What not to do after applying retinol?

While you don't have to completely remove vitamin C from your skin-care routine while using retinol, you should avoid using them at the same time. Dr. Schlessinger suggested that “Any topical vitamin C products should be used in the morning, opposite of nighttime retinol application.”

What not to do after using retinol?

Don't Mix: Retinol with vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide, and AHA/BHA acids. AHA and BHA acids are exfoliating, which can dry out the skin and cause further irritation if your skincare routine already includes retinol. As for benzoyl peroxide and retinol, they cancel each other out.

What to do after applying retinol?

After applying retinol to your skin (while it's dry) allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes. Mist your face with water or a facial spray, and then apply your hyaluronic acid. (HA serums are most effective when they're applied to damp skin.) Finally, follow your HA serum with a moisturizer right away.

Do and don'ts with retinol?

Oct 30 Retinol Rules to Follow for Beautiful Skin

Why do you need to wait 20 minutes after applying retinol?

Retinol (leave to absorb for 10-20 minutes)

“It is important to leave a 10-20 minute wait time before applying the next product. Retinols are powerful antioxidants and it is important to allow it to fully absorb if you want to avoid your skin becoming sensitive,” says Dr Liakas.

How to Use Retinol: Avoid These Retinol Mistakes | Dr Sam Bunting

Do I need to wash retinol off in the morning?

It's light sensitive so apply it at night before retiring. Wash it off in the morning then apply your other skin care products.

How do you know if retinol is working?

Retinol works for acne by preventing clogged pores. You may still see pimples for the first couple of months of treatment – your skin might even look worse (this is sometimes referred to as the retinol purge). But if you stick with it, you'll see clearer skin.

Can I use moisturizer over retinol?

Regardless of your skin type or which product you use first, a layer of moisturizer should always be applied after retinoids.

Can I use retinol every night?

Is it safe to use retinol every day? For most people, yes — once your skin is used to it, that is. That said, there are some people who may not want to use it frequently or at all.

How do you protect your skin after using retinol?

Retinol also makes your skin way more sensitive to UV rays, so it's important to wear an SPF 50 daily and try to keep your skin out of the sun as much as possible while it heals. As for makeup, try to avoid applying it until pain and redness have reduced.

How long does it take for retinol to settle?

For Anti-Aging

When using retinol consistently, you might start to see an improvement in skin texture and luminosity within about four weeks. But in my experience, to see the full anti-aging results of a retinol product you need to wait a minimum of three months.

How many drops of retinol should I use?

Apply 2 or 3 drops to the face. Use this after water-based serums (if using) and before heavier treatments. Retinol can cause irritation, redness and peeling, particularly around the eyes and mouth, in the early stages of treatment while skin builds tolerance.

Can retinol permanently damage skin?

Can Retinol Damage the Skin? You may have heard that extended retinol use can cause the skin to thin and the skin barrier to degrade as a result of increased cell turnover, but Shah says that's a myth. You don't need to worry about retinol causing permanent damage, Schlessinger says.

Why did retinol ruin my skin?

In theory, retinol makes your skin cell turnover faster. The increased cell turnover temporarily sloughs off more dead skin cells. This creates a lag time before new, healthy cells come to the surface of your skin. Your new skin is exposed before it's ready, and redness or discoloration, and irritation is the result.

Should I rub in my retinol?


You'll want to use clean, dry fingertips for application. We recommend starting at your chin and working your way up to your face. Use your fingertips to apply the product to your skin using gentle, outward, upward strokes. Never rub the skin, as this can lead to increased irritation.

Can you skip a day of retinol?

Missing a dose of topical retinol should not impact the long-term results of your treatment. Do not apply a double dose to make up for a missed dose, as too much retinol can result in dry and flaky skin.

What age should you start retinol?

Begin in Your Mid 20s or Early 30s

"Your mid-twenties are a great time to start using retinol," says Ellen Marmur, M.D. "Many patients who have used it for years swear by it."

What happens if you start using retinol everyday?

"They speed skin-cell turnover and remove the top layer of dead skin cells which helps keep these cells from clogging our pores and causing blackheads and acne." And without a buildup of dead skin, you also end up with a glowing complexion. Retinol also stimulates collagen synthesis.

What is the best moisturizer to put over retinol?

Gonzalez recommends a similar product, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, which has the same hydrating ingredient: hyaluronic acid. “This is an excellent moisturizer to use with retinoids,” she said. “It's a lightweight gel that gives a nice, cooling sensation when applied.

How do you use retinol for beginners?

How to Start Using Retinol in Your Beauty Routine
  1. Apply at Night. Retinol should always be applied at night. ...
  2. Start Slow. One of the most common mistakes people make when starting to use retinol is using it every single night. ...
  3. Use Pea-Size Amount. ...
  4. Mix It Up. ...
  5. Monitor Dryness. ...
  6. Give it Time.

Which retinol is best for beginners?

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  • Dr. ...
  • CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum.
  • Kiehl's Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum.
  • FAB Skin Lab Retinol Serum 0.25%
  • Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment.
  • Skinceuticals Correct Retinol 0.3 Anti-Aging Night Cream.
  • SkinMedica Retinol 0.25 Complex.
  • The Inkey List Retinol.

Does retinol tighten skin?

Not only can retinol help to prevent this from developing, but it may also be able to tighten skin that has already begun to droop. “Beyond sun protection, topical retinoids are the most proven anti-aging topical option,” says King.

How many hours does retinol take to work?

But one such 'rule' we weren't aware of until now, is that retinol needs a decent amount of time to absorb. According to skincare guru and best-selling author, Caroline Hirons, you should allow 20 plus minutes before moving on to the next step of your routine.

Does retinol reduce pore size?

Retinol helps with blackheads and whiteheads and evens skin tones. Studies show that applying retinol cream reduces pore size and keeps them cleaner, emptying the impurities that otherwise give an oversized appearance. Retinol is most effective when used as night cream.

What happens if you forget to refrigerate retinol?

Retinol and vitamin C products

Make sure to leave some space in your fridge for your retinol and vitamin C skincare, as these antioxidants can degrade much quicker and become unstable when exposed to heat and sunlight. Storing these products in the fridge keeps the formulas stable and helps with preservation.