Was maul afraid of Vader?

Yep. Darth Maul didn't really say or show straight up that he "feared" Darth Vader, but he openly stated his belief that he could not defeat Darth Vader without the help of the Jedi, therefore on his own.

Did Maul ever fight Vader?

Star Wars Rebels lead creator Dave Filoni even admitted that Maul and Vader were meant to have a fight, but he felt it would take away from the battle with Ahsoka. But as things stand, Star Wars not only lacks a fight between Vader and Maul, but the two have never even spoken to each other.

Who is stronger Maul or Vader?

Considering his infamy, it's hard to deny that Darth Vader is the more powerful of the two, but his victory over Maul wouldn't come easily. As the Emperor's enforcer, Vader is terrifying.

Who did Darth Vader fear?

This information comes to light form the comic series Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, in particular issue #7. Palpatine admits to Darth Vader that the Jedi he actually feared most was none other than Jocasta Nu. "Who?" I hear a lot of you of ask.

Did Darth Maul and Vader meet?

In the main Star Wars canon, Darth Vader and Darth Maul never met, let alone fought. When Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, Anakin was still a kid and just joined the recently crowned Jedi Knight as his apprentice.

Darth Vader FIGHTS Darth Maul who Calls him Anakin

Who fell in love with Vader?

Affiliation(s) During the Imperial Era, a human female nurse served the Galactic Empire on board the Death Star under the supervision of a doctor. They both served the Sith Lord Darth Vader as his personal medical caretakers. The nurse became obsessed and psychotically in love with the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Did Maul know Anakin was Vader?

Darth Maul knew that Anakin Skywalker was the so-called Chosen One, and that he had been groomed by Darth Sidious to become his new apprentice, Darth Vader. Did Mon Mothma know that Darth Vader was/is Anakin Skywalker?

Who came closest to killing Vader?

Starkiller was one of the few people who actually became more powerful than Vader and he came close to ending him.

Who does Vader hate most?

In many ways, Palpatine enslaved Vader and, over the years, Vader undoubtedly grew to resent his master. Because with any Sith duo, the relationship is always one of master and servant. And due to the history of the Sith, both these Dark Lords were probably constantly paranoid about being betrayed by one another.

Who almost defeated Vader?

Because he was not an active member of the Jedi Order during Order 66, Infil'a escaped execution. Some time later, he faced the Sith Lord Darth Vader wielding a green lightsaber. Infil'a put up a fierce fight against Vader, almost killing him by throwing the Sith Lord off of a cliff.

Could Maul have defeated Anakin?

Darth Maul may have been able to defeat Anakin BEFORE Anakin gave in to the Dark Side. After that, Anakin would have been too powerful with using a combination of the Force and his Lightsaber skills. Remember, Darth Maul had cat-like speed and reflexes, and Anakin was reckless.

Why did Obi-Wan let Vader live?

Obi-Wan also let Vader go because Vader wanted his old master to kill him. Sometimes being left alive is more of a punishment than death. But now Obi-Wan could walk away knowing there was no hope for saving Anakin — until Luke finds a way.

Who was stronger than Anakin?

In his prime, Obi-Wan was one of the most skilled fighters in the galaxy. He even managed to defeat Anakin Skywalker in single combat, although he didn't have the heart to finish him off.

Who is stronger Maul or Dooku?

Maul rivals Dooku in saber skills and is physically superior to the Count. Though DOoku is in better shape, is stronger, is faster, and more durable than most men his age (there are numerous sources of this just ask and I'll explain).

Who eventually killed Maul?

When Maul regained his composure he was able to Force-push Obi-Wan into a melting pit, where he held on for dear life. Calming himself, Obi-Wan leaped over Maul and used Qui-Gon's lightsaber to sever Maul in two.

Can Yoda beat Maul?

Due to his proficient skills within the force, Yoda is also an incredibly skilled lightsaber combatant. He is one of the highest-ranking Jedi in the Jedi council. Because of his Force sensitivity, Yoda would easily be able to evade Maul's attacks.

Who was Darth Vader's most trusted?

Erv Lekauf was a lieutenant in the Imperial Army who served as Darth Vader's personal aide for several years. On a mission to Vohai in 19 BBY, Lekauf helped Vader fight the Emperor's Hand Sa Cuis, impressing the Dark Lord with his courage and loyalty.

How many kills did Vader have?

Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker had 1,231 kills in the comics and 498 in books, which brings the total to about 1,744.

Did Vader respect any Jedi?

For the first time in all his life, Darth Vader sees a Jedi act the way he was always told Jedis should act, and seeing his son become the ideal of what the Jedi Order claimed to be made Vader not only love his child, but greatly respect him.

Did Vader ever regret turning?

But did Vader ever regret his transformation? RELATED: Sauron vs. Darth Vader: Who Is the Greater Dark Lord? The short answer is yes, without a doubt, Vader regretted becoming a cybernetic monstrosity.

Who was the only Jedi to defeat Vader?

Having faced his father once before, Luke was familiar with his tactics and used the force to gain an upper-hand. In Star Wars Canon, only Luke Skywalker can be acknowledged as the one who truly defeated Darth Vader.

Did Darth Vader ever lose a fight?

Darth Vader lost to the space battle against his son, Luke Skywalker, thanks to the timely intervention of the Millennium Falcon at the climax of A New Hope, resulting in the destruction of the first Death Star. Darth Vader again lost to his son in a lightsaber duel at the climax of Return of the Jedi.

Did r2d2 know Anakin was Vader?

And, R2 knew that Padmé was the mother, but he may not have known that Anakin became Darth Vader. R2 probably never even found out how Anakin was badly burned and barely survived. Soon afterwards, Anakin was transformed into Darth Vader–something this droid may not have known.

Did Boba Fett know Anakin was Vader?

Absolutely not. Even high ranking Imperial officials like Tarkin had but a vague understanding that Vader was the last of the ancient Jedi religion, as stated on A New Hope. Maybe some members of Palpatine's inner circle and very few individuals knew the details. Also, Boba Fett had no reason to even care either way.

How did Yoda know Vader was Anakin?

Both Yoda and Obi Wan knew from the holo revelations in the Jedi Temple that Anakin was now Darth Vader.