age as a common axolotl would, although it is fairly durable, and capable of withstanding moderate changes in atmosphere and contaminants that would normally harm a member of its species.

What SCP is unkillable?

SCP-682 has proven absolutely unkillable to even the most advanced human technologies. Methods have included being cut in half by a laser, having its neck snapped over and over for ten straight hours by SCP-173, entangled and squeezed until limbs popped off by SCP-162, and eaten by the ants drawn by SCP-743's fluids.

Who is the coolest SCP?

What Is The SCP Foundation? 15 Best Pieces Every New Fan Should Read
  • The Sculpture. SCP-173. ...
  • [unknown] SCP-055. ...
  • The Remains Of A Chair. SCP-1609. ...
  • Hard-To-Destroy Reptile. SCP-682. ...
  • Plague Doctor. SCP-049. ...
  • The Tickle Monster. SCP-999. ...
  • The "Shy Guy" SCP-096. ...
  • A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old Ikea. SCP-3008.

What SCP is Number 1?

SCP-001 is the being that prompted the SCP Foundation to exist. He said one word that echoed through the administrator's head, "prepare". It was that one word that made the administrator create the Foundation for an unknown future event, and to contain many other dangerous or helpful entities and anomalies.

What is level 94 in the Backrooms?

Description: Level 94 appears to be a large town, a floating castle and grass hills, but everything, has a grainy effect, as if this place was crafted. The main town is safe, with no Entities during the day. This Town has a big water fountain in the center, flowing with Almond Water.

What is last backroom level?

Level 9223372036854775807 is the signed 64-bit integer limit on a computer, and is presumably the final level of the Backrooms. Anybody that has reached this level has not been able to go any further for as long as this level has been discovered, and any levels claimed to be beyond this are currently unconfirmed.

Is the Backrooms a horror game?

The Backrooms: 1998 is a first-person found footage psychological horror survival game where it tells the story of a young teen after accidentally falling into the depths of The Backrooms in 1998. Roam freely, mark, explore and try unravel the story - however you are not alone.