What does lemonade mean slang?

LEMONADE is widely used as slang for urine.

What does making lemonade mean in slang?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life; making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable.

Why did Beyonce call album lemonade?

Rather more poignantly, it's about the experience of black women, “the most disrespected person in America”, to quote Beyoncé quoting Malcolm X in the feature film. The title is drawn from Jay Z's grandmother, who is shown in the film at her 90th birthday party: “I was given lemons and I made lemonade.”

Why is it called lemonade?

Lemonade (English) comes from limonade (French). The endings -ade (French), -ada/-ado (Spanish) -ata (Italian) and so forth come from the Latin past participle. … and so on. It literally means “something with X added to it,” where the X is salt, chili, lemon, or what have you.

What do British people call lemonade?

What Americans consider to be lemonade (ie, lemon juice, sugar and water) would just be 'lemon juice' or a 'lemon drink' in the UK.

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Is lemonade an American thing?

The first recorded version of lemonade hails from Egypt.

Lemonade may be thought of as an all-American beverage – at least where family cookouts and baseball games are concerned – but you might be surprised to learn that its original form actually hails from overseas.

What does lemonade mean in Europe?

Strangely, the French named it lemonade, but like much of Europe, lemonade is now a fizzy soda, not limited to one designed to taste like lemons. Before the French called it lemonade, it was limonata in Italian, where it is also the name of a fizzy fruit-flavored soda.

What do Australians call lemonade?

“Lemonade” in Australia normally refers to a clear, carbonated, lemon-flavored beverage similar to 7-Up. “Lemon squash” is a cloudy version of the same thing (still carbonated). There's no particular tradition of making non-carbonated lemon drinks at home, but if you did, you'd probably call it American-style lemonade.

What does lemonade mean in business?

1. Informal; an investment that performs exceptionally poorly, especially when the poor performance was completely unforeseen.

How does Jay-Z feel about Lemonade?

It's reassuring to know that, although JAY-Z acknowledges the groundbreaking Lemonade is a lot about him, it seems to have made their marriage stronger rather than tearing it apart. The respect that the two have for each other as people and as artists cannot be denied.

What was Lemonade written about?

'Lemonade' is a deeply personal testament describing Queen Bey's discovery that her husband – the rapper Jay-Z – had been unfaithful. During its twelve songs we accompany Beyoncé on her journey from denial and anger to emptiness and apathy, forgiveness and redemption. It's also a manifesto of personal creativity.

Why was Etta mad at Beyoncé?

Etta James launched a scathing attack on Beyonce Knowles because she felt “left out”. The legendary singer insists she was only joking when she threatened to “a*s whip” Beyonce for singing At Last - a song which Etta, 71, is famous for performing - at US President Barack Obama's inauguration.

What does a lemon Girl mean?

In Australia when you use lemon referring to a woman what you want to say is that this woman is a lesbian. This expression has no negative nuances and is widely used by the LGBT community.

What is Lemon Drop slang for?

Lemon drop is a psychedelic drug that produces strong hallucinations. For some users, this experience can cause anxiety or panic that can last for hours. Lighter fluid and paint solvent are toxic substances not fit for human consumption, and DXM, even though it is sold over-the-counter, is extremely dangerous.

What does lime in slang mean?

present participle of lime. (Caribbean, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, slang) hanging around, usually in a public place with friends, enjoying the scene.

What is Coke called in Australia?

In Australia, Cocaine is known as coke, blow, charlie, C, dust, flake, nose candy, snow, white, crack, rock, freebase. Cocaine is produced from the leaves of Erthroxylon coca plant, and comes in three main forms: A paste which is often off-white or light brown. A powder which is often white or off-white.

What do they call drunk in Australia?

Munted (mun-ted) / Drunk.

How do you ask for lemonade in England?

If one wants an American style Lemonade in the UK, one should ask for a "Squash", and one would get something like this Robinsons or if very lucky the Roses, diluted down with water.

What does lemon mean in slang?

slang a person or thing considered to be useless or defective.

What culture is lemonade?

The Rise of Lemonade

Lemons are native to Asia, so it is possible that a version of the drink was first concocted in one of the fruit's countries of origin. But the first recorded account of a lemonade-like drink comes from Egypt around the year 1050 CE.

What is the lemonade saying from this is us?


“There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade.”

Why is lemonade so popular in America?

In America, lemonade exploded in popularity during the 1849 California Gold Rush as a way to fend off scurvy in the malnourished miners. Lemons contain high levels of Vitamin C that fights off this traditionally maritime disease.

What is Coke and lemonade called?

LEMO means "Cocaine" and "Lemonade." LEMO is a slang term which has long been used in Liverpool, UK to refer to lemonade. More recently, LEMO has come to be used as a nickname for cocaine. It's use in this context has spread to the US.
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