What name means daughter of God?

Baby Girl Name: Bithiah. Meaning: Daughter of God. Origin: Hebrew.

What name is daughter of God?

Batya: Hebrew girl name meaning “daughter of God”

What girl name means God's gift?

Opt for Dorothea, Dorothy, or Theodora — they all mean “gift of God.”

What Hebrew name means daughter of God?

Batya, Batia: Batya, Batia mean "daughter of God."

What name means Child of Heaven?

Leilani which means “Royal child of Heaven” in the Hawaiian language. This is a very popular girls name.

50 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Gift of God for Boy & Girl Babies

What name means God's gift?

Gia (Italian) “God's gracious gift” - Gia is also on our list of Popular Black Baby Girl Names. Godiva (English) “God's gift” Hannah (Hebrew) “God's gift to the world” Hansel (Hebrew) “gift from God”

What girl name means faith in God?

Emunah. This name has a Hebrew origin and means “faith”.

What girl name means God's miracle?

Amari. Amari is a beautiful American name, meaning 'miracle of God. ' It was originally a male name, but is now used primarily for girls, because of its vowel ending and soft sound.

What name means God's love?

Agapi: From agape, one of the words used to describe God's love.

What girl name means God's strength?


This is the feminine version of Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning God is my strength.

What is a God's child Called?

A demigod or demigoddess is a part-human and part-divine offspring of a deity and a human, or a human or non-human creature that is accorded divine status after death, or someone who has attained the "divine spark" (spiritual enlightenment).

Who is the daughter of Jesus?

Some wish the ceremony that celebrated the beginning of the alleged marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to be viewed as a "holy wedding"; and Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and their alleged daughter, Sarah, to be viewed as a "holy family", in order to question traditional gender roles and family values.

What girl name means God's love?

Abasiama: Meaning “God love” in Ibibo. Agapi: Meaning “God is love” in Greek. Amadea: Meaning “God's beloved” in Latin.

What name means hope of God?

Jahleel is a Hebrew name, meaning 'hope in God.

What name means saved by God?

Joshua. This is the sixth book of the Old Testament. Joshua means "God is my salvation."

What name means God's joy?

Ronel. The name Ronel is said to have its roots in Welsh origins. It means “God's joy.”

What name means miracle child?


Karishma is a very old Indian and Sanskrit name meaning “miracle.” Perfect for your charismatic little one, the name is currently made famous by Bollywood actor Karishma Kapoor.

What name means God's angel?

Angelo, Yael, Ariel, and Tien – blissful, angelic names for your baby. Angels are servants of God who protect and guide people. Apart from Angel and Angelina, popular angel names include Raphael, Michael, Evangeline, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Laila, Gabrielle, and Michaela.

What name means little angel?

ANGELINA. Variation(s): Angela, Angel, Angelica, and Angelique. These names, listed in order of popularity, all signify what an angel a little girl is. The most popular option, Angelina, has a little star power in actress Jolie and Jersey Shore's Pivarnick.

What is a spiritual name for a girl?

Spiritual Baby Girl Names

Kezia: This biblical girl's name of Hebrew origin means 'cinnamon'. It has great spiritual significance. Naomi: Biblical origin name meaning “beautiful, agreeable”. Ruth: This Hebrew name means “companion” or “vision of beauty”.
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